This plugin hasn’t been tested with the latest 3 major releases of WordPress. It may no longer be maintained or supported and may have compatibility issues when used with more recent versions of WordPress.

Contact Form by WD – responsive drag & drop contact form builder tool


Create simple contact forms or complex applications with this FREE and intuitive WordPress plugin. No coding knowledge is required.

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WordPress Contact Form Maker

WordPress Contact Form Maker is a simple form creator plugin, which allows the user with no knowledge of programming to create and edit different type of responsive website forms. The product is similar to the WordPress Form Maker using most of its functionality, whereas there are also some differences. If want to build advanced forms with various field types like Date, Time, Single choice, Multiple choice, etc., then you can use WordPress Form Builder.

The number of fields for the WordPress forms builder plugin is unlimited. You can add different types of fields, including inputs (e.g. e-mail, password, text area, text input and etc.), Captcha (as well as possibility of adding Google standard ReCaptcha), custom and standard buttons, as well as Map field.

This WordPress free form builder uses simple and easy to manage backend interface, thus the users who are not able to make code-level changes, will be able to make customization and changes using parameters. The drag and drop form builder allows you to choose from a number of options to get just the features you need. From simple one line form to a more complex email form for the site or conditional mailing form – the free responsive form builder is a perfect solution for every website.

The dynamic web form builder allows you to view and manage all form submissions. The WP form plugin stores submissions in your database for future reference.

This plugin will equally fit the needs of the novice and experienced developers and designers.


  • Intuitive tools
  • Custom HTML between the fields
  • Drag and Drop feature to re-order fields
  • Pagination
  • Section breaks
  • Custom email messages for admin and users
  • Detailed parameters for each field type
  • Data validation before submission
  • Conditional logic

Please note, that if you’re looking to add more complex, custom online forms with more field types, File upload field, Stripe and PayPal integrations, and many other premium features, you can use Contact Form Maker premium plugin, which is a more advanced tool.

Contact Form Maker WordPress plugin comes with pre-built templates, but in case you need custom forms, feel free to create your own from scratch. The form creation process with the plugin is quick and easy.

This WordPress plugin is a must have free form builder for any website. It allows you to share contact info like address, email, phone, etc., but also allows you to add email fields, making it possible for your users to leave their feedback and comments directly through email submit forms. Try this WordPress plugin today and create web forms free and easy!

IMPORTANT: If you think you found a bug or have any problem or question concerning the plugin, do not hesitate to contact us at

Privacy Notices

Contact Form Maker plugin does not collect and store any data of your users on Web-Dorado’s end. All data submitted by your website visitors is stored in your website database. With every form submission Contact Form Maker plugin collects users’ IP address and WordPress user ID for logged in users. From this perspective, you may be subject to GDPR compliance.

Contact Form Maker forms imply interaction between website visitors and website owner. As such you may publish forms that require input of Private data. You need to get explicit consent from your users to comply with GDPR. Under GDPR your users may request access and/or erasure of their entry data at any time. Here you can find how to export and/or delete submissions.


  • Sample RSVP
  • Sample contact form
  • Manage contact forms
  • Creating a new contact form
  • Text input field type
  • Captcha field type
  • Manage submissions


After downloading the ZIP file,

  1. Log in to the administrator panel.
  2. Go to Plugins Add > New > Upload.
  3. Click “Choose file” (“Browse”) and select the downloaded zip file.
    For Mac Users
    Go to your Downloads folder and locate the folder with the plugin. Right-click on the folder and select Compress. Now you have a newly created .zip file which can be installed as described here.
  4. Click “Install Now” button.
  5. Click “Activate Plugin” button for activating the plugin.
    6.If the installation does not succeed, please contact us at

ਅਕਸਰ ਪੁੱਛੇ ਜਾਂਦੇ ਸਵਾਲ

What can I achieve with this form creator tool?

Contact Form Maker is a modern and intuitive forms builder plugin developed for WordPress. It lets you create personalized, perfect-looking responsive application forms with its elegant drag and drop interface.

