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Ray Social Feeds For Twitter


Ray Social Feeds For Twitter lets you display Twitter feeds beautifully on your website. You can display your own mentions timeline, tweets from any Twitter user, Twitter feed based on keywords and Feed based on Hashtags. The feed is highly customizable and can be displayed anywhere on your site in a List, Slider or Masonry format, using either Shortcodes or Widgets.

You can define defaults on your Settings page. And can override those settings by specifying custom attributes in your shortcodes. Every widget & shortcode can also have its own unique settings.

Any page can have multiple shortcodes and widgets. And each can have its own custom specific settings. So each shortcode or widget can fetch unique feeds.

The generated feeds are mobile-friendly & responsive and adapts to the width of the container in which they are placed. Also, it automatically adapts to the styling of your website.

You get a “Styling tab” to control the look of the different components of the Twitter feed. You can change font size, color, font weight, inherit from theme. Tweet header, the tweet itself, and the Tweet footer can have separate styling.

You get a “Show/Hide” tab to hide or display the Tweet components you want. You can choose to hide or display almost all of the components that make up your feed.

You can control many aspects of the slider, like display Nav arrows, display Dot navigation, autoplay, transition interval, transition speed, pause on hover, loop, and auto height.

The Tweets are cached for lightning-fast display. Specify your own cache duration.

Super easy to set up and install. Generate your access tokens in a couple of clicks only.

Some highlights of the plugin

  • Generate your access tokens in a few clicks and start displaying feeds straight away.

  • Use the shortcode [my_custom_tweets] anywhere in your content area. Or use our customizable “widget” to display Twitter feeds in your site’s sidebars & footers.

  • Display your Mentions timeline. Or use any Twitter “screen name” to create your feeds.

  • Generate Twitter feeds based on keywords or Hashtags.

  • Display formats available: List, Masonry, Slider 1 Column.

  • Choose the number of tweets in a row for the Masonry format.

  • Multiple shortcodes & widgets can be used on a single page or on different site pages.

  • You can define “default options” for the feed display using our plugin settings page.

  • The default options can be overridden by attributes you specify in your shortcodes. For example, if the default screen name is raycreations, and in your shortcode, you specify [my_custom_tweets screen_name=’rayamrit’]. Then the shortcode attribute screen_name takes precedence.

  • There is no limit to the number of instances of shortcodes or widgets you can place on any page or site.

  • The display is completely Responsive and adjusts to the width of the container in which the shortcode or widget is placed.

  • Displays perfectly on all screen sizes and devices.

  • Each individual feed generated by shortcodes and widgets are cached for lightning-fast display.

  • You can control the cache duration from our plugin settings page.

  • Dedicated button to delete tweet feeds cache.

  • Also, whenever you save the plugin settings page, the tweets cache is automatically cleared to reflect the changes made. And new tweets are fetched from Twitter again.

  • Shortcodes automatically refresh when you make changes to them or the page on which they exist.

  • Dedicated Styling tab to control the looks of different Tweet components.

  • Our Twitter plugin supports extended tweets and fetches the complete tweet from Twitter.

  • Include or exclude Replies from your Twitter feed.

  • Include or exclude Retweets from your Twitter feed.

  • Add “nofollow” attributes to all external links in your tweets.

See demo here

Pro Version

You can opt for our Pro Version which includes these additional features.

  • Display images & videos in your feed.
  • Display your tweets in List, Masonry, Slider 1 Column, and 2-Column Slider format.
  • Display Hashtags timeline, Search timeline, along with User timeline, and Mentions timeline.
  • Fetches multiple Photos from Tweet.
  • And of course, the pro version helps us maintain the free version of the plugin.
  • You also get priority support with our pro version.

Masonry & 2-column slider display demo
List & 1-column slider display demo

For Support & Help

We want to provide the best possible user experience for our plugin users. We would like to hear your feedback and suggestions. If you need any help or support related to our plugin, please feel free to contact us through this form here.


  • The demo feed created by our plugin.

  • Settings: The settings page for our plugin. You can generate your access token and secret here.

  • Customize Feed: This screen displays the options you can use to set the default values for customizing your Twitter feeds.

  • Tweets (Show