MasterStudy LMS WordPress Plugin – for Online Courses and Education


Free WordPress LMS Plugin MasterStudy is the all-in-one tool for any eLearning business. Masterstudy WordPress LMS plugin can turn any WordPress website into a professional online platform with all the necessary eLearning & LMS features.

Masterstudy is the Best WordPress LMS Plugin, it has all the essential Learning Management System (LMS) features for managing courses, lessons, quizzes and educational content.


MasterStudy is the Best Free LMS WordPress plugin for online coaching, instructors, trainers, tutors, schools, colleges, marketplaces and any type of elearning websites.

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Who is it for?

Masterstudy LMS plugin for WordPress is targeted to:

  • Single instructor (coach or tutor);
  • Education institutions (learning centers, schools,universities);
  • Marketplace (with online courses).

With Masterstudy you can easily create and sell online courses straight away – no technical skills required.


The MasterStudy WordPress LMS plugin is an excellent tool for a single instructor, tutor or coach, who is in need of an online educational website. The plugin makes creating a website hassle-free and straightforward to build, customize, and manage a personal elearning website. The features include the ability to create brilliant interactive lessons. You can incorporate them with videos, graphs, images, slides, and more attachments. The course builder allows you to add lessons to the course, break them down into sections and deliver it to learners.


Manage not only your students, but check assessments, set grades, add prerequisite lessons and much more. In Masterstudy, everything is simple for teachers to add course materials, add/edit lessons, and communicate with students online. Extra features to support your students in their learning include message boards, providing a social-network type environment for students to get answers and help from the course creator. Comment systems within the lessons themselves will include the students who can ask specific questions and a private message system where they can interact with specific users. Students can be charged via two options: per course or per monthly/yearly subscription fee.


The Masterstudy Learning Management System (LMS) plugin allows you to create and run online courses like Udemy or Coursera while using WordPress. It is vital to choose the very best WordPress LMS plugin for your online learning website as it will provide essential end-to-end services. This WP LMS plugin will take care of handling subscriptions, grading quizzes, accepting payments, managing students and more. You also can create a certificate for your students, using the best Masterstudy certificate builder. There is a separate user profile system for both students and instructors. Within their profile, students can check course progress, continued paused lessons, check quiz scores, and purchase courses or membership plans.



The MasterStudy WordPress LMS plugin simplified the process of course creation for you. You can create courses in a functional and beautifully designed course builder. The builder is divided into sections and steps, making it easy to navigate. After creating a course, you can add lessons, quizzes, and assignments. Additionally, you can enhance the course with special features such as the ability to customize the sequence of lessons or courses, preview a specific lesson, set up pricing for the course or subscription, FAQs, and more.

Easily create a course with details like a title, descriptions, curriculum, duration, price, skill level, and the number of active students. Add videos, attachments, teachers, and even course rewards. All of this is available in one course builder.

Unlimited Course management:

  • Intuitive Course Builder
  • Making Course Featured
  • Course Preview
  • Course Front end Description
  • Course Curriculum
  • Course Announcements
  • Course FAQ section
  • Course Review and Rating system
  • Course Expiration
  • Course Status for a period of time
  • Course Categories
  • Attachments For the Course
  • Managing Course Progress
  • Managing the Number of Enrolled Students
  • Define Course Duration
  • Define the Duration of Video Lessons
  • Define the Number of Included Lessons
  • Course Difficulty Level
  • Students Management on the Back-end
  • Manually Adding Students to the Course
  • Detailed Progress of the Students
  • Reset Student’s progress


After the course and sections are created, it’s time to add lessons. Here you can create four different types of lessons: text lessons, video lessons, online streams, and slideshow lessons. A further benefit here is that you can add in previously created content using a library of lessons and quizzes.

Lessons management:

  • Lesson Duration
  • Lesson Preview (Lesson will be available to everyone)
  • Lesson Frontend Description
  • Video Lesson Type
  • Discussion for Students With the Course Instructor
  • Lessons Materials (any type of media)


Adding video has never been easier when conducting a lesson. MasterStudy LMS is fully compatible with Presto Player – a cutting-edge WordPress video player plugin. In sum, this would include 7 new video sources:

  • HTML(MP4)
  • Youtube
  • Vimeo
  • External Link
  • Embedded Video
  • Shortcode
  • Presto Player


Add questions inside quizzes or add them from the preset questions library. From there, you can then type in the first question. There are eight question types to choose from – single choice, multi-choice, true or false, item match, image match, image choice, keywords, and fill the gap.

Quizzes features:

  • Advanced Quiz Builder (Multiple Quiz Types)
  • Quiz Styles
  • Quiz Categories
  • Quiz Duration
  • Quiz Attempts
  • Reduce Points on Resubmission
  • Passing Grade
  • Randomize Questions
  • Displaying Correct Answers
  • Quiz Frontend Description


Level up the view and experience your students get when they enroll in a course. The interface is sleek, clean, and designed to cut distractions. Up at the top, in the header, students will see the name of your course and a curriculum button (it’s like your course map). There is also an icon to switch between light and dark modes and an expandable discussion button. Getting to your lessons is easy for your students. Once they have completed a lesson, they can click on the “Complete” button down at the bottom of the page to go to the next one.


  • Modern Design
  • Powerful Course Builder
  • Course Player
  • Dark Mode in Courses
  • Unlimited Courses and Lessons
  • Course Preview
  • Frontend Student Dashboard
  • Teacher’s Profile
  • Video lessons
  • Multiple video sources (self-hosted, YouTube, Vimeo, Presto Player, HTML, Embeded, Shortcode)
  • Separate Teacher profiles
  • Lesson management
  • Dynamic drag and drop certificate builder
  • Advanced Quiz builder (Multiple quiz types)
  • Earning & commission allocation
  • Multiple withdrawal options
  • Purchase history
  • Styling options
  • Course widget
  • Teacher registration form
  • Course review and rating system
  • Q&A for students with the course teacher
  • Video poster (trailer/teaser)
  • Tracking course progress
  • Course difficulty level
  • Define course duration
  • Course marketplace
  • Add course requirements and instruction
  • Quiz Timer
  • Quiz Attempts
  • Centralized monetization settings
  • Spotlight mode
  • RTL ready
  • Page builder support
  • Gutenberg compatible
  • Content security
  • Advanced analytics And more

You can learn more about our product from our website.


  • Certificate Builder – upload custom designed certificates for completed courses to students, or create a certificate using a drag & drop Certificate builder.
  • Udemy Course Importer – import any courses from Udemy and earn affiliate commission on each sale.
  • Prerequisites – define a certain set of courses/lessons that students need to complete before enrolling for a new one.
  • Quizzes – add quizzes with diverse question types: single choice, item match, keywords, true or false, multi-choice, fill the gap, image matching, and image choice.
  • Sequential Drip Content – organize a flow of your e-learning content step-by-step as a specific schedule or lesson progress.
  • The Gradebook – view your class results and export it to csv and post to frontend.
  • Lessons Live Streaming – the Live Stream lessons feature gives an opportunity for students to listen, see and follow the instructor as well as ask and get an answer immediately in Live mode.
  • Group Courses – this feature is fully suitable in case you want to sell your courses to the companies and organizations. The group admin will have the opportunity to add and remove members of the group.
  • Assignments – assignments allow students submitting essays or uploading files and conduct a comprehensive knowledge check. Instructors can also grade learners’ performance and leave notes.
  • Point system – motivate your learners with a point system, award them for their achievements.
  • Course Bundle – increase sales by selling bundles of course at one discount price.
  • Email Template Manager – set up the convenient email system, create message templates for all possible notifications, like comments, password changes, orders, and much more. In addition, with the Pro Plus version, you will have another extra branding editor that will help you design the external looking of messages.
  • Google Classroom – import your classes from Google Classroom account to your MasterStudy website and manage your work remotely.
  • Zoom Conference – connect two powerful systems of MasterStudy and Zoom Video Conferencing and Interact with your students in real-time.
  • Google Meet – link your lessons with Google Meet, and schedule online meetings with your students from anywhere in the world.
  • Upcoming Course Status – create and promote courses that are not yet available for enrollment.
  • SCORM – allows you to use different content authoring tools, such as Adobe Captivate or Articulate Storyline 2, to create courses and sell them with your website. Simply upload courses to the website.
  • Statistics and Payouts – it is a strong management of sales with the statistics data which gives you the ability to analyze what courses are selling the least and improve overall income.
  • Trial Courses – make the lesson of the course free and open to the public, so visitors of your websites could try it before enrolling.
  • Forms Editor – add, customize and manage the input fields on built-in forms such as Profile, Become Instructor request, Sign Up and so on.
  • Media File Manager – upload, edit, delete your media files with a Masterstudy custom file manager.
  • Online Testing – perform the quizzes, tests, and question sets directly on your pages for both logged in and visited audiences.


Emails are one of the essential parts of communication and delivering information to the audience. For custom or automated emails, you have the option to design your own unique email template or notifications. Emails are divided into categories which include: Instructors, Lessons, Accounts, Enterprises, Orders, Courses, and Assignments. Which means you can fully customize emails for each e-learning role or method of education. Composing the message text for email is very easy using a number of available merge tags. Within each category, you can customize in-depth events with an exquisite email for students or for yourself/instructor.

The extra tool Email Branding Editor (Note: this editor is availalbe only in Pro Plus version) allows you to manipulate the appearance structure of your emails. By default, the editor has premade template, that you can adjust for your specific type of business. In the editor, you can change the brand (logo), email backgrounds, layout properties (email header, body of message, email footer), copyright text and much more. You are not limited to choosing an email template. If you want to make emails completely from scratch, you can accomplish this by embedding HTML code with exceptional text and design. The branding email editor will allow you to create high-quality, beautiful, and informative notifications for your entire audience.