You can create web forms free of additional coding, with just a few clicks. The functionality of Contact Form Maker is excellent for any kind of online questionnaires. Use the intuitive form editor provided by the plugin to build advanced forms.

This contact form builder can be used for creating multiple types of website forms, including contact forms, email forms, evaluation form, application forms, quizzes/tests or survey forms, online order forms and etc. Contact Form Maker includes various types of fields which can be modified and/or edited.

Whether you are a WordPress beginner or a web guru, this contact form plugin is the perfect choice. The dynamic web form builder plugin comes with clean visual tools and options, and you do not need to have any web development skills to build a form.

How can I create website forms with Contact Form Maker?

Navigate to Contact Form Maker > Forms page to build your very first form. This contact form creator plugin provides a few sample forms, which you can quickly edit and publish.

Using Contact Form Maker > Forms page, you can manage existing forms, perform Bulk Actions, such as Publish, Unpublish, Duplicate or Delete. Select the necessary form, choose the bulk action, then press Apply. Also, you can search for your form by writing its title in the top Search input.

Press Add New button from Forms page, and you will be redirected to Form Editor page. Make sure to write a Title for this form, then choose the Theme which sets the appearance of your form. In case you wish to display the form with the same style as your website theme, select Inherit From Website Theme option from Theme select box.

To add a new field with this application form creator, drag New Field button to the area where you wish to place the field. The field editor toolbox of Contact Form Maker will be opened automatically. Click on the field set from which you are going to choose the form field, for instance, User Info Fields. Press Name button from this field set to add a Name input to your form. Then click Add and the field will be placed to the area of the form you selected initially.

It is also possible to search among the form builder fields when adding a new field to your form. Use Filter input at the top left corner of fields toolbox. For example, you can search “phone” and all Phone fields will be filtered.

Can I add a custom header with text and image above my form?

This dynamic form builder lets you have a nice header section on your forms, which can contain additional content, as well as images with animations. Click on Form Header bar of your form to open its toolbox and provide a Title. This is the form heading, which will appear above your form. In addition, you can write a Description to appear right below the Title of your form. This comes handy, in case you need to write an introduction for your form.

You can also have an image on your form header and set it to appear with an animation effect. Press Add Image button to upload and select a picture from WordPress Media Library. Then choose the animation effect using Image Animation option.

In case you don’t want the Header Image of your forms to appear on smartphones and tablets, mark Hide Image on Mobile option as checked.

Make sure to Publish/Update the form to save the change you made.

Does Contact Form Maker support conditional logic and how can I use it?

Yes, another fantastic feature of this custom form creator plugin is its Conditional Fields. This lets you show or hide fields of your form based on certain selections submitter makes.

The structure of conditional fields in this contact form generator is the following: You can specify and/or show/hide a field, when condition is true and provide conditions below, e.g. Show “How many visitors will you have” if “Will you have visitors” is “Yes”.

Go to Form Options of your form, then click Conditional Fields tab to start the setup. Press Add Condition button to configure the first condition of your form.

Show/Hide select box of this form builder plugin represents the action which will be completed, if all or any of the condition statements are fulfilled. Use the second drop-down menu to select the advanced form builder field which will be shown or hidden.

Click the little Plus (+) icon to add the statement of your form condition.

For example, let’s assume there is a Single Line Text field on your form titled Inquiry type. And you wish to show Message field in case users write Support Request as the type of their inquiry. The condition you configure needs to have the following logic:

Show [Message] if [all] of the following match:
[Inquiry type] is [Support request]

Make sure to hit Update after setting up Conditional Fields on your Contact Form Maker.

What styling options do the forms include?

This secure form builder plugin comes with 14 customizable themes, which you can use to design your forms. Each theme of Contact Form Maker provides a set of user-friendly options to change font size, alignment of the form, colors, modify paddings and more. You can edit the existing themes, or create your own by clicking Add New button.

