Genolve Slideshow Maker Toolkit


Create artistic multi-layered slideshows mixing video, images, text or SVG stickers with optional background music. Huge array of animation options including animate-on-scroll. Upload your own media or access millions of free stock photos and video via a built-in interface. Grab amazing SVG text effects and stunning SVG stickers from where everything is checked for safety and fast load time. Design from scratch or speed up your workflow and start from a library of existing templates. You need an API key from to use this plugin which you can get via registration or using the one-click-trial option. The banner above and our animated icon were both made with the Genolve Slideshow Maker.

Simple To Use

Whenever you create a slideshow you get a video recording of the slideshow and a coverphoto image representing that slideshow is also generated, simply place that coverphoto where you want the slideshow to go. If the browser supports SVG (all modern browsers do) the image will be swapped for the slideshow using the same responsive settings the image had. That’s it, no shortcodes or other parameters to mess with.

Wide Compatibility

Because the slideshow goes where you place the coverphoto, it can be placed anywhere you place an image; as the featured image, Gutenberg image blocks, or any other plugin that uses images, including WooCommerce.


These are demos and video captures of slideshows:
* Slideshows
* Animate on Scroll live
* Animate on Scroll video
* Featured Image
* Gutenberg Ornate Separator
* Tutorials

Use Cases by Site Type

Photography and Art Sites

When you highlight your new photos, videos or art in a blog post, use multiple slideshows down the page to support the story progression. Make interactive stories with the Premium option. If your photos are copyrighted, don’t expose them to the web, use the generated slideshow video instead.

Online Store

Highlight a new product line or special sales promotion. Construct a slideshow with flair and punch worthy of a Fortune 500 advertisement. Highlight a drink or a car sale (Note these tutorials were made before animation timing bars made animations even easier).

Music Site

Make a full-blown music video to put a spotlight on your music. Music driven animations add that extra professional touch. Use unconventional animations such as using the windows of a skyscraper as a frequency meter.


Make a slideshow tell a story or explain a point you are trying to communicate. Go for humor by making your own meme or make artistic abstract animations to break up the flow of thought. Instead of a static pull quotes, make elegant animated pull quotes.

Bonus features

  • Image Filters – hundreds of filters to enhance your images, including background stripping (works best on solid color backgrounds).
  • Templates – speed up the design process with hundreds of pre-designed templates.
  • Fast Safe SVG – all SVG comes from where it is checked for safety and fast load time.
  • Animations – add slide-in, fade-in, zoom-in and many more effects including path animations.
  • Gutenberg Blocks – Ornate Separator divides paragraphs or videos in style. More blocks in development.
  • Fonts – use our suggested font variations or set your own Google font.
  • Quotes – seamlessly pull quotes from Wikiquote the largest accurate quote collection on the internet.
  • Featured Image – when making your slideshow you can also make a featured image for social media posts.
  • Video Recording – when making your slideshow you get a video that can be used in emails or posted on YouTube.
  • Easy Resizing – after making a video for YouTube, quickly resize, do some touchups and make a video for TikTok, Instagram, etc.
  • Falling Snow – add falling snow, confetti, etc. that people see on their first visit to your site.

Free Version is Awesome

Genolve is free to use! Just get your API key on and you’re all set. You can do a lot with the free version, unlink some other plugins. Get a Premium membership to unlock more features and capabilities. Premium Members can make slideshows fully interactive with buttons or game-like interactions powerful enough to construct a Rube Goldberg machine.

No Spam

No emails, dashboard notices or admin banners except for valid notices you wouldn’t want to miss like security updates or an expiring membership.

About Genolve

Genolve hosts the internet’s largest collection of evolving shapes and designs. The designs evolve using simulated evolution. Whenever you click on a design, new variations of that design are automatically generated. Anything you create will be unique; found nowhere else but on your site. New designs added daily by artists and generative art experts. The banner image above was created on Genolve using images by Natalie_voy and StockSnap. Genolve Terms of Use.


