Conversions Extensions


Adds homepage sections and other features to Conversions theme for WordPress.

You can view the documentation here.

Extensions List:

  • Homepage sections

    • Homepage Sorting
    • Clients
    • Counter
    • Easy Digital Downloads
    • FAQ
    • Hero
    • Icon features
    • Image features
    • Single feature
    • News
    • Pricing
    • Team
    • Testimonials
    • Text
    • WooCommerce
    • HTML or Shortcode
  • Navbar variants

    • Menu right
    • Menu below
  • Footer social icons


Many of the homepage sections can also be output outside the homepage using shortcodes.



  • Slick v1.8.1 | MIT License
  • Counter-Up2 v1.0.4 | MIT License


Automatic Installation

  1. Login to your Dashboard as admin.
  2. Once logged in select Plugins -> Add New.
  3. Upload Conversions Extensions and activate.

Manual Install

  1. Extract the contents of and upload to the wp-content/plugins folder.
  2. Login to your Dashboard as admin.
  3. Activate the plugin through the ‘Plugins’ menu in WordPress.


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“Conversions Extensions” is open source software. The following people have contributed to this plugin.


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  • Initial release


  • New: Add navbar variants.
  • New: Add conversions_navbar_below_extras filter.
  • Update: NPM Dependencies.
  • Update: Composer Dependencies.
  • Update: Minor code refactoring.


  • New: Add image features homepage section.
  • New: Add blank homepage section.
  • Update: rename “features” homepage section in customizer to “icon features”.
  • Update: NPM Dependencies.
  • Update: Composer Dependencies.
  • New: do_action hooks:
    • conversions_before_img_features
    • conversions_after_img_features
    • conversions_homepage_before_blank
    • conversions_homepage_after_blank
  • Update: rename do_action hooks:
    • conversions_homepage_before_features -> conversions_before_icon_features
    • conversions_homepage_after_features -> conversions_after_icon_features
  • Update: Change Homepage Sorting section display order in the customizer.


  • New: Add Team homepage section.
  • New: Add PHP class autoloader.
  • Update: Rename namespaces.
  • Update: Separate homepage sections into PHP traits.


  • Fix: Check pricing table button text or link exist before displaying.
  • Update: NPM Dependencies.


  • New: Add Text homepage section.
  • Update: NPM Dependencies.


  • New: Add Counter homepage section.
  • New: Add Shortcodes.
  • Update: NPM Dependencies.
  • Fix: Refresh repeater color control on more input actions: change, paste.


  • New: Add FAQ homepage section.
  • Update: Reorg scripts and styles to sections folders.
  • Update: NPM Dependencies.


  • Update: Style refinements for FAQ section
  • Update: NPM Dependencies.


  • Fix: Navbar Variants namespace paths.


  • New: Add Single Feature homepage section.
  • Update: Customizer Font Awesome icon picker now includes all icons in popover with search filter.
  • Update: Customizer Font Awesome icon picker styles.
  • Update: Reorder homepage customizer sections alphabetically.
  • Update: Rename “Blank” homepage customizer section to “HTML or Shortcode”.
  • Update: Rename some homepage icon features files, functions, and variables.
  • Update: NPM Dependencies.
  • Update: Add Homepage Hero YouTube video modal script from Conversions theme.
  • Fix: Correct some customizer controls capabilities.
  • Fix: Prevent FAQ styles from leaking to other Bootstrap collapse elements.


  • Fix: Change homepage sorting drag and drop HTML structure.


  • New: Add Google map homepage section.
  • Update: Font Awesome JSON file to v5.15.1 for customizer icon picker.
  • Update: Add Vimeo to single feature customizer media type description.
  • Update: NPM Dependencies.
  • Update: Composer Dependencies.
  • Fix: Homepage sorting check on and off sections.