To set a initial default theme for your forms, press on the star icon next to the theme you would like to use. You can always change the theme by editing your forms.

Options of Contact Form Maker Themes are divided into the following sections:

  • Global Parameters
  • Header
  • Content
  • Inputbox
  • Choices (Multiple and Single)
  • General Buttons
  • Pagination
  • Buttons
  • Close (Minimize) Button
  • Minimize Text
  • Other
  • Custom CSS

You can preview the design of each form theme under Preview block. In case you created forms with multiple pages, you can change its Pagination Type, setting it to Step, Percentage or None.

Custom CSS option in Themes of this advanced form builder lets you write additional CSS code and customize your forms further. All CSS rules apply to this editor. Make sure to press Save after modifying the form theme.

Does Contact Form Maker use auto-respondent feature?

You can use Email Options of Contact Form Maker to send a fully customizable letter to the submitter. The entries can be included within the email. Just select the form you want to edit, then navigate to Form Options > Email Options.

This html5 form builder plugin lets you send submitted information to one or multiple email addresses. Furthermore, you can also send a confirmation email to the submitter and let them know you have received their application.

Enable Send E-mail from Form Options > Email Options tab and start configuring mailing settings. Most options require the same configuration for Email to Administrator and Email to User on the forms. However, there are a few settings which are unique.

Email to Administrator

This section of Email Options allows you to set up notifications of form submissions for website owners.

Email to User

Send to. Use this setting to select the email field of your form, to which the submissions will be sent.

Important! In case you do not have an email input created from User Info Fields > Email type on your form, the following error message will appear:

"There is no email field".

Email Verification. Activate this option, in case you would like the users to verify their email addresses. If it's enabled, the user email will contain a verification link. Clicking on this link set the user email address as verified.

Verification link expires in. Use this option to specify a time period (hours), during which the user will be able to verify their email address.

Edit Post. Click this link to edit the content of Email Verification post. This is the page, where users will be redirected after they click on the verification link in user email.

Can I create an online order form with this plugin?

Payment fields and options are available in the Premium version of the plugin.

In order to have a functional payment form, first and foremost, you need to have Payment Fields added to it. This way, Contact Form Maker plugin will turn into an online order form creator quickly and easily. Build compact shopping forms, hotel reservation, online application or ticket sales forms with this feature.

Note: You need to set up Form Options > Payment Options of your form in order to receive payments on your account. Follow the steps described on this section to do that.

Configuring Payment Options, you can use Contact Form Maker as an order form generator and let users make payments through your form. Default payment gateway of Contact Form Maker is PayPal. Select PayPal as Payment Method from Form Options > Payment Options tab and configure corresponding options.

Also, you can easily integrate the forms builder plugin with Stripe using its Stripe Integration add-on.

Payment Currency. Choose the currency to be used for the payments made through your form. Note, that the selected currency symbol will only display on the front-end of the published form.

Tax (%). Specify the percentage of the tax for your payment form. It will be calculated from the total payment amount of your form, and will be added to the grand total.

Checkout Mode. Select the checkout mode for your form. Testmode will display PayPal Sandbox after submission, which allows you to run payment tests. When you are ready to receive payments, enable Production mode.

Paypal email. Provide the email address of a valid PayPal account. This account will be used as the recipient of payments through your form.

Where can I check the submissions of my forms?

Submissions page of this HTML form generator plugin lets you view the full record of submissions of each form. Choose your form from Select a form drop-down box to display its submitted information. Furthermore, you are able to view Statistics of Single/Multiple Choice and Select Box fields.

Entries / Conversion Rate / Views. These attributes of Submissions page will help you quickly view the statistics of the selected form.

Export to CSV / Export to XML. You are able to download all submissions of each form in CSV or XML format by clicking on these buttons.

Show Filters. Contact Form Maker lets you filter form submissions by values provided by user, e.g. submitter’s email address, name and more. Press Show Filters button on form submissions, write the values you wish to search with, then press Search. Click Reset button to clear the filters.