List of events for sending emails:

  • Send an email to admin when the instructor added the course
  • Send an email to the instructor when the course published
  • Become instructor offer
  • Announcement from instructor (to the students)
  • New lesson comment
  • Account premoderation
  • Register on site
  • Password changed
  • Enterprise request
  • New group (community) invite
  • New user credentials for enterprise group (community)
  • New course available for enterprise group (community)
  • New order (for admin)
  • New order (for user)
  • Course added to User (for admin)
  • Course added to User (for user)
  • New assignment (for instructor)
  • Assignment status change (for student)


The Masterstudy is already translated to all popular languages. Avoid any inconvenience you or your customers may face by providing them with a localized experience: English, French, Turkish, German, Dutch, Russian, Italian, Portuguese, Spanish and other languages.

Other UX features of Masterstudy LMS WordPress plugin:

  • Side Profile Menu
  • Instructor’s Public Profile
  • Frontend Student and Instructor Dashboard
  • Purchase History
  • Courses Archive
  • Flexible Courses Search
  • Courses Filter
  • Sorting Courses
  • Courses Page Layout (Grid and List)
  • Courses “Load more Type” (Buttons and Infinite Scrolling)
  • Course Card Style
  • Custom Image Size for Courses
  • Lazy Load (Course cards)
  • Courses Wishlist


The Starter theme is a completely free full-equipped theme with ready-to-use pages, widgets and blocks that are designed specifically to make it convenient for the user to build or style any page of their choosing.

You will get a completed page with a header, footer, and body content. All demo images and banners will also be provided. You will only have to change them to your brand images and replace the text accordingly. This way you can concentrate more on creating online education content (courses, lessons, quizzes).

Masterstudy Starter theme is compatible with the Elementor page builder. With this builder, you can easily build and customize entire pages with drag-and-drop canvas. For selling the courses, another renowned plugin will be installed during the demo import process – WooCommerce.

Here is MasterStudy WordPress LMS Starter Theme Live Demo.

Free LMS Starter WordPress theme features:

  • Completely free and available inside the plugin bundle immediately after activation;
  • One-click demo import;
  • Integration with Elementor;
  • Integration with WooCommerce;
  • Integration with Paid Membership Pro to create subscriptions;
  • Integration with H5P;
  • Mobile responsive;
  • High speed and performance;
  • Multi-payment methods (Stripe, PayPal & WooCommerce);
  • Dedicated number of LMS Elementor widgets.


Alongside the LMS plugin, our team here at StylemixThemes, has also developed a full Premium Education WordPress Theme that further extends your site’s capabilities. This is available at a cost that you can buy at MasterStudy WordPress theme or on the Themeforest marketplace.

The theme, which provides more creative control over the website, includes additional premium LMS plugins as part of the bundle, free lifetime updates, 24/7 support, extra features (available in Pro version of Masterstudy WordPress LMS plugin), and ready-to-use demos.

In terms of the ready to use demos, there are 10+ unique designs to suit your taste and purpose. You can simply select the one you like and change it any time that you want.

Overall, the MasterStudy WordPress LMS plugin offers a competitive solution to the issue of adapting your website for online education. The variety of tools and features available support every aspect of elearning business, and the creatively designed content is simple yet eye-catching.

MasterStudy WordPress LMS Plugin Demo


MasterStudy LMS for WordPress allows you to use a reliable eCommerce system with tons of beneficial options. It brings the ability to create course products, set up a store, apply coupons and discounts, manage bundles.

WooCommerce and MasterStudy bring you a complete engine for running an eCommerce platform on your website which allows you to:

– Take full control over the checkout experience
– Customize the My Account area for your customers
– Sell courses as well as physical products
– Offer coupons & discounts
– Use a payment gateway other than Stripe, PayPal


Flexible pricing and payment options are available with PayPal integration, which is included in the WordPress LMS WordPress plugin for free. Monthly or annual subscription plans are also possible alongside a one-time payment. Manage withdrawals easily by predefining the money amount that needs to be paid out for instructors. The withdrawal method for PayPal is already included in the Masterstudy WordPress LMS plugin bundle as well.

Earn with MasterStudy

– Course Marketplace
– Free and Paid Courses
– Payment Methods Including PayPal and Stripe
– Customizable Course and Membership Enrollment
– Currency Settings
– Built-in Checkout
– Guest Checkout


MasterStudy offers you the originally developed educational modules with shortcodes. You can insert shortcodes into any page using a WordPress text editor. Plus to this, the shortcodes can be used through Elementor Widgets and WPBakery Page Builder, or the Classic Editor.

WordPress LMS Plugin’s Shortcodes enable such popular elements as:

– Search box — enables the display of a search field, integrating a smart search engine into your website.
– Course carousel — shows the courses carousel, with sorting options and categories.
– Courses categories — shows the courses categories, allowing you to set the display style.
– Courses grid — shows the courses grid, where you can fully adjust the display.
– Featured Teacher — allows you to display the featured teacher, supporting the profile with teacher bio and image.
– Instructors carousel — shows the instructor carousel, the module is supplied with multiple settings to let you control the overall display of the carousel.
– Recent Courses — shows the section with recently added courses.
– Single Course Carousel — show the carousel with a single course, with very convenient navigation.

The next design modules are available only in the PRO version of MasterStudy WordPress LMS Plugin:

– Course Bundles — enables the option of course bundles, so you could put your courses in custom packages available to anyone you choose.
– Google Classroom Grid view — enables the grid view of Google Classrooms.
– Certificate checker — enables the certification checker for certificate verification.

Numerous modules have their own set of parameters and variables, allowing for more customization in all areas!


Import Demo Courses in just one click. Import courses, lessons, and questions from the demo template to use them on your website. You can use the premade structure and update the content to save time and speed up the work.


The MasterStudy WordPress LMS plugin has the MasterStudy LMS Pro version and Masterstudy Mobile App (LMS Mobile App for iOS & Android built with Flutter).

MasterStudy Free LMS Plugin for WordPress includes:

  • Intuitive Starter Theme (Elementor Compatible)
  • LMS Wizard – Quick and Easy Plugin Setup
  • Centralized Control System
  • Course Builder (Course, Lessons, Quizzes, Questions, etc.)
  • Modern UX/UI Design
  • Email Notifications
  • Email Confirmation
  • One-click Demo Import Courses, Lessons, Quizzes
  • General Styling options
  • Different User Roles
  • User and Instructor Registration Form
  • Password Management
  • Instructor Registration Management
  • Instructor Pre-moderation Management
  • Import/Export of settings

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  • Powerful Course Builder
  • Polished Course Player
  • Onpage List of Courses
  • Single Course Page
  • Live Streams, Webinars & Classes
  • External Course Materials
  • Interactive Quizzes
  • Lessons & Learning Content Curriculum
  • Custom Course Completion Certificates


This plugin provides 7 blocks.

  • MasterStudy Adaptive Container Add an adaptive section with MasterStudy blocks
  • MasterStudy Text Add and customize texts with MasterStudy Text
  • MasterStudy Icon Add an icon to the page as a block
  • MasterStudy Button Convince readers to take action with a button
  • MasterStudy Iconbox Add bullet points with an icon box to show off your products and services
  • MasterStudy Call to Action Make your offer clear and convince readers to take action
  • MasterStudy Testimonial Build customer trust by adding testimonials


This section describes how to install the plugin and get it working.

  1. Upload the plugin files to the /wp-content/plugins/ directory, or install the plugin through the WordPress plugins screen directly.
  2. Activate the plugin through the ‘Plugins’ screen in WordPress
  3. Please find more details about Installation in documentation
  4. Set Up Courses Archive Page in Menu -> STM LMS Settings Area.


  • [stm_lms_courses_grid_display per_row=”4″ posts_per_page=”4″ load_more=”true”]
    Accepts all WP_Query params for sorting, order by etc
  • [stm_courses_searchbox]
    Shows courses search box
  • [stm_lms_courses_carousel]
    Enables the courses carousel
  • [stm_lms_courses_categories]
    Shows categories of the courses
  • [stm_lms_courses_grid]
    Enables the courses grid
  • [stm_lms_featured_teacher]
    Shows Featured Teacher
  • [stm_lms_instructors_carousel]
    shows the Instructors carousel
  • [stm_lms_recent_courses]
    Displays Recent courses
  • [stm_lms_single_course_carousel]
    Shows the carousel with single course

Template System

  • Easily copy any template from stm-lms-templates folder and move it in your theme for future customization. Try not to edit plugin files, they will be replaced after plugin update.

LMS Hard-coded Pages

  • /lms-login – Login/Register Page
  • /courses/{course}/{lesson} – Lesson Page (must be logged in with Purchased course or lesson is Preview)
  • /lms-user/{user_id} – User Private Page (must be logged in)
  • /lms-user_profile/{user_id} – User Public Page
  • /lms-chats – User Chat (must be logged in)
  • /lms-wishlist – My Wishlist Page
  • /lms-checkout – Checkout Page (must be logged in)

ਅਕਸਰ ਪੁੱਛੇ ਜਾਂਦੇ ਸਵਾਲ

Can I use the plugin with different WordPress Themes?

Yes, MasterStudy WordPress LMS Plugin is compatible with free and premium WordPress themes, so you can use it with the one you choose. If you have difficulties selecting the theme for your educational website, you can consider the option of getting MasterStudy LMS Theme, which has the Pro version of the plugin built in the bundle.

Do I need a Membership Plugin?

This only depends on the purpose you follow. If you are planning to implement membership plans on the platform, then you have to install the Membership Plugin. But, you do not need to search for the options.

MasterStudy WordPress LMS plugin already integrates with WooCommerce and Paid Membership PRO. These are the best items that will help you to establish a great membership system and create smart plans.

