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Linguise plugin offers a direct connection to our automatic, high-quality translation service, with possible access to multiple translators for content revision. The automatic multilingual translation is free during the first month and up to 400 000 translated words (medium website with at least 4 languages), no language number or page view limitation. Increase your website traffic with instant multilingual translations in more than 80 languages and get 40% more traffic from Google, Baidu or Yandex search engines.

Important note: To avoid any confusion, Linguise is not a free-for-ever automatic translation plugin. High-quality, SEO optimized, and translation revision features comes with a price that we are trying to maintain as affordable as possible. Check the YEARLY PRICES here. As mentioned, we offer a one-month free trial with 400k words included and the translation involves an API key to start.

Multilingual translation plugin main features

High-quality automatic multilingual translation

  • Best in class Neural Machine Automatic Translation quality (NMT)
  • Up to 90% of a human translator quality
  • Automatic translation of all your WordPress website
  • Full content, SEO ranked translations including URLs
  • 80+ languages available
  • Uses the latest and updated neural translation models
  • Translate your website in 10 minutes
  • Possibility to make search queries in any languages

Multilingual translation revisions

  • From the Linguise translation dashboard, edit translation and manage translators
  • Register translators by language and by website for translation revision
  • Font-end automatic translations edition
  • Multilingual global rule to replace any content all over the website
  • Multilingual global rule to exclude any content from translation all over the website
  • Exclude and replace content by language, URL or CSS class
  • Multi-account management with user role access (Translators by language, Managers, Admins)
  • Edit all meta information from the frontend language editor

SEO optimized automatic translations

  • URL and full-page content translation
  • Multilingual Alternate and default-x language tag
  • HTML language tag generation
  • Canonical URL generation
  • .xml sitemap translations
  • Super-fast translated page display
  • No impact on original, non-translated page loading time
  • Increase SEO rank of WooCommerce, especially large Eshop
  • Tested on the major “Search Console” tools: Google, Bing, Yandex, Baidu

WordPress integration and language switcher

  • Language switcher flags integration using WordPress menu
  • Language switcher flags displayed using popup
  • Language switcher flags displayed side by side
  • Language flag display in floating or fixed position
  • Language switcher flag integration using PHP snippet
  • Super light multilingual plugin with less CSS and .svg flags
  • Automatically get Linguise language configuration with the API Key
  • Local cache option for translations and translated URLs
  • Automatic redirect based on browser language
  • Possibility to display language names in English or in original language
  • Load several language switcher on the same page
  • Multi platform: works on Apache, Litespeed, Nginx and IIS servers

Translation prices details

  • $165 per year for a translation volume of 100 000 words (200 translated pages of 500 words)
  • More than 10 times cheaper than a human translation
  • No multilingual content revision required or at most only 10%
  • No language count limit

Linguise translation main links

Home Link:
Register an account and get API Key:
Yearly prices:
Translation quality demo:
Legal mentions:

Also compatible with Magento, Prestashop, Joomla and OpenCart


  • We offer the installation for free on your WordPress website, just search for it in the middle of our home page:
  • We do provide support for any type of usage, a direct message link is accessible in the Linguise dashboard:
  • We also do reply to any question on this forum and provide support with the limit of not having access to your website admin


  • Instant high-quality translation for your website in 80+ languages
  • Edit your translation from frontend with the Live editor
  • Manage all translation settings and SEO from the dashboard
  • WordPress multilingual translation plugin preview in administration
  • Register and translate 400 000 words for free in 5 minutes
  • Frontend Live editor with user access roles to edit translations
  • Advanced rule to exclude or replace content in translation by URL, language…


Register a Linguise account:

  • Register an account at:
  • Add your domain and select the original and translated languages
  • Copy the API Key generated and instantly make your website multilingual

Install the WordPress plugin automatically:

  • Install the plugin through WordPress admin, use the menu: Plugin > Add new
  • Search for Linguise
  • Click on install then click activate link
  • Click on the left menu “Linguise” and copy your API key
  • Use one of the method mentioned to include the language flag switcher (menu, shortcode…)

ਅਕਸਰ ਪੁੱਛੇ ਜਾਂਦੇ ਸਵਾਲ

Is Linguise automatic translation free?

Linguise multilingual is free during the first month with up to 400 000 words, no language limitations, no page view limitation. For the rest, you can check our pricing for more information.

Is Linguise compatible with international SEO?

Linguise automatic translation creates a dedicated URL for each content in each language to ensure the proper indexation of your translated content. Furthermore, Linguise respect all the international SEO standard with alternate links, x-default and language tag. Finally the quality of the multilingual translations make the SEO index automatic.

Where are my multilingual translation stored?