Add/Remove Columns. This button will help you customize the columns which display in submissions of the selected form. Click on the button and unmark the columns you wish to hide.

Note: Adding/Removing columns does not delete columns from the submissions table of your forms. It just hides them until you activate them again.

Block IPs / Unblock IPs. In case you are receiving spam submissions from certain IP addresses, you can block these addresses. Mark all spam submissions as checked, choose Block IPs option from Bulk Actions and press Apply. You are able to unblock these IP addresses anytime.

Delete. If you wish to remove some or all submissions of a form, mark them as checked and select Delete option from Bulk Actions. Clicking Apply will delete these entries permanently.

Can user be redirected to another page after submitting the form?

Contact Form Maker plugin allows you to configure different actions which occur after form submission. For instance, you can display a "Thank you" message after users submit the form, or redirect them to another page, or more.

Navigate to Form Options > Actions After Submissions tab, and select one of the options below to set up the action that occurs after users submit your form.

  • Stay on Form. This action will reload the form page and keep the submitter on the same page.
  • Post. Select this option to redirect users to a specific post after they hit Submit. You will then be able to select the post from Post dropdown menu.
  • Page. You can also redirect users to a selected page. Choose this option and specify the destination using Page dropdown menu.
  • Custom text. Use this action in case you wish to display a "Thank you" message after users submit the form. The editor box accepts text, basic HTML, as well as values of form fields. Include them to the content by pressing on the top buttons indicating form fields.
  • URL. Configure redirection from your forms to any page with this action after submission. Mark URL option, then provide the absolute path of the link to the input that appears.

What verification methods does Contact Form Maker use?

Contact Form Maker uses modern verification methods, such as ReCaptcha and invisible ReCaptcha. Please note that will need to obtain ReCaptcha keys to use these options. Otherwise you can use Simple Captcha and Arithmetical Captcha which use standard word verification and arithmetical expressions respectively.

Can I use Contact Form Maker as a registration form creator?

You can register users on your website with the help of Contact Form Maker WordPress Registration add-on. Install the add on and use it alongside the free version of Contact Form Maker plugin.

You are able to ask users to provide username, email address and password for their account. The registration of users is done upon completing the form created by this visual form builder plugin.

Is it possible to publish a form as a widget?

You can publish your form not only using Display Options of this web form builder plugin, but also as a widget. Go to Appearance > Widgets page to place your form on any widget area of your website theme.

Search for Contact Form Maker widget and drag it to the widget area where you wish to place your form. Specify a Title for the widget and choose the form you wish to publish. Press Save after making these changes.

Can the form submissions be shown to site visitors?

Premium version of Contact Form Maker plugin allows you to publish submissions on front-end of your website.

This form creator plugin lets you select user roles which will be able to view the published submissions. This can be done from Form Options > General Options section. Also, in the same section, you are able to choose fields to hide from front-end submissions.

Firstly, add/edit the page or post, where you wish to publish the submissions of form. Then press Add Submission button from the top of the post editor.

Select a Form. Use this drop-down to choose the form, submissions of which you would like to publish.

Select Date Range. You can display form submissions from a specific date range. Use this option to select From and To dates.

Select fields. Use this option to choose which columns to show on the form. Uncheck the options, which you need to hide on front-end submissions.

Export to / Show. These two settings are responsible for showing the rest of the attributes of front-end submissions. You can enable/disable CSV/XML export buttons, Statistics, Views, Conversion Rate and other additional information.

After configuring all necessary options, press Insert. Publish your page with form submissions, and you will be able to view them on front-end.

Can I let users choose between PayPal or offline payments when submitting the form?

Premium version of this handy forms plugin has the features and functions to achieve this. You need to use Conditional Fields and Payment Fields of the plugin. Here are the necessary steps.