Does MasterStudy WordPress LMS plugin support webinars and live stream sessions?

MasterStudy support Zoom meetings and webinars. The integration with the service is available through the eRoom plugin which is free. It connects your website with the Zoom account and allows you to create and manage video conferences from your dashboard.

You can also use the MasterStudy Pro addon to conduct live stream lessons.

Is this WordPress LMS plugin free?

This plugin has two versions: free and a paid one. The paid Pro version has more features that are not able to use in the free plugin, which extends the functionality and provides more opportunities.

Still, the main function of building and managing online courses and selling them is available equally in both versions.

Where can I find MasterStudy WordPress LMS plugin documentation?

There is a detailed text guide describing every feature and option of the plugin. You can also find the video library with video tutorials on our YouTube channel.

How can I get support or talk to someone from the team?

Our support team is available 24/7. To submit about the problem please follow to your account to submit a support ticket. If you have some pre-sale questions you can always use live-chat on our website:

Can I translate the plugin to a different language?

Yes, however MasterStudy WordPress LMS plugin already translated into 8 languages: English, Portuguese, Spanish, Dutch, German, French, Italian, and Russian.

What kind of media can be used in courses?

The plugin allows uploading absolutely different formats of files. There are three types of lessons available, where you can present various types of content such as text, video, slides. Besides this, we have an option of course/lesson attachments, where you can upload different files including images, audio files, zip folders, and more.

Is it a one-time fee for the Pro version or do I need to extend my license?

No, you don’t have to extend your license, the core features will be available. In case you want to receive further updates and support you need to renew your license. The MasterStudy WordPress LMS plugin Pro is available at $54.99.


20 ਫਰਵਰੀ 2024
I found everything i need in one pluging no need to spend lot of money on many plugin. The work and the updates are consistently happening, I contacted the support to help me and they sort me out straight away. Whitch is amazing 👏
19 ਫਰਵਰੀ 2024 1 reply
Great support by Stylemix. Lovin' the MasterStudy plugin!
13 ਫਰਵਰੀ 2024 1 reply
Really good support, fast, usually in the next few hours and always on spot finding the issue and coming up with the solution.
9 ਫਰਵਰੀ 2024 1 reply
I was lucky to have a competent and attentive person, Jacob, who solved my problem.Thank you again for your help.
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ਯੋਗਦਾਨੀ ਤੇ ਵਿਕਾਸਕਾਰ

“MasterStudy LMS WordPress Plugin – for Online Courses and Education” is open source software. The following people have contributed to this plugin.


“MasterStudy LMS WordPress Plugin – for Online Courses and Education” has been translated into 18 locales. Thank you to the translators for their contributions.

“MasterStudy LMS WordPress Plugin – for Online Courses and Education” ਦਾ ਆਪਣੀ ਭਾਸ਼ਾ ਵਿੱਚ ਅਨੁਵਾਦ ਕਰੋ।

ਵਿਕਾਸ ਕਾਰਜ ਵਿੱਚ ਰੁਚੀ ਰੱਖਦੇ ਹੋ?

Browse the code, check out the SVN repository, or subscribe to the development log by RSS.


3.2.7 – 2024-02-20

  • Update: Updated FontAwesome to version 6.4.2.
  • Enhancements: Added the ability for students to save draft assignments (Pro).
  • Enhancements: Audio/video question playback now stops when a user makes a second audio/video playback (Pro).
  • Enhancements: Simplified the activation of the Question Media addon (Pro).
  • Dev: Added an option that resets current_lesson_id, start_time and end_time after resetting or deleting a student.
  • Fix: The discounted course price is not displayed correctly in the Course Bundle (Pro).
  • Fix: Single Course Co-Instructors undefined key avatar error is fixed (Pro).
  • Fix: Course pictures are displayed in poor quality on the instructor’s public page.
  • Fix: A profile with a username with non-English letters is not registered.
  • Fix: The correct answers in a quiz are not counted if there are two spaces in a line. or if the text is enclosed in quotes at the beginning of a line.
  • Fix: Fixed a small PHP warning when going to the Manage Students page.

3.2.6 – 2024-02-16

  • Fix: Added protection for the Instructor Account Statistics page function to prevent unauthorized access to data.

3.2.5 – 2024-02-14

  • New: Added a new Question Media addon (Pro).
  • New: Now it is possible to add video, audio and pictures to questions in a quiz (Pro).
  • Dev: Added a new template _core/stm-lms-templates/components/video-media.php.

3.2.4 – 2024-02-09

  • New: Added new blocks for Gutenberg: Call to Action, Icon, Button, Testimonial, Iconbox, Adaptive Container and Text.
  • New: Added new blocks in the Customize section to customize the header and footer of the MasterSudy Starter theme.
  • Enhancements: The MasterStudy tab color in the admin panel changes color according to WordPress admin panel dashboard settings.
  • Enhancements: Added a quick Edit with the Course Builder link in the top admin bar when an admin is viewing a course.
  • Enhancements: All LMS shortcodes are now copied when clicking on them for easier use.
  • Fix: Reviews from students are not displayed in the course after the course is approved by the admin.
  • Fix: The FAQ tab is displayed when it is not present in the course settings.
  • Fix: The quiz does not open in the Course Builder.
  • Fix: Course and empty fields are not filled with default values.
  • Dev: Course Builder Settings warnings fixed for course_certificate, current_students or end_time

3.2.3 – 2024-02-01

  • SOLVED: If going into the lesson, the lesson and recent blog are displayed.

3.2.2 – 2024-01-29

  • Enhancements: Added an option for instructors to view unpublished courses.
  • Enhancements: Added Authorization settings section separately in Profiles Settings.
  • Enhancements: Added validation for Become Instructor form.
  • Enhancements: Added validation for Enterprise form.
  • Enhancements: Now if you click a window outside the popup for forms the popup is hidden.
  • Enhancements: Added shortcodes for authorization forms and become instructor forms.
  • Enhancements: Added a separate form for Sign up as an Instructor in the Authorization form.
  • Enhancements: Added Elementor widgets for the Authorization form and Become Instructor form.
  • Enhancements: Redesigned the registration form for profile into a single style.
  • Enhancements: Added generation of the instructor registration page in LMS Wizard.
  • Dev: Changed component templates: _core/stm-lms-templates/components/modals/become-instructor.php, _core/stm-lms-templates/components/modals/enterprise.php
  • Dev: Changed “apply_for_instructor” function in _core/lms/classes/user.php file.
  • Dev: Changed “enterprise” function in _core/lms/classes/user.php.
  • SOLVED: The color of the check mark and inner circle in the Success view after registration does not change.
  • SOLVED: The Translation of minutes in Quiz in Course Player is not working.

3.2.1 – 2024-01-24

  • SOLVED: Answers in quizzes with special characters are not accepted as correct.
  • SOLVED: The “add student” functionality through the admin panel does not work if the plan in Paid Membership Pro is set to the category in which the course is created.
  • SOLVED: After translating a course via WPML, a link to a translated course in another language displays a 404 page until the user saves the settings.
  • SOLVED: Points cut after retake functionality incorrectly cuts results after the second retake.
  • SOLVED: Audio files in Lesson Materials are not played in Course Player.
  • SOLVED: Downloading a certificate only works in the courses to which the certificate is linked (Pro).
  • SOLVED: Page Title is not working correctly in Course Player.
  • Dev: Global $post object set as Lesson in Course Player page.
  • Dev: Course Player data functions refactored.
  • Dev: Courses post type made public for Sitemaps.

3.2.0 – 2024-01-15

  • Enhancements: The upcoming course will have its own badge in the admin panel (Pro).
  • Enhancements: If the admin logs into the Manage Course upcoming course, he will see the student’s subscription date (Pro).
  • SOLVED: If the images in the video lesson or the course settings are removed, the Save button will not be clickable.
  • SOLVED: If a course has a Sale Price, the course card bounces in the hover when the course-card widget Elementor style is selected.
  • SOLVED: The order of lessons is not correct when changing the order of sections
  • SOLVED: Some words in Course Builder are not translated.
  • SOLVED: Removed Explanation to answers after the retake of the quiz.
  • SOLVED: The video poster in video lessons is not removed when deleting.
  • SOLVED: If sections are swapped when “Lock lessons in order” is enabled in the Drip Content addon, the sections do not open correctly (Pro).
  • SOLVED: If the Course expiration in the Access section was set for an upcoming course, the days for expiration were accrued from the date the course was offered to the student (Pro).
  • SOLVED: If a student wants to buy a course again after the course has expired, the course is not purchased (Pro).
  • SOLVED: The words Earnings and Sales on the Payouts page are not translated (Pro).

3.1.25 – 2024-01-10

  • SOLVED: After enrolling in a course, students and instructors are sent the Course added and Course added to User emails several times.

3.1.24 – 2024-01-04

  • UPD: Cleaned up nonessential classes in the plugin and theme for optimization.
  • UPD: Added dropdown for sections in the Curriculum section.
  • DEV: Changed completely the template _core/stm-lms-templates/course/parts/tabs/curriculum.php
  • SOLVED: On the Archive page, course filtering does not work and the numerical rating of courses is not displayed.
  • SOLVED: The sorting view on mobile phones is displayed incorrectly with spaces.
  • SOLVED: The name of the Course Level in the admin panel can not be changed.
  • SOLVED: Guest Checkout does not work when purchasing through a course lesson.
  • SOLVED: The login button in the header is displayed incorrectly.
  • SOLVED: The user account is displayed incorrectly when the Buddypress plugin is enabled.
  • SOLVED: Small bug fixes.