  • Design Editor In Use
  • Blog Graphic by Genolve user QueenBee site
  • Slideshow by Genolve user Debam site
  • Music Video by Genolve user craig


This plugin provides 1 block.

  • Ornate Separator


Installation Steps

  1. Add the Genolve Toolkit Plugin via the WordPress Plugins menu.
  2. Activate the plugin.
  3. Go to ‘Design Editor’ tab and click ‘Instant Register’ or get an API key from
  4. Watch the QuickStart Tutorial under the help tab.

ਅਕਸਰ ਪੁੱਛੇ ਜਾਂਦੇ ਸਵਾਲ

Where is the demo?

Design Editor Tutorials, Try out the Design Editor, For a site using Genolve try Wild Web Widget

Why do I need an API key?

The plugin remotely uses the SVG designs on and the API key is used to link to your account on Genolve. It adds extra security.

How can I reduce CPU load?

Complex animations with high CPU load have a warning notice that should be heeded – which is to only show it a short time and don’t show multiple high CPU animations together. Also avoid using filters on fullscreen videos. After selecting a high CPU animation, change the selection menu to something without animations!

How do I contact you if I have questions/suggestion?

Please contact us via the Contact page or Suggestions page we’d love to hear from you.


20 ਜੁਲਾਈ 2019
I have been using Genolve for a little over 6 months to jazz up the feature images of my blog posts. I create my own original artwork and have been immensely pleased at the ability to add movement, filters, transitions and other effects to help make my art pop out and be eye-catching in unexpected ways. Visit my site Sapience2112 to see examples of what I've done (link in my profile).
8 ਜੂਨ 2019
I started out using this to put titles on images to get better response when sharing a post on Facebook. Now i'm discovering more features and this thing is like a mini Illustrator or Inkscape but much easier because you just grab pre-made graphics. And u can animate them, had to watch the help vid to figure that out 🙂
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  • Bug fixes.
  • Additional whilePaused animations.


  • Path animation timing now automatically synched to slide animations.
  • More gradient animations.
  • Arrow keys can now be used for fine-tuned positioning.


  • Add inner shadow to masking shadow options.
  • Arrows, sports, machines are now separate mask categories.


  • Big improvements to Animate on Scroll, including adding an optional mp3 track.
  • Image names now SEO optimized.


  • Variations on image and text masks.
  • Additional whilePaused animations.
  • New interaction options.


  • New animation effects including confetti, distort, oldfilm and slowMotion.
  • Grab videos from Wikimedia.
  • Improved tutorials.


  • Improve Spotify interface.
  • Ability to redo cover image for videos.


  • More interactive animation options.
  • Sticker collection for music and backgrounds.


  • More help for first-time users.
  • Some updates for new WordPress version.


  • Music driven video jog (works best in Firefox).
  • Cut a segment of the video.


  • Get mp3 samples from Spotify.
  • Use videos anywhere images can be used (works best in Firefox).
  • Timing bars make synching animations easier.


  • Drag buttons in toolbar to change layer order.
  • Add spray and falling effect to images and text, yes it is glorious.
  • Ability to set a color scheme.


  • Patterns now resizable.
  • Add falling effect to any div or separator.
  • Better image use flow.


  • Fix style conflict with Bootstrap3 based themes.
  • Fix separator block broken by newest WordPress update.


  • Fix PHP warning messages in WordPress debug mode.
  • Fix Apikey would not submit if on localhost.
  • Image and text corners now re-sizable.


  • Bugfix for SEO friendly image names.


  • SEO friendly image names.


  • Add emojis.
  • Re-edit designs by default.


  • Add Temporary API key for new users.
  • Add margin and shadow controls for Gutenberg Block Ornate Separator.


  • Add new designs and templates.
  • Change minimum permission to use Genolve to anyone who can edit a post.


Initial version.