Firstly, add one Single Choice field from Basic Fields of Contact Form Maker plugin. It should contain the following two options:

  • Pay with PayPal
  • Pay offline

Afterwards, add two sets of almost identical fields, one of them created with regular form fields, second – with Payment fields.

Then you can set conditions from Form Options > Conditional Fields, if the user chooses PayPal, payment fields will appear, otherwise, regular fields will.

The user will not be redirected to PayPal if they make their selections using regular form fields.


19 ਅਗਸਤ 2019
I have had this problem more than once with this plugin. When they update the plugin, they change the short code without letting anyone know. The previous short code on the contact page of my website is then useless and I loose business because I never get the email. Next, I have had complaints from potential customers (between web-d updates) that they have to submit the captcha three or four times.
10 ਮਾਰਚ 2020
This plug-in gives you a great opportunity to get in contact with the visitors on your site. Easy to configure, and set up the fields like you want them.
18 ਅਪ੍ਰੈਲ 2019
I like this plugin, because it really helps make usable contact forms. The service is fast and competent.
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ਯੋਗਦਾਨੀ ਤੇ ਵਿਕਾਸਕਾਰ

“Contact Form by WD – responsive drag & drop contact form builder tool” is open source software. The following people have contributed to this plugin.




  • Removed: Deactivation pop-up.


  • Fixed: Bug that caused PHP Fatal error in some cases.


  • Added: “Custom text” in “Action after submission” for not embedded forms.
  • Improved: Generated JS/CSS files fallback.
  • Changed: Do not show confirmation alert on deleting empty columns.
  • Fixed: Submitting a form with a value equal to the placeholder.
  • Fixed: Recaptcha load issue with slow internet.
  • Fixed: Show the unpublished form message only to the administrator.
  • Fixed: Pagination styles for Form Maker admin pages.
  • Fixed: Importing submissions of multiple forms at once.
  • Fixed: Saving IP on “Block IPs” page.
  • Fixed: Shortcode buttons behavior in Text widget of Divi Builder.
  • Fixed: Condition with line break in Textarea default value.
  • Fixed: Upload file URL in the email when Save Uploads is disabled.


  • Added: Ask a question button.


  • Fixed: Issue with “Email From”.


  • Fixed: Conflict with common mod_security rules.


  • Fixed: Spam protection.
  • Fixed: Counting form views.
  • Fixed: Error message on submitting form with existing username.


  • Added: Use AJAX to submit forms (optional).
  • Added: Additional spam protection (optional).
  • Added: Use of Payment fields for Calculator add-on.
  • Updated: PO files.
  • Improved: Email delivery functionality.
  • Fixed: Disable the submit button with deactivated Privacy options.
  • Fixed: Empty time field in Submissions.
  • Fixed: Recaptcha responsiveness.
  • Fixed: Do not include dashicons to front.


  • Fixed: Action after submission for cached pages.


  • Removed: Banner to check website performance.


  • Added: Integration with reCaptcha v3.
  • Added: Fields placeholder functionality for Email to Admin.
  • Fixed: Disable auto fill for Date field.


  • Fixed: Minor bug on submissions page.


  • Fixed: Page title in progress bar.


  • Fixed: Issue with saving themes.


  • Fixed: Form submit bug.


  • Added: Support for ‘all’ placeholder in actions after submission.
  • Added: Provinces for Canada.
  • Improved: Spam protection.
  • Improved: Minify js, css.
  • Changed: Some country names.
  • Fixed: Two required “Table of fields” fields on a page.
  • Fixed: Error on uninstalling from multisite.
  • Fixed: Preview in themes edit page.
  • Fixed: User guide links for tabs in form edit page.
  • Fixed: Empty Simple Captcha input after form reset.
  • Fixed: Remove unnecessary container from placeholders popup.


  • Fixed: Payment info is not retrieved.


  • Fixed: CSRF issue.
  • Added: Banner to install 10Web manager.


  • Fixed: Vulnerability on submissions page.