3.1.23 – 2023-12-22

  • SOLVED: The loader color when loading the lesson in Course Player and in the Buy for Group popup is not changed.
  • SOLVED: If there was a special promotion for a course and the end date of the promotion has passed, the price of the promotion is still displayed in the Popular Courses part.
  • SOLVED: When using the free MasterStudy plugin, Stackable plugin styles are broken.
  • SOLVED: When trying to create a new Loops and Logic template, or edit an existing one, then all the custom HTML gets erased upon updating or saving the template.
  • UPD: Added masterstudy_lms_course_player_complete_button_class hook to add classes for the button.
  • SOLVED: The Membership popup comes out in dark mode.
  • SOLVED: “Favourite course” has been renamed “Wishlist” and should be translated to custom translation via the Loco Translate plugin.

3.1.22 – 2023-12-19

  • UPD: Added a Become Instructor form to the login and registration forms after updating the forms.
  • SOLVED: “WordPress database error Table ‘.wp_posts’ doesn’t exist…” error.

3.1.21 – 2023-12-18

  • SOLVED: Minor bug fixes

3.1.20 – 2023-12-15

  • SOLVED: Minor bug fixes

3.1.19 – 2023-12-14

  • SOLVED: The Home page doesn’t work when reinserting the Course block.

3.1.18 – 2023-12-07

  • SOLVED: If email confirmation is enabled in the Profiles section of the LMS settings, the link sent doesn’t work.

3.1.17 – 2023-12-07

  • UPD: Added a setting to apply custom colors for Course Player pages, Authorization pages and popups.

3.1.16 – 2023-12-05

  • UPD: Changed the design of the registration, login and password reset forms.
  • UPD: Made error validation for all fields in the forms.
  • UPD: Made integration with Google Recaptcha in the login & register form.
  • UPD: The FAQ section in the course can be translated via WPML.
  • SOLVED: If the order of sections and lessons is moved, the wrong order occurs.
  • SOLVED: If a quiz is created and you start creating a lesson or switch to another tab, a confirm note appears even though there is no unsaved data in the quiz.
  • SOLVED: The Curriculum, FAQ, Announcement, and Review tabs on the Single Course page of the Globalstudy layout for Divi do not work.

3.1.15 – 2023-11-29

  • UPD: Redesigned the popup for students with memberships.
  • UPD: Redesigned the popup for the “Become an Instructor” form.
  • UPD: Redesigned the popup for the “Have a question” form.

3.1.14 – 2023-11-24

  • SOLVED: Minor bug fixes

3.1.13 – 2023-11-23

  • NEW: Added new Upcoming course status addon.
  • SOLVED: Minor bug fixes

3.1.12 – 2023-11-17

  • SOLVED: Minor bugs

3.1.11 – 2023-11-16

  • UPD: Made the Course Player compatible with WPML
  • SOLVED: Question Bank categories are not displayed until the user saves Quiz

3.1.10 – 2023-11-13

  • SOLVED: Minor bugs

3.1.9 – 2023-11-08

  • SOLVED: Now when the course is free, students are automatically enrolled when they visit the course page.
  • SOLVED: The hint field for the question disappears when editing.
  • SOLVED: If the Single Choice quiz type is changed, previously deleted questions are returned to the quiz.
  • SOLVED: Content size changes when opening Question Bank if it is at the end.
  • SOLVED: Fill the gap quiz type finds the correct answer incorrect.

3.1.8 – 2023-11-03

  • SOLVED: Minor bugs

3.1.7 – 2023-11-02

  • UPD: Added setting to disable Discussions in Course Player.
  • SOLVED: The “Load more” button does not appear on the instructor page and not all courses are displayed.
  • SOLVED: Quiz does not end and a popup with results does not show up.
  • SOLVED: If the Email Manager addon is enabled and a student is added via Manage Students, he receives an email from the Enterprise template.
  • SOLVED: The user’s answers are shown incorrectly on the second attempt in Show Correct Answers.
  • SOLVED: Unable to send a blank Multichoice answer on the second attempt.
  • SOLVED: The Complete button in Course Player does not become active on mobile view.
  • SOLVED: After resetting progress, if users log into the course again, they continue the course from the same page.
  • SOLVED: Small bug fixes.

3.1.6 – 2023-10-30

  • SOLVED: Minor bugs

3.1.5 – 2023-10-20

  • UPD: Added blocking of the “Complete lesson” button in text lessons until the user scrolls to the end.
  • SOLVED: The currency symbol did not apply in Course Builder.
  • SOLVED: Quiz Style is reset after saving and reloading the page.
  • SOLVED: Small bug fixes.

3.1.4 – 2023-10-18

  • SOLVED: In lesson preview content, when a user is not signed in, after clicking on Login, the login window isn’t shown correctly.

3.1.3 – 2023-10-16

  • UPD: New view for the page before starting Quiz
  • UPD: Added to the interface Empty state of discussions in the course player for students to view.
  • SOLVED: Curriculum icons do not match the course builder icons.
  • SOLVED: Pictures attached to questions in quizzes do not display properly.
  • SOLVED: Quiz content/instructions are displayed after the end of the quiz along with the results.
  • SOLVED: Admin Top Bar is located at the end of the page in the theme.

3.1.2 – 2023-10-12

  • SOLVED: The certificate does not download on iOS in Safari.
  • SOLVED: Removed Lesson Style settings from Wizard from the Curriculum section.
  • SOLVED: Quiz questions do not mix when the Randomize Questions setting is enabled.
  • SOLVED: Embedding video lessons does not work in the new course player.
  • SOLVED: The loader of the starter theme in the player interferes with the course player’s loader.

3.1.1 – 2023-10-11

  • SOLVED: Minor bugs

3.1.0 – 2023-10-10

  • UPD: New Course Player.
  • UPD: New student view interface.
  • UPD: Switch between Light and Dark Themes.
  • UPD: Enhanced Mobile-first view for students.
  • UPD: New view for Item Match and Image Match.

3.0.29 – 2023-10-06

  • SOLVED: The Login snd Register tabs in the authorization/registration popup can not be switched

3.0.28 – 2023-10-03

  • SOLVED: When an authorized user clicks on one of the tab links, the first lesson opens with incorrect content.
  • SOLVED: Instructors cannot insert iframes into lessons.

3.0.27 – 2023-09-18

  • UPD: Automatic generation of LMS pages when installing the free version of the plugin.
  • UPD: The course information on the course page is centered on the left edge when viewed on mobile.
  • SOLVED: When a user creates a quiz and then immediately creates the next quiz, AutoSave occurs at the time of creation and the current edited question is simply deleted.
  • SOLVED: When deleting a large number of questions, sometimes deleted questions are returned because AutoSave is triggered at a random moment.
  • SOLVED: When clicking on the “Open Settings” button in the “MS Pages are not generated” notice, the button does not open the desired settings if you are on the settings page.
  • SOLVED: Only one-course category is displayed on the Single course page, although several categories and subcategories are specified in the course builder.
  • SOLVED: After deleting the generated pages and reloading the page, errors appear.

3.0.26 – 2023-09-11

  • UPD: Libraries were updated to the latest version of the plugin

3.0.25 – 2023-09-06

  • SOLVED: Minor bug fixes

3.0.24 – 2023-09-05

  • UPD: Course card settings added to LMS widget settings in WPBakery and Elementor
  • UPD: It is possible to change the height of pictures in course cards on Elementor
  • UPD: Course card settings in the admin panel customize settings for the Archive page
  • SOLVED: The instructor could not reset the rating and review even after using the LMS Course Rating tool
  • SOLVED: The courses widget on Elementor continued to show the discounted price even after the discount date expired

3.0.23 – 2023-08-25

  • SOLVED: Minor bug fixes

3.0.22 – 2023-08-24

  • SOLVED: Quiz question titles did not display HTML tags as text

3.0.21 – 2023-08-22

  • SOLVED: After completing the quiz, the Quiz Complete email should include the result of the quiz
  • SOLVED: The lesson creation page gives an error when refreshing
  • SOLVED: When the user uploads a picture and puts the cursor there, some text appears

3.0.20 – 2023-08-16

  • SOLVED: Minor bug fixes

3.0.19 – 2023-08-14

  • SOLVED: There was a conflict with the file manager addon and uploader
  • SOLVED: Error fixes with Course Carousel and Course Category
  • SOLVED: End Time is not filled in the database automatically when a student completes a course

3.0.18 – 2023-08-10

  • UPD: Compatibility with WordPress 6.3
  • SOLVED: In the Single Course page, the sidebar drops down when there are not enough tabs
  • SOLVED: The wishlist button on the course card does not work after clearing a field in search
  • SOLVED: “No Courses Found” icon moves off on default themes
  • SOLVED: Icons for Text and Stream Lessons in Manage Students are not displayed on the left
  • SOLVED: When adding students, the number of students is not updated on the course page
  • SOLVED: Corrected Compatibility issues with PHP
  • SOLVED: When resetting a password, an email is sent without a clickable link
  • SOLVED: Bug fixes based on WPScan Vulnerability Report

3.0.17 – 2023-08-10

  • SOLVED: Minor bug fixes

3.0.16 – 2023-08-04

  • SOLVED: An additional scroll appeared on the right if the question was large or if there were too many questions
  • SOLVED: Removed the scroll that is closer to the edge of the screen in lessons
  • SOLVED: Create button did not become Save and the page did not refresh to edit state after creating Google Meet lessons
  • SOLVED: There was a 502 error when creating a large number of tabs with a lot of content

3.0.15 – 2023-07-19

  • SOLVED: Notice “This field is required” was not translated in the Course Builder

3.0.14 – 2023-07-18

  • UPD: It is possible to duplicate curriculum with Post duplication
  • SOLVED: Solved incompatibility with WP Umbrella
  • SOLVED: Some texts are not translated in the new Course Builder
  • SOLVED: The Required field on the quiz title tag is not working
  • SOLVED: Separator goes over words in the instructor’s Google Meet tab
  • UPD: Added word “Lesson” when creating a Google Meet lesson via Course Builder
  • SOLVED: Solved PHP Deprecated Bugs
  • SOLVED: Login buttons didn’t display full width
  • SOLVED: Embedded errors when creating a Zoom lesson

