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XpressDelivery is a delivery management system for your woocommerce based wordpress store. The plugin connects your woocommerce store to delivery management service and sends all the orders as tasks to In Xpressdelivery tasks can be managed using geolocation and assigned to drivers. Drivers have their own android and iOs apps to manage their tasks. Your customers can also do live tracking of the delivery driver from their user accounts.


  • First create a free account with XpressDelivery offers a forever free account with 30 tasks limit per month and paid subscriptions if you need higher number of tasks.

  • Install Delivery Management For Woocommerce plugin following instructions given.

  • Once the plugin is installed successfully then orders placed on your woocommerce store will be sent to XpressDelivery App as tasks.

  • XpressDelivery App offers complete map based tasks managament with gods eye map view.

  • XpressDelivery App also provides ANDROID & iOS App for your dispatch team from where your driver can accept/reject tasks, view task details, view the route to customers location, update their availability etc. from the app itself.

  • When the order comes as task to XpressDelivery App you can autoassign the tasks to your dispatch team based on their proximity/nearness to the delivery location or based on their availability or simply send the task to all drivers via push notifications and assign to first one who accepts.

  • Once the order/task is assigned to your driver/dispatch team your customer will be able to do LIVE ORDER TRACKING of the driver on google maps from their user accounts inside your woocommerce website itself.

  • When the status of the task is updated by driver or admin from xpressdelivery app the same status will also be reflected in your woocommerce website and your customer change view these in their user accounts.

  • Customers can also rate and review the driver once the task is marked as completed by the driver.

  • Free push notification communication is provided by xpressdelivery app.

This service is extremely useful for food delivery, flower delivery, Alcohol delivery, Grocery Delivery, Medicine delivery, salon, spa homeservices or any other type or hyper local delivery services.

Please note that the plugin calls 3rd party api of [XpressDelivery App] ( to provide you full compatibility with xpressdelivery services.

You will need to create a free account with [XpressDelivery App] (


*Added Live Driver and Order Tracking via maps for customer.
*Added option to sync order and task status between woocommerce and XpressDelivery App.
*Added option to prevent sending downloadable or virtual products as tasks to XpressDelivery


This section describes how to install the plugin and get it working.

  1. install the plugin using standard plugin installation process i.e. via wordpress marketplace or uploading the zip.
  2. Activate the plugin through the ‘Plugins’ screen in WordPress
  3. Go to Woocommerce tab and XpressDelivery App Tab to configure the plugin.
  4. On the plugin configuration page you will see following fields:-

    *Merchant Token – You will get this Merchant Token from xpressdelivery app after creating an account. Once your account is created check for tab named token in your XpressDelivery App settings section.

    *Woocommerce Status – This is the status you will set to send orders as tasks to XpressDelivery App. For e.g. if you add status – pending payments here only the orders with status of pending payment will be sent as tasks to XpressDelivery app.

    *Transaction Type – Select Delivery or pickup as default task status depending on your business model.

    *Product Type – By default xpressdelivery app does not send Virtual or downloadable products orders as tasks. If you want to send these orders also as tasks to XpressDelivery App then check mark this section.

    *Order Status – If this option is check marked the status of your orders in woocommerce will be synced with status of the tasks in XpressDelivery App. For e.g. If driver accepts order in their app then in your woocommerce store also status of the order willl be updated to accepted by driver. This is for easy tracking for customers. Leave this unchecked if do not want to sync statuses.

    *Delivery Hours – Set numericaly figure in hours here. This is set the delivery time that is sent to the drivers from XpressDelivery app. For example as per your business model if your delivery time should be 48 hours from time of orders add 48 hours here so the delivery time sent to drivers will be 48 hours after the order is placed.

  5. Once the plugin is configured then go to your XpressDelivery App backend settings and look for a tab named Website URL. Here add your woocommerce website URL.

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