  • Fixed: Security issue.
  • Fixed: Scroll to required address field.
  • Fixed: Adding field to incorrect position.
  • Fixed: Don’t use the same title for the duplicated form.
  • Fixed: Allow “0” value for required fields.
  • Fixed: Link for attachment in email.
  • Fixed: Saving advanced layout.
  • Fixed: 0 value is not saved in submissions for Payment single choice and Shipping fields.
  • Fixed: MySQL mapping edit functionality.
  • Fixed: Do not print js before DOCTYPE.
  • Fixed: Broken multiple pages.


  • Fixed: Bug on checking if Address field is required.


  • Added: Enable/Disable option for Form header.
  • Added: Tax option for Stripe payments.
  • Added: “Class name” option for “Single Line Text” field to allow add a css class for the field.
  • Added: “Palestine” to country list field.
  • Changed: Form editing page layout.
  • Changed: Form Revisions functionality.
  • Changed: Settings (Form Options) tab new design.
  • Changed: Form Publishing tab new design.
  • Changed: Selecting a Theme moved to Appearance.
  • Changed: Make email options a separate tab.
  • Changed: Remove required mark color from “Default” and “Inherit from site” themes.
  • Changed: Inherit styles (font, color) from Elementor for Form maker widget.
  • Fixed: Try to reproduce, try/catch curl part of code.
  • Fixed: Requirement of table field should be affected on all rows of it.
  • Fixed: The Like/Starting With options in WHERE of Select options from Database.
  • Fixed: Remove the link of the word “Privacy Policy” when there is no Privacy Policy page.
  • Fixed: Styles for rtl languages.
  • Fixed: Addons settings for duplicated forms.
  • Fixed: Required validation not allow space.
  • Fixed: Error when clicking allow or skip to collect some usage data more then once.


  • Fixed: Remove the link from “Privacy Policy” text in the form when there is no Privacy Policy page.


  • Added: WHERE selectors in “Options from database” (Select, Single and Multiple choice fields).
  • Added: Placeholders (User ID, Submitter’s IP, etc.) in WHERE clause in “Options from database” and MySQL Mapping.
  • Improved: Parsing images in post content in Post Generation extension.
  • Improved: Automatically deactivate plugin after uninstall.
  • Fixed: Scroll issues on Safari (MacOS).
  • Fixed: “Receive Copy” field checkbox with Form maker some themes.
  • Fixed: “Custom text” after form submit.


  • Fixed: Set up map and recaptcha keys links.


  • Added: Drag & Drop of Columns in form editor
  • Added: Drag & Drop of Pages in form editor
  • Added: New icon in Elementor plugin
  • Improved: Drag & Drop of fields in form editor
  • Fixed: Conditional fields flickering during page loading


  • Improved: GDPR compliance options.
  • Fixed: Error on form front end when Privacy Policy checkbox is enabled.
  • Fixed: Bug on Actions after submission when Redirect to URL option is empty.
  • Fixed: Notice on form submit.
  • Fixed: Minor issues on Themes.


  • Fixed: Compatibility with PHP version 5.3.


  • Improved: Uninstall interface and texts.
  • Fixed: “New Field” button drag and drop issue in Firefox and Safari.
  • Fixed: Do not show hidden amounts in total.
  • Added: GDPR compliance required checkbox on front end.
  • Added: Warn user if the email address does not belong to the site domain.


  • Fixed: Field validation issues on multi-page forms.


  • Added: Additional security check to block form submissions from bots.
  • Fixed: Form Submissions page responsiveness issue on mobile devices.
  • Improved: Submissions CSV/XML export for bigger forms.
  • Improved: Rendering of forms in Elementor front-end builder preview.
  • Improved: Optimized the back end Scripts and CSS for faster loading.