3.0.13 – 2023-07-14

  • SOLVED: The first section did not redirect the student to the second section if the section order has been changed
  • SOLVED: Add new course button in the admin panel did not always work from the first time

3.0.12 – 2023-07-12

  • SOLVED: Minor bug fixes

3.0.11 – 2023-07-12

  • SOLVED: File size in the empty selector is not working in Course Builder

3.0.10 – 2023-07-11

  • UPD: Added new Admin Notifications view
  • UPD: New icons and cursor pointers are now made for all date and time pickers
  • UPD: Moved all Hooks from the old Course Builder to the new one
  • UPD: Added new arguments to hooks
  • UPD: New mechanics for transferring lessons between sections in the curriculum
  • SOLVED: Side Profile Menu gets under Online Header
  • SOLVED: Avatar shrinks when opening Side Profile Menu on lives
  • SOLVED: A label in Quiz was in SVG format
  • SOLVED: Added Custom fields in Course Builder for Grassblade
  • SOLVED: Various bugs in the plugin were solved
  • SOLVED: There was a warning when visiting the site as Guest
  • SOLVED: Course Builder does not work with Gutenberd plugin
  • SOLVED: Removed Unused Undefined $curriculum_item variable
  • SOLVED: The mobile header on iOS is hitting buttons in Course Player in lessons
  • SOLVED: The created course should be saved as Draft
  • SOLVED: Corrected Notification when navigating from section to section in Google Meet
  • SOLVED: Part of the text not visible in Course Total
  • SOLVED: Lesson Content and Lesson Materials fields for Stream Lesson and Zoom Conference are not working.
  • SOLVED: Browser default notification is shown when closing the page
  • SOLVED: Settings and Q&A tabs set max-width

3.0.9 – 2023-06-27

  • SOLVED: Cross-Site Scripting (XSS) vulnerability issue reported by Patchstack.
  • SOLVED: Broken Access Control vulnerability issue.

3.0.8 – 2023-06-21

  • UPD: Compatibility Update with the latest version of Elementor Pro.
  • UPD: Compatibility Update with the latest version of Elementor Header & Footer Plugin
  • SOLVED: Mobile Menu of Elementor Pro was not clickable when MasterStudy LMS was active.
  • SOLVED: Courses search bar did not display on the Courses archive page.
  • SOLVED: Additional attempts were added when Quiz progress was reset by Admin.
  • SOLVED: Previous and Next icons are not displayed in Lesson navigation, when lesson Locked with Drip Content,

3.0.7 – 2023-06-08

  • SOLVED: Emails regarding “Course Pre-moderation” were not sent.
  • SOLVED: After publishing the course with the price, instructors could not make it free.
  • SOLVED: Stream lesson did not save after changing date and time.
  • SOLVED: Lesson preview displayed error in Trial Course.

3.0.6 – 2023-06-05

  • UPD: Added video poster for External link source type of video lessons.
  • SOLVED: Course builder was loaded blank on the translated version of the website with WPML.
  • SOLVED: While switching between the lessons changes in the content did not apply at once.

3.0.5 – 2023-06-02

  • UPD: The questions category will be displayed in the Questions bank section.
  • SOLVED: Favorite Courses page was available for not logged-in users.
  • SOLVED: After submitting the TRUE and FALSE, questions both options were displayed as FALSE.
  • SOLVED: Course sections and Lessons did not create due to Restricted PUT and DELETE requests on Server-side.
  • SOLVED: A “Validation error” was displayed on the console when the Image match question type was created.

3.0.4 – 2023-05-30

  • SOLVED: Minor bug fixes.

3.0.3 – 2023-05-29

  • SOLVED: The video in 16:9 format was cut off in the lesson.
  • SOLVED: Users could submit an empty assignment to review.
  • SOLVED: Embed content with “iframe” did not load in the lessons.
  • SOLVED: Default QUiz style settings are not imported with demo quizzes.
  • SOLVED: SCORM Packages did not upload to the course.
  • SOLVED: Validation of Date and Time picker of Zoom Lesson were missed.
  • SOLVED: Minor visual bugs in the Import Course materials section.

3.0.2 – 2023-05-18

  • NEW: MS Slider widget added for Elementor to create custom Slides.
  • UPD: Added an “Add Link” button to all Tiny MCE editors in the Course Builder so that links can be inserted.
  • SOLVED: Strip Slashes of MathJax-LaTeX disappeared on lesson content and the formula was not generated in Course Builder.
  • SOLVED: Avatars of Co-Instructors did not display while creating a course with Course Builder.
  • SOLVED: Course Builder stopped loading when the latest comments were deleted from the Q&A session while editing the lesson.
  • SOLVED: The name of the Course in the Prerequisites does not fit into the tab in Course Builder.
  • SOLVED: Multi-choice question type didn’t display the correct answer if there was a comma in the answer.
  • SOLVED: Image Match question type were not working when included in Question Bank.
  • SOLVED: The quiz did not load for students when all questions were deleted and replaced with Question Bank
  • SOLVED: Special characters in Course titles such as ( – ) were displayed as code ( – ).
  • SOLVED: Video preview did not generate and displayed as a broken file at first seconds after uploading.

3.0.1 – 2023-05-16

  • UPD: Horizontal Scroll added for Courses widget sorting options in mobile view.
  • SOLVED: Some course grid items did not appear in the slider view while sorting them.
  • SOLVED: New questions did not add to the quiz by clicking plus icon.
  • SOLVED: The questions library did not return results while editing the quiz in the Course Builder.
  • SOLVED: In Item Match questions, the second answer did not count as correct.
  • SOLVED: Course Builder did not load and displayed a blank page when WordPress was located in Subdirectory.

3.0.0 – 2023-05-08

  • NEW: Course Builder with new design and a range of enhancements released.
  • UPD: The slider lesson type is converted to the text lesson type. Previously created lessons with Slider type will be displayed as text lessons.
  • SOLVED: Testimonials widget avatars were duplicated.

2.9.39 – 2023-05-02

  • SOLVED: Minor bug fixes.

2.9.38 – 2023-04-28

  • SOLVED: Minor bug fixes.

2.9.37 – 2023-04-26

  • UPD: Option to disable the featured courses section on the Elementor course archive page.
  • UPD: Courses widget of Elementor can be used for the Courses grid, Courses archive, Courses Carousel and Featured Teacher block.
  • SOLVED: The registration process did not complete when the file upload field was added to the registration form.
  • SOLVED: The course archive page did not display a notification that there were no courses matching the filter.

2.9.36 – 2023-04-05

  • SOLVED: The deprecated function “get_page_by_title” in WordPress 6.2 is replaced with the actual “WP_Query”.

2.9.35 – 2023-04-03

  • SOLVED: Broken Access Control vulnerability

2.9.34 – 2023-03-27

  • SOLVED: Site Authorization links elementor widget login button included the wrong link.
  • SOLVED: Fill the gap quiz type displayed wrong results when answers included symbols.
  • SOLVED: Count of question categories incorrectly redirected to blog posts.
  • SOLVED: Instructor Carousel widget navigation did not work in the latest versions of Elementor.

2.9.33 – 2023-03-07

  • SOLVED: Minor bug fixes.

2.9.32 – 2023-03-03

  • SOLVED: Minor bug fixes.

2.9.31 – 2023-02-22

  • NEW: Option to generate Courses Page for Elementor in LMS Settings > LMS pages section.
  • UPD: Grid type is added to the Courses widget for Elementor to display the courses in Grid view.

2.9.30 – 2023-02-16

  • SOLVED: The quiz results were wrong when the number of questions was even.
  • SOLVED: The custom order of the Questions in Quizzes did not save on the Backend.
  • SOLVED: Images did not upload to the questions when the PHP version was above 7.4.
  • SOLVED: Lessons continuously refreshed on the translated language with WPML.
  • SOLVED: The number of free featured courses did not apply when the course was edited on the backend.
  • SOLVED: The page did not publish with an Online testing shortcode.

2.9.29 – 2023-02-08

  • SOLVED: Minor bug fixes.

2.9.28 – 2023-02-08

  • NEW: Courses Grid Widget for Elementor.
  • SOLVED: When the Course section title contained a comma, it separated after the comma.
  • SOLVED: The Preview button on the course card in the List View was not clickable.
  • SOLVED: User Account Drop Down menu displayed behind Stream.
  • SOLVED: Visual issues in the lessons with H5P.
  • SOLVED: Demo Quizzes displayed incorrect results.
  • SOLVED: Semicolon “;” displayed after username and password in Email.

2.9.27 – 2023-01-24

  • SOLVED: Answer fields of the “Item Match” question type did not have equal height.
  • SOLVED: Minor visual issues.

2.9.26 – 2023-01-16

  • SOLVED: A scroll appeared in the Courses search widget when Course categories are not opened.

2.9.25 – 2023-01-10

  • NEW: Course Search Box with more customization options.
  • SOLVED: Spelling errors in Payouts.

2.9.24 – 2023-01-06

  • SOLVED: Minor bug fixes.

2.9.23 – 2022-12-29

  • NEW: Email will be sent to Students when Quiz Successfully completed.
  • NEW: Email Event for Administrator and user when the Course is enrolled through a Membership plan.
  • UPD: The content of the default Email Events is replaced.
  • FIXED: External link of the video reset in Video lesson type when LMS plugin is updated from 2.9.22.
  • FIXED: Proper translation of the Preview button in the Russian language.

2.9.22 – 2022-12-21

  • FIXED: Minor bug fixes.

2.9.21 – 2022-12-20

  • FIXED: Minor bug fixes.

