MyTracker – Analytics and attribution system for mobile apps and websites.

For those who value accuracy. Attribution and product metrics, predictive analytics and fraud protection.

01. Track both mobile apps and web

Get the most comprehensive insights into your product’s web and app performance in a single report.

02. Measure UA and ad performance

Everything you need to measure your ad campaigns: app installs, deep links, audience segmentation, DOOH measurement.

03. Optimize your product with data insights

Leverage data with product analytics tools to better understand your users: unlimited custom events, journey funnels and audience segments.

04. Boost revenue with automatic LTV predictions for any app category

Forecast user behavior and revenue with our predictive analytics tools powered by machine learning algorithms. Get a 90% accurate forecast for any campaign and ad source.

05. Unlimited raw data storage and API access

Store unlimited raw data or create custom reports through MyTracker API, export API, and S2S.

06. Protect your app and secure your marketing spend

Safeguard your app campaigns from mobile fraud and stop paying for fake installs with Fraud Scanner.

07. Measure marketing ROI from every channel

Track and measure all of your monetization efforts with MyTracker: in-app purchases, subscriptions, ad monetization and offline transactions.

External services

This plugin uses external services, which are documented below with links to the service’s Privacy Policy and License agreement. These services are integral to the functionality and features offered by the plugin. However, we acknowledge the importance of transparency regarding the use of such services.

To work with the plugin, you need to register in the MyTracker service, which will allow you to analyze the received statistics. For more information, please click on the links below.
Service Link:
Service Privacy Policy:
MyTracker plugin uses the counter code and the basic services of the counter for collecting of traffic statistics of websites. For more information, please click on the links below.
Service Link:
Service License agreement:


  1. Upload mytracker folder to the /wp-content/plugins/ directory.
  2. Activate the plugin through the ‘Plugins’ menu in WordPress.


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1.1.4 (10.04.2024)

  • Added support for PHP 8.3+
  • Fixed translation error of some strings

1.1.3 (08.04.2024)

  • Added support for WordPress 6.5+

1.1.2 (26.02.2024)

  • Fixed errors in the admin panel

1.1.1 (06.02.2024)

  • Added support for WordPress 6.4+
  • Added support for PHP 8.2+

1.0.4 (13.04.2023)

  • Added ability to track a user by device

1.0.3 (05.04.2023)

  • Added ability to delete log file
  • Added links to documentation in plugin settings
  • Fixed a bug in integration with the official amp plugin

1.0.2 (31.03.2023)

  • Added ability to debug API queries

1.0.1 (30.03.2023)

  • Translations updated
  • Added a plugin header

1.0.0 (20.03.2023)

  • Plugin init