  • Added: Option to enable/disable WP Editor.
  • Added: Additional security checks against bots.
  • Changed: Field validation on form options page.
  • Fixed: Error on deactivation.
  • Fixed: Port for connecting to a remote Database with SQL mapping.
  • Fixed: Displaying Form on all posts instead of the selected.
  • Fixed: Payment fields filled values should not be lost on an error.
  • Fixed: Form is not saved if you click Publish before the page is loaded.
  • Fixed: Table of fields validation.
  • Fixed: Add shortcode functionality on Beaver, Elementor, SiteOrigin and Visual Composer builders.
  • Fixed: If you Sort/Filter the data via some column, then hit next page button, the sort reverts to the default sort order.
  • Fixed: Select all in Submissions should apply to the current page only.
  • Fixed: Do not change the page after IP block in submissions page.
  • Fixed: Do not change the page after deleting submission in submissions page.


  • Fixed: Include styles/scripts on form pages only.


  • Improved: CSV, XML export.
  • Improved: default email design
  • Improved: Minor improvements in email options
  • Fixed: PHP validation for email.
  • Fixed: Preserve the list of columns displayed when changing the page.
  • Fixed: Do not display ScrollBox form after Successful submission.


  • Changed: Separate buttons for deactivation.


  • Fixed: Bug on empty values for some field types.


  • Added: Custom javascript event, occurs after form is submitted.
  • Changed: Code structure refactoring.
  • Fixed: Bug on required fields PHP validation.
  • Fixed: Bug on saving a theme.


  • Added: Help and suggestions text for Privacy Policy (for GDPR compliance)
  • Added: Privacy related text to readme.


  • Added: Help and suggestions text for Privacy Policy (for GDPR compliance)
  • Added: Privacy related text to readme.


  • Fixed: Vulnerabilities reported by Neven Biruski from DefenseCode (using the tool ThunderScan).
  • Fixed: “The loopback request to your site failed” error.


  • Improved: Editing empty mini labels.
  • Fixed: Form Submissions CSV export.


  • Fixed: Submissions table view for long texts.
  • Fixed: Displaying phone field value in email notification.
  • Fixed: Bug on deleting a Page break.


  • Changed: improved Form Submissions view: added tooltips for long labels of form fields.
  • Added: detailed descriptions of form fields inside the form editor
  • Fixed: Theme save bug.
  • Fixed: UTF-8 text in Email body.


  • Fixed: UTF-8 text for Email subject and Email from name.


  • Improved: Email functionality.
  • Fixed: Multiple choice and single choice with long labels.
  • Fixed: Submissions CSV export with UTF-8 encoding.
  • Fixed: Form preview for not embedded forms.


  • Fixed: Error on adding a field.


  • Fixed: Submissions page.


  • Fixed: Bug on Popup forms on mobile.
  • Fixed: “Custom HTML” field label in conditional fields list.
  • Fixed: Trim data inserted by MySQL mapping.
  • Changed: Prevent default on form enter.


  • Changed: Improved query to get number of submissions.
  • Changed: Email field length in database.


  • Fixed: Preview does not show with widget on page with some WordPress themes.
  • Fixed: Do not check conditionally hidden required fields.
  • Fixed: Not embedded forms do not show on form preview page.
  • Fixed: Post/page search on display options pages.
  • Fixed: Tooltip in “Add query” popup.
  • Fixed: Insert demo forms only on activate.
  • Fixed: Emailing fields with apostrophes in label.
  • Fixed: Popup forms background.
  • Changed: Czech translation.
  • Changed: Italian translation.
  • Changed: Disable widget in preview page.
  • Fixed: User manual links.
  • Fixed: Add new theme.


  • Fixed: A minor bug.


  • Changed: Improved user interface of forms, submissions and options.
  • Changed: Improved Drag & Drop Form Builder functionality.
  • Added: Full width functionality for fields.
  • Added: New Default Theme.
  • Changed: Simplified the structure of Form Options tabs.
  • Improved: Responsiveness.
  • Added: Invisible reCAPTCHA.
  • Updated: WD Library.
  • Updated: Support forum link.
  • Changed: Date field calendar icon.
  • Fixed: Time, Date of Birth and Number fields validation on mobile.
  • Fixed: Conflict with Yoast SEO plugin.
  • Changed: Remove Font Awesome.
  • Fixed: Border types bug
  • Changed: Separated field types into Basic, User Info, Layout, Advanced and Payment sections.