2.9.20 – 2022-12-14

  • FIXED: Correct answers were considered wrong in Multi Choice Questions when the last option was false.

2.9.19 – 2022-12-09

  • FIXED: Enrollment through a membership did not work when several categories are selected in the plan.

2.9.18 – 2022-11-23

  • NEW: MasterStudy Experience Survey Notification added for WordPress Dashboard

2.9.17 – 2022-11-22

  • NEW: Remastered Instructor Carousel Widget with flexible settings.

2.9.16 – 2022-11-11

  • FIXED: Minor bug fixes.

2.9.15 – 2022-10-31

  • UPD: Compatibility with WordPress 6.1

2.9.14 – 2022-10-26

  • FIXED: Minor bug fixes.

2.9.13 – 2022-10-26

  • NEW: Integration with Presto Player for Video lesson types.
  • UPDATE: Video Lesson settings remastered.
  • FIXED: The navigation menu of the text editor in the Frontend course builder did not open.

2.9.12 – 2022-10-18

  • NEW: Preloader can be enabled in LMS settings for LMS pages and sections.

2.9.11 – 2022-10-14

  • NEW: Preloader added to LMS pages and sections
  • UPDATE: Visual improvements in MasterStudy LMS Wizard

2.9.10 – 2022-10-07

  • UPDATE: Major files moved into _core directory

2.9.9 – 2022-10-06

  • FIXED: Minor bug fixes.

2.9.8 – 2022-09-29

  • UPDATE: Minor improvements

2.9.7 – 2022-09-27

  • UPDATE: Responsive improvements for LMS Courses.
  • UPDATE: String translations in plugins and Nuxy are updated.
  • UPDATE: Guest users will be redirected to the Login/Register page if tries to Wishlist course.
  • UPDATE: Font style of floating menu items changed to Camel Case.
  • FIXED: Progress of Prerequisite course not displayed.
  • FIXED: “STM LMS Popular courses” widget displayed the latest courses instead of popular ones.
  • FIXED: When the search returns no results, Featured courses are always displayed on the Courses archive page.
  • FIXED: Course rating Stars are not displayed when LMS Colors are changed in different Themes.
  • FIXED: Styles of Lesson start countdown disappeared when LMS Colors are changed.
  • FIXED: Course thumbnails were cropped in the gradebook.
  • FIXED: Free course was not displayed in the user account after registration when email confirmation was enabled.
  • FIXED: Administrator received become instructor requested although Instructor Pre-moderation was disabled.
  • FIXED: True/False questions have not worked in different languages except English.
  • FIXED: Popup from the For Enterprise button did not work.
  • FIXED: Membership Plan level position issue.
  • FIXED: Pagination is not displayed in the Testimonials widget items in Elementor Preview.

2.9.6 – 2022-09-19

  • FIXED: MasterStudy Starter theme is suggested for installation when child themes of Masterstudy, Smarty, and BeTop were active.

2.9.5 – 2022-09-14

  • NEW: [MasterStudy Starter Theme] ( released for MasterStudy LMS
  • FIXED: Incorrect display of Pro Addons thumbnail images in macOS.
  • FIXED: Different accept ratio of the thumbnail images of LMS courses on the “Add Student” page.

2.9.4 – 2022-08-30

  • NEW: Membership Plans widget added to the WPBakery.
  • NEW: Added Call to Action 2 widget for Membership Plans to Elementor.
  • UPDATE: Sorting Menu feature refactored.
  • UPDATE: Directories Structure refactored.
  • UPDATE: Membership Plans are redesigned and got a new customizable appearance for Elementor and WPBakery page builders.
  • UPDATE: Additional settings added to the Membership Plans Elementor widget.

2.9.3 – 2022-08-17

  • NEW: Courses filter sidebar added to the Courses categories archive page.
  • UPDATE: The user account drop-down menu on the site header now includes links to the user account.
  • UPDATE: Addons page visually improved for the site administrator.
  • FIXED: The Instructor’s name was replaced with the student’s name in Payouts and statistics when WooCommerce checkout is used.
  • FIXED: “I have an account” link was removed from the Restore Password page.
  • FIXED: The Restore Password field accepts a weak password while the Sign-Up form requires an 8-digit password.
  • FIXED: When two “Image match quiz” is used in a single lesson, It was possible to choose answers from both quizzes.
  • FIXED: Searchbox shortcode not worked on Front end.
  • FIXED: Images are not uploaded to quiz questions when Media File Manager is enabled.
  • FIXED: Quiz answers which contain a single quote (‘) are not marked as wrong.
  • FIXED: Some strings were not visible for translation.
  • FIXED: Minor visual bugs.

2.9.2 – 2022-08-08

  • NEW: Added Category filter for admin dashboard were listed all courses.
  • NEW: The user will remain on the same page after logging in through the Floating menu.
  • FIXED: Lesson navigation disappeared when the WPML plugin is active.
  • FIXED: Сhanges for LMS Pages not worked on Front-end and caused 404 error on User account navigation.
  • FIXED: The order of the questions changed after saving the quiz.
  • FIXED: Checkbox fields created using the LMS Forms editor, reset in a user profile.
  • FIXED: When Guest checkout is enabled the course did not remove from the cart.
  • FIXED: The word “Wishlisted” was replaced with “Remove from Wishlist”.
  • FIXED: Minor visual bugs.

2.9.1 – 2022-06-23

  • FIXED: Compatibility of the widgets with the new version of Elementor
  • FIXED: Some strings were not visible for translation
  • FIXED: Demo Import optimization
  • FIXED: Drip Content Lesson type appearance
  • FIXED: Even when membership expired, the course is still listed under “enrolled courses.”

2.9.0 – 2022-06-09

  • FIXED: Minor code optimizations for a better user experience.

2.8.9 – 2022-06-08

  • NEW: Reordering of the Profile Menu Items
  • FIXED: Courses archive page list view style issues with default WordPress themes.
  • FIXED: a Certificate appears even for inactivated Certificate Builder add-ons
  • FIXED: Course Bundles style issue with default WordPress themes
  • FIXED: Modern Course style course image height issue with default WordPress themes
  • FIXED: Hover effect on Enterprise Price when using the WordPress default themes

2.8.8 – 2022-05-04

Welcoming the new way of the custom colors appliance to the MasterStudy LMS elements. Set the colors you like to match the LMS color scheme to your brand identity or make it look completely different from the rest of the website to make it easier for the students to concentrate on the learning process even more. Customize the side profile menu for the users to improve your website visitors’ experience and site interaction. Make your MasterStudy LMS reflect a site’s usability and mood to tailor it to your audience.
UPD: Color Scheme Appliance
ADDED: Preloader for instructor account
ADDED: “Add your first course” message added for instructor’s account without any courses

2.8.7 – 2022-04-18

  • UPD: Spanish and Portuguese translations are added

2.8.6 – 2022-04-06

  • UPD: ‘Search courses’ tab on Courses page
  • FIXED: Adding the category to the created questions in front end builder
  • FIXED: Visual bug with Astra theme and switched on MasterStudy LMS
  • FIXED: ‘Import Courses’ button is removed in MasterStudy LMS Theme Wizard
  • FIXED: Status ‘Completed’ on button in individual course, even when course is not completed

2.8.5 – 2022-03-24

  • FIXED: Navigation menu on theme disappeared after plugin update with mobile header
  • FIXED: ‘Enroll with Membership’ button in Get Course button is shown even when the plans are not created and configured

2.8.4 – 2022-03-18

  • FIXED: Minor bug fixes

2.8.3 – 2022-03-17

  • UPD: Remastering of Add New Course interface and Single Course page in mobile version

2.8.2 – 2022-03-14

  • FIXED: STMMailChimpBase redeclaration error.

2.8.1 – 2022-03-07

  • FIXED: Bug with height of Sticky Panel on Single Course Page
  • FIXED: Visual bug with visited options (remained as highlighted) in MS Course settings
  • FIXED: When quiz is Passed the button below is not displayed in MasterStudy and any default themes

2.8.0 – 2022-02-25

  • NEW: The notification with options to collect the user’s data in our newsletters after activating the plugin

2.7.9 – 2022-02-14

  • FIXED: Redeclare stm_module_styles() error.

2.7.8 – 2022-02-14

  • FIXED: Enrolled courses remain in the user’s profile after the expiration of the plan
  • FIXED: Visual bugs with Twenty Twenty-Two standard WordPress theme
  • FIXED: Membership Approval by admin function does not affect after purchasing the subscription by student
  • FIXED: Lesson frontend description styles are reset after the lesson is saved
  • FIXED: Issue with redirecting the user to the lesson after clicking Preview on course curriculum
  • FIXED: Bug with countdown for lesson start time
  • FIXED: Visual bug with STM LMS Courses Categories on Elementor Page Builder
  • FIXED: Visual style bug on Recent Courses widget’s Categories tabs while hovering on them
  • FIXED: Bug with course navigation button
  • FIXED: Style issues

2.7.7 – 2022-02-01

  • FIXED: Removed Freemius SDK from plugin’s core (see the previous update about Freemius SDK)

2.7.6 – 2022-01-27

  • FIXED: User registration vulnerability was fixed

2.7.5 – 2022-01-19

  • NEW: Freemius SDK for better analytics and understanding

2.7.4 – 2022-01-13

  • NEW: Course Card Style 3 on Courses Settings
  • NEW: Added new Style 6 for STM LMS Courses Categories widget in Elementor Page builder
  • NEW: Added new style 2 for STM Courses Carousel widget in Elementor Page Builder
  • NEW: Added new style 3 for STM LMS Recent Courses widget in Elementor Page builder
  • NEW: Visual silhouettes after moving the images to answers section as well as with returning the images on Image Match Quiz type
  • NEW: Removed Description field on LMS taxonomies
  • FIXED: Enrolled students counter does not work on course page
  • FIXED: Visual bug with avatar after filling the bio on profile
  • FIXED: Visual bug after clicking on the user’s name on course page with Classic Lesson page style