Linguise handles all the translation storage in a dedicated high-speed database and cache server. We do not store, send or collect any sensible data such as form messages submissions. You also have an option in the plugin to store the translations in a local folder (translation data and URLs)

Is Linguise Translate compatible with WooCommerce?

Yes, you can use Linguise to translate WooCommerce Eshop without any compatibility issues. Even your full checkout process is translated, and the translations are editable from your Linguise dashboard or from our live editor (front-end).

Is Linguise Translate compatible with WordPress page builder such as Elementor or DIVI?

Yes, it has absolutely no influence on the translations and all the page builder content (widget, blocks, modules) are handled.

Can I use WPML, TranslatePress or Polylang with Linguise translation?

As the translations are dynamic, yes you can, just make sure you don’t use both plugin with the same language URLs.

Can I edit my translations?

With Linguise automatic translation, you can edit multilingual translation from the font-end live editor or from the Linguise translation dashboard. It’s compatible with any 3rd party plugins.

Can I make translation exclusions and replacement?

Sure, this is the most advanced multilingual global translation rules you can find on WordPress. It’s possible to apply a global rule to replace any content all over the website, apply a global rule to exclude any content from translation all over the website. Translation Exclusion and replace can be conditioned by language, URL or CSS class.

Can I use Linguise Translate for more than one website translation?

Yes, you can register several domains on each account. Note that the translation quota is not shared among accounts.

Can I get more traffic with the new translations?

Yes, as Linguise is fully SEO optimized with all the requirements asked by international search engines. Based on the data we have for a website with 4 new languages, the traffic increases by 30%.


17 ਜੂਨ 2021
Congrats to the team for producing a nice plugin. All the translations, i have seen so far conveys the meaning of original content in a correct manner. Much appreciated
28 ਅਪ੍ਰੈਲ 2021
Seriously, it took me a couple of minutes to turn my website multilingual. The trial let me test so many languages, and you know fast which plan you need, I use now the starter plan which is very cheap. The tools to correct online the translation is just fantastic, so simple... bye bye the other translations plugins ... you got a customer for life
27 ਅਪ੍ਰੈਲ 2021
The plugin works with themes or fancy plugins that you can't translate otherwise. It’s a premium plugin but has a comfortable quota of free translations and finally worth the money for the way you deploy it in a couple of minutes. The simplest solution I’ve found for a multilanguage site that allows you to add a new language with the click of a button. It’s also the only very convenient to have all your pages always translated so quickly. I wish I didn’t try other translations plugins before.
26 ਅਪ੍ਰੈਲ 2021
This is an amazing plugin that is affordable and very effiscient. I've intalled it in 10 minutes and translate my website in 4 languages right away. The plugin is recent but their translation tool is online since a while. I recommend this plugin.
Read all 4 reviews

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“Linguise – Automatic multilingual translation” is open source software. The following people have contributed to this plugin.


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  • Feature : Works with all servers Nginx, IIS, LiteSpeed and more without patching .htaccess file


  • Feature : Search translation, allows user to search in their own language
  • Fix : Cache not correctly cleared on some servers


  • Feature : Multisite compatibility
  • Improvement : Display error message if .htaccess file is not writable or not available
  • Fix : Add .htaccess redirection on top of the .htaccess file instead of just before WordPress default rules


  • Fix : Do not allow browser caching language redirection
  • Fix : Unable to load two modules in the same page
  • Fix : Remove padding on side by side flags


  • Feature : Add more flag styling options
  • Feature : Choose to display language in original or translated way
  • Feature : Ability to order languages


  • Fix : Redirect loop when automatic language redirection is set
  • Feature : Asynchronously clear cache to avoid server load with big cache storage


  • Fix : Style in menu when elements are not block type
  • Fix : Frontend script not loaded when script is loaded too early


  • Fix : Automatic language redirect


  • Fix : Remove jquery from admin bundle


  • Feature : Add 2 .svg flag style: round and square
  • Feature : Add cache parameter to store local translations
  • Feature : Custom CSS field
  • Feature : Automatic browser language redirect
  • Feature : Load flags side by side
  • Feature : Load flags as dropdown
  • Feature : Load flags in fixed positions
  • Feature : Language switcher preview in admin
  • Feature : Detect other multilingual plugins to avoid URL conflicts
  • Feature : Display language names in English or in native language


  • Fix : Update to latest script version


  • Fix : Fix wrong Content-Length response for some hostings


  • Fix : Add missing image spite in admin


  • Fix : Extract css files instead of embedding it into javascript files


  • Feature : Load automatically multilingual configuration from Linguise API


  • Feature : New plugin UX interface


  • Add : Initial multilingual plugin release