  • Added: Support forum and Review links.


  • Changed: Removed Font Awesome.


  • Changed: Show notification to install Backup WD plugin only on plugin pages.


  • Added: Show notice to install Backup WD plugin.


  • Fixed: Conflict with Jetpack Contact Form module


  • Fixed: Bug on email verification


  • Fixed: Bug on limitations


  • Added: Overview page
  • Added: Form Header
  • Added: New Themes
  • Added: New Theme Editor
  • Added: Form Display Options (Embedded, Popup, Topbar, Scrollbox)
  • Removed: Featured Plugins, Featured Themes pages
  • Fixed: Google maps api conflict with other plugins.
  • Fixed: CSS conflict with some ajax themes
  • Fixed: Themes – bug on save as copy
  • Fixed: Security issues


  • Fixed: Shortcode editor pop-up styles.


  • Removed: Featured Plugins, Featured Themes pages


  • Changed: Improved captcha security
  • Fixed:Bug On email field


  • Fixed: bug on “Save as Copy”
  • Fixed: Line breaks in textarea after incorrect captcha
  • Changed: Submissions page: display labels on buttons
  • Changed: When the Pro version is installed, display a notification about automatically disabling Free version


  • Fixed: Bug with Hidden field in custom text in Email
  • Fixed: Bug on email verification custom post
  • Changed: Filters now apply to CSV and XML export


  • Fixed: Bug On Search by ID in Submissions
  • Added: Mailchimp in featured plugins


  • Fixed: Bug on edit_old() function for old forms.


  • Changed: Featured Themes page


  • Fixed: Update from very old version


  • Changed: Featured plugins page


  • Fixed: Unexpected behaviour on pressing “Enter” key on back end


  • Fixed: JS error on incorrect Google Maps API key
  • Added: Alert about incorrect Google Maps API key


  • Added: Global option for Google Maps API key
  • Fixed: Google Maps API key warning in browser


  • Fixed: bug in new form


  • Fixed: bug in widget


  • minor bug fixed


  • Major update


  • Changed: Compatibility with WordPress 4.3


  • Minor bug fixed


  • Security issue fixed


  • Cache issue fixed


  • Bug fixed: Empty email “From name”


  • bug fixed in csv\xml export


  • bug fixed in email content


  • remove fancybox


  • display php function to publish form


  • 4.0.1 shortcode issue fixed


  • Added featured plugins


  • From Name, From Email in Contact Form options


  • Survey Tools (Star Rating, Scale Rating, Spinner, Slider, Range, Grading, Matrix)


  • Customizable Email message for Administrator and Users


  • Actions after WordPress Contact Form Submission:
  • Stay on contact form:
  • To go to Post,Page after the contact form submission:
  • Custom text after the contact form submission:
  • URL: The user is redirected to the provided URL after the contact form submission.
  • Edit javascript of the contact form:
  • Save as the copy of the contact form:
  • Themes: There are 43 standard themes included in Contact Form Maker
  • New contact form fields:
  • Address field
  • Address mark on map contact form field
  • Number contact form field
  • Phone contact form field
  • Date 3 different contact form field
  • Time contact form field
  • Country list contact form field
  • Recaptcha contact form field
  • Pagebreak of the Contact Form Maker: This can be used to break the contact form into distinct pages.
  • Section Break of the Contact Form Maker: This option allows adding a section break to the contact form page.
  • For each contact form certain types of statistical data are available in the Contact Form Maker:
  • Entries of a contact form: The number of submitted contact forms in the Contact Form Maker.
  • Views of a contact form: The number of times the contact form has been viewed.
  • Conversion Rate of a contact form: The percentage of submitted contact forms to the overall number of views.