2.7.3 – 2021-12-20

  • NEW: Custom Colours added for Floating Side Profile Menu
  • FIXED: Bug with changing the Orders status (pending to completed) by admin was fixed
  • FIXED: Bug with Floating side profile auto opening on big screen resolution was fixed
  • FIXED: Bug with unable to open the closed lessons even after 100% passing the 17, 21, 36 questions in the quiz was FIXED
  • FIXED: Question summary progress issue was fixed
  • FIXED: Bug with moving Settings and Message buttons on the profile page after changing the custom colours in Theme Options was fixed
  • FIXED: Bug with appearing notification after finishing the quiz with missed Fill the Gap question was fixed
  • FIXED: Elementor page builder deprecated errors was fixed
  • FIXED: Bug with displaying the extra not-relevant fields after inputting the answer to question in Frontend Quiz Questions pop up was fixed
  • FIXED: Issue with displaying the course in membership plan on the user’s Enrolled course section even after membership level expiration was fixed
  • FIXED: Bug with default styles on LMS Demo layouts was fixed

2.7.2 – 2021-11-25

  • UPD: Theme options version updated
  • UPD: Float menu icon
  • FIXED: Translation issues of several non-editable strings
  • FIXED: Free courses filtering issue
  • FIXED: Problem with saving questions/quizzes using eRoom plugin
  • FIXED: Student reviewing issue
  • FIXED: “Fill the gap” answer align issue

2.7.1 – 2021-10-22

  • UPD: Link fix in Lost Password Email Template
  • FIXED: Retake button displaying issues (Quizzes)
  • FIXED: PHP errors displaying while adding Courses Modules

2.7.0 – 2021-10-18

  • UPD: Code refactoring and optimization

2.6.9 – 2021-09-21

  • ADDED: New Quiz type: Image Matching (Single Choice, Multi Choice)

2.6.8 – 2021-09-02

  • ADDED: New Pro Addons page
  • UPD: Improved auth remember me system
  • FIXED: Minor bug fixes

2.6.7 – 2021-08-12

  • ADDED: Admin Dashboard notification

2.6.6 – 2021-08-02

  • FIXED: H5P plugin Reuse and Embed features are not displaying on the plugin pages
  • FIXED: Browser title does not change on switching to the Quiz page
  • FIXED: Featured Teacher widget loading issue
  • FIXED: Match Items quiz showing wrong results
  • FIXED: Membership Approval (Paid Membership Pro plugin) compatibility
  • FIXED: Translation issues with several non-editable strings

2.6.5 – 2021-07-28

  • UPD: Compatibility with WordPress v. 5.8
  • UPD: The certificate generation rules have been updated to reduce the waiting time for the certificate download
  • FIXED: String translation issues in Question type section and some placeholders
  • FIXED: The appearance of external symbols in Item Match quizzes.
  • FIXED: User account page items position fixed for RTL
  • FIXED: Mobile devices responsiveness for Send Message button popup
  • FIXED: Partial displaying lesson titles in Classic Lesson style
  • FIXED: Login/Register modal form switching bug by enrolling in the course without logging in.
  • FIXED: Minor style fixes

2.6.4 – 2021-06-15

  • UPD: BuddyPress templates according to theme new features and rules
  • FIXED: Displaying login forms in Floating menu
  • FIXED: Minor style issues and bugs

2.6.3 – 2021-06-10

  • UPD: Redesigned user account and user public profile
  • ADDED: New floating menu for user account
  • ADDED: Filter hook to logging in function
  • FIXED: WP Debug notice ‘No variable in certain pages’
  • FIXED: Checkbox doubling in forms created by LMS Forms Editor in User Profile settings
  • FIXED: Drop-down selection in forms created by LMS Forms Editor in User Profile Settings

2.6.2 – 2021-06-01

  • FIXED: New messages counter appeared for message sender and for receiver

2.6.1 – 2021-05-24

  • ADDED: Feedback module inside LMS settings
  • ADDED: Roadmap voting in LMS Admin
  • FIXED: Enfold theme html classes added to lesson page

2.6.0 – 2021-05-11

  • ADDED: Full integration with WooCommerce (*PRO)
  • FIXED: Error sending mail with different product types in WooCommerce (*PRO)
  • FIXED: Minor styling issues

2.5.9 – 2021-05-03

  • FIXED: The Popular courses widget shows the price Free, regardless of price or status are indicated
  • FIXED: Video poster goes beyond video frame when opening video modal
  • FIXED: Chinese, Arabic and some other fonts aren’t displaying in Certificate
  • FIXED: Students appeared in Featured Teacher select box
  • FIXED: Replacing chosen font by default plugin font
  • FIXED: Placeholders of checkbox and dropdown elements aren’t displaying after adding in LMS Forms Editor
  • FIXED: Responsive view of Send message modal in Classic type Public Profile
  • FIXED: Minor settings and frontend bugs
  • REPLACED: WPCFTO submodule replaced to Nuxy ( renamed )
  • ADDED: Translations of Error messages
  • ADDED: Placeholders for Select box in Profile Forms Editor

2.5.8 – 2021-03-31

  • fixed: Enterprise form

2.5.7 – 2021-03-30

  • added: Enterprise form in user account
  • added: LMS Forms Editor (*pro)

2.5.6 – 2021-03-25

  • added: CSRF to all actions
  • upd: Submenu name changed from Manage Users to Instructor requests.

2.5.5 – 2021-03-18

  • added: Assignment preview
  • added: Description for question bank
  • upd: WPCFTO framework submodule moved to github from bitbucket
  • upd: Compatibility with WordPress 5.7
  • upd: Classic style for user profile moved to Pro
  • upd: Cancel subscription in classic style moved to sidebar
  • fixed: Admin commission option renamed to Instructor Earning (as it works now)
  • fixed: CSRF issue fixed in user info action. Method for saving user info changed from GET to POST
  • fixed: Author box and custom fields disabled by default in screen options
  • fixed: Select user in review replaced with autocomplete
  • fixed: Visual bugs
  • fixed: Slash signs in the Curriculum sections
  • fixed: Student can decline quiz overtime
  • fixed: Some SCORM packages return completed status instead of progress percent. SCORM status completed treats as 100% progress now
  • fixed: Courses grid ‘load more’ with sorting option issue
  • fixed: Mobile version for Quiz question type ‘item match’

2.5.4 – 2021-02-23

  • fixed: Editing several quizzes on Front-End issues
  • fixed: Restore password doesn’t work with activated Yoast SEO plugin

2.5.3 – 2021-02-19

  • added: H5P compatibility added to quizzes
  • fixed: Correct answers appeared when ‘show correct answer’ option is disabled
  • fixed: LMS Wizard typo
  • fixed: Empty addons and Payout tabs content
  • fixed: Duplicate email sending when ‘course added to user’

2.5.2 – 2021-02-04

  • added: Plugin Setup Wizard
  • added: ‘Become instructor’ option added in the user profile
  • added: Unique user profile navigation menu classes
  • added: Lost password box validation
  • added: Navigation menu badges
  • updated: New LMS Settings section is built on CFTO framework
  • updated: Translations updated
  • fixed: Empty category view (0 subcategories) in search filter
  • fixed: STM LMS Courses grid module title
  • fixed: Registration error text fixed
  • fixed: Quiz answer “0” treating as incorrect answer bug
  • fixed: Manage course loading view on frontend
  • fixed: ‘Lost password’ option on mobile
  • fixed: User profile navigation menu
  • fixed: Membership plan with No available courses in subscription will not appear as purchase option for course
  • fixed: Paginated quiz first/last buttons inactive when on first/last question respectively
  • fixed: Question bank adding several banks fixed
  • fixed: Login button text changed
  • fixed: ‘Become instructor’ button is hidden for logged-in instructors
  • fixed: Courses filter category bug
  • fixed: Translations with vue variable {field} fixed
  • fixed: LMS pages conflict with Elementor Pro
  • fixed: Emails are not being sent when Email Template addon disabled

2.5.1 – 2021-01-11

  • added: Deny Instructors from accessing the admin panel option added (if only free MasterStudy LMS plugin will be used on the website, this option should be disabled)
  • added: Student email column in the ‘Manage Students’ section
  • added: Featured courses to the archive page
  • added: “unlim” value added to the membership plan
  • added: Password validation in the edit profile page
  • added: Custom image upload added under course settings for the successful course completion message
  • fixed: Fixed plugin update without PRO version
  • fixed: Image appearance in the ‘Popular courses’ element, style 2
  • fixed: Month arrows issues in date picker
  • fixed: BuddyPress redirects fixed
  • fixed: Statistic issue
  • fixed: LMS messaging system issues fixed
  • fixed: Public account not showing
  • fixed: Public account login
  • fixed: Assignments category dropdown
  • fixed: Curriculum error in dashboard
  • fixed: Minor frontend issues

2.5.0 – 2020-12-28

  • added: Number of courses to show in STM Featured Instructor element
  • added: Select an option to choose course categories (Elementor STM LMS Courses Grid)
  • update: Wishlist icon changed for classic course style
  • update: Replace routes by creating a WordPress pages
  • update: Database update notification
  • fixed: Remove points when retaking the quiz
  • fixed: Masterstudy LMS Mobile App quiz webview
  • fixed: WPML Language switcher issues

2.4.7 – 2020-12-09

  • added: Quiz required fields removed. Alert on submission added
  • added: Quiz paginated style added
  • added: Added settings for adding custom course levels
  • added: Added settings for decimal separator and number of decimals
  • added: Added course filter to instructor assignments
  • added: Student assignment can now be managed by admin from WordPress dashboard
  • added: Added course title in a lesson comment (Email manager)
  • added: Added login, course title and assignment title in user assignment submission (Email manager)
  • update: Assignment send button disabled if assignment is empty
  • update: Updated archive course card view on mobile (price)
  • update: Review WYSIWYG removed image/video upload
  • update: Wishlist icon changed
  • update: Author fee text changed
  • update: Added WordPress validation notice to user login on registration process
  • fixed: Removed user manager templates from frontend
  • fixed: Fixed PMPro subscription cancel
  • fixed: Stream +1 day bug fixed
  • fixed: Default list view bug fixed
  • fixed: Course bottom banner with membership only visual bug fixed
  • fixed: JS variable in translation fixed
  • fixed: html code in translation fixed
  • fixed: True/false question translation bug fixed
  • fixed: Lesson video automatic play fixed
  • fixed: Wishlist page layout fixed
  • fixed: Stripe script removed when payment disabled
  • fixed: Selecting question type in manage course visual bug fixed
  • fixed: Scorm redirect fixed


  • fixed: Add student to course feature on frontend
  • fixed: Spain translation file errors for variables {field}
  • fixed: Creating lesson with Elementor Page Builder
  • fixed: Per row setting on STM LMS Courses Carousel Elementor widget
  • fixed: Folders permissions
  • update: Co-instructor courses added to the Instructors’ public profile


  • fixed: Paid membership checkout frontend bug in mobile version
  • fixed: Course per page settings on the archive page
  • fixed: Email settings (emails were not sent to the admin when adding a user to the course)
  • fixed: Error display when entering the wrong password
  • fixed: redirect from invalid course item
  • update: Spain language translation file
  • update: Author fee text changed to admin commission
  • update: Changed Website earning to Instructors Earning
  • added: Added per page setting for elementor courses carousel
  • added: Questions category added to LMS Menu
  • added: do_action added to custom routes and lesson (wp_footer, template_redirect)

  • fixed: Fixed checkbox field in STM LMS Settings


  • added: New fields in Certificate builder (course start date, course end date, current date, progress, co-instructor, course details)
  • added: Certificate linking with a specific course.
  • added: Items centering in Certificates
  • added: Pagination on the page Manage Students
  • fixed: Statistics display in Statistics and Payouts addon — total shows the amount only from completed orders.
  • fixed: Limiting the number of users when creating and editing the group
  • fixed: Visual bugs
  • fixed: Answers in the Question bank
  • fixed: Tabs display settings on the course page
  • fixed: Lines translations
  • fixed: Course purchase in subscription

  • updated readme links.


  • fixed Upgrading LMS DB Tables version.


  • added: Course expiration feature added
  • added: Password validation due to EU regulations added
  • added: Elementor and VComposer option added to limit instructors carousel
  • added: Option for Colorpicker popup position added
  • fixed: Courses archive load more after sort pagination fixed
  • fixed: Guest checkout logged in user fixed
  • fixed: Ru translation ineligible words removed
  • fixed: Removed certificates buttons in free version
  • fixed: Instructors Limit removed from archive page
  • fixed: Courses search glitch fixed
  • fixed: Courses import override curriculum fixed
  • fixed: STM LMS Courses Categories manual selection fixed
  • fixed: Add review button error fixed


  • fixed: Guest checkout with disabled subscription fixed
  • fixed: Faq string translation fixed


  • added: Added option to remove particular course tab
  • added: Added email to student when admin adds him to course
  • added: Certificate builder
  • fixed: Courses grid categories number fixed
  • fixed: Certificate checker now works with Google Classrooms addon
  • fixed: SCORM error message fixed
  • fixed: Fill the gap same answers fixed
  • fixed: True/False question creation/saving fixed
  • fixed: Chat message with “‘” symbol fixed
  • fixed: Question bank empty categories notice added
  • fixed: Double slash from plugin static files removed
  • fixed: Removed link to view Lesson/Quiz/Assignments comments
  • fixed: Added FullScreen support to Lesson YouTube video
  • fixed: Some RTL styles fixed
  • fixed: User profile classic style fixed with drafts functionality
  • fixed: Keyword question type js bug fixed
  • fixed: Added email for instructor after course approving
  • fixed: PO file updated with missing words
  • fixed: HTML parsing fixed in featured instructor
  • fixed: Quiz checking moved to POST method. Limit removed for question number in quiz
  • fixed: Bottom sticky panel script fixed
  • fixed: Assignment sending fixed for student
  • fixed: All instructors are now available in Co-instructor section
  • fixed: Courses grid load more + sort duplication bug fixed
  • fixed: Price and sale price can now be completely removed
  • fixed: Fixed “/” symbol deletion from curriculum section
  • fixed: Frontend quiz creation bug with question type fixed
  • fixed: Add Student console error removed


  • added: Demo import courses
  • added: Related courses
  • added: Course drafts added for instructors
  • added: Guest checkout for LMS/WooCommerce checkout
  • fixed: fixed translations and removed payout from submenu
  • fixed: enable elementor for lessons
  • fixed: fix dropdown in questions
  • fixed: Added image for quiz question
  • fixed: Auto-enroll for free course fixed
  • fixed: Notice banner field added for WPCFTO framework
  • fixed: WordPress 5.5 API route notice fixed
  • fixed: fill the gap fixed
  • fixed: Minor visual bugs


  • added: Course/quiz/question/global settings fully redesigned with new UI/UX view.


  • fixed: bug in instructor page mark_num
  • added: Styles for course widgets
  • fixed: Minor visual bugs


  • hotfix: stable tag bumped


  • fixed: critical bug with course file pack fixed


  • fixed: update field description and fixed translate bugs
  • fixed: WPCFTO version checking added to avoid conflicts with other STM plugins


  • Added the ability to upload videos to video lessons
  • Added video player in the lesson with the ability to restart from the point you stopped at.
  • Redesigned curriculum edition in admin and in frontend parts
  • Manage student added quiz overview for admin
  • fixed: Course link in dashboard
  • fixed: Minor visual bugs


  • Added shortcodes tab in STM LMS Settings
  • Updated documentation


  • Feature: Manage students by admin
  • Feature: Added Shortcodes (stm_courses_searchbox, stm_lms_courses_carousel, stm_lms_courses_categories, stm_lms_courses_grid, stm_lms_featured_teacher, stm_lms_instructors_carousel, stm_lms_recent_courses, stm_lms_single_course_carousel)
  • Feature: Added WPBackery modules (stm_courses_searchbox, stm_lms_courses_carousel, stm_lms_courses_categories, stm_lms_courses_grid, stm_lms_featured_teacher, stm_lms_instructors_carousel, stm_lms_recent_courses, stm_lms_single_course_carousel)
  • Feature: Added Elementor widgets (stm_courses_searchbox, stm_lms_courses_carousel, stm_lms_courses_categories, stm_lms_courses_grid, stm_lms_featured_teacher, stm_lms_instructors_carousel, stm_lms_recent_courses, stm_lms_single_course_carousel)
  • fixed: Announcement not showing in wishlist page
  • fixed: Assignment not sent
  • fixed: Minor visual bugs


  • fixed: readme changed


  • fixed: dashboard announcement banner


  • Keyword question type empty answer bug fixed
  • Add student feature default style bug fixed
  • Now course curriculum has practical use – if user is logged in and bought course, curriculum leads to lesson directly
  • Russian language updated
  • MasterStudy App banner added
  • Automatic registration for instructor feature added (optionally)


  • Minor bug fixes


  • New Lesson Style (Classic) added.
  • New Assign Students to Course feature added.


  • New Courses Attachments added.
  • New Course Finished Statistics menu.
  • Minor bug fixes


  • New Courses Filter added.
  • New Instructor menu.
  • Minor bug fixes


  • Instructor profile page issues fixed
  • Minor bug fixes


  • Minor bug fixes


  • Minor bug fixes


  • Minor bug fixes


  • Minor bug fixes


  • Minor bug fixes


  • Minor bug fixes


  • fixed Error with BuddyPress installed
  • Three brand new question types added – Item Match, Fill the Gap and Keywords
  • Lost Password added to popup
  • LazyLoad for courses


  • WPML fix for course buy. Now it adds all translated courses to user
  • Certificate URL now works only for logged in user


  • After complete Quiz redundant “Back” button removed
  • Course Curriculum active tab fixed
  • Course bought with subscription now updates course enrolled students


  • Paypal IPN fixed


  • Bugs fixed, GDPR compliance


  • PDF Generation UTF-8 symbols added (most of languages support)
  • Search bug fixed (critical)
  • Email notification on user creating order/purchasing course for admin and user

  • Change Password + bug fixed


  • Lessons bug with several authors


  • Dashboard Announcement added


  • Certificate PDF Generator Open Sans Font added.


  • 8 Languages added in total
  • Bugs fixed


  • BUGS fixed


  • Russian and Turkish languages added.
  • BUGS fixed


  • POT file updated.
  • BUGS fixed


  • LMS Settings Save Button fixed.


  • Courses per row setting added.


  • POT file updated.
  • BUGS fixed


  • Added options to modify custom MasterStudy WordPress LMS plugin Routes as: Login, Wishlist and others.
  • POT file updated.
  • All links from routes changed in templates.


  • Login form “Forget password” link added. Bugs fixed.


  • Bugs fixed.


  • Instructor capabilities issue fixed.


  • Courses grid shortcode added.


  • Bugs fixed. Hooks and filter added.


  • Registration added in login popup as a tab.


  • Admin capabilities fixed


  • Admin styles and bugs with curriculum fixed.


  • Instructors Archive added.


  • LMS Price settings fixed.


  • LMS Admin styles changed.


  • Bug fixes.


  • Visual Bugs Fixes (.scss files).


  • First Version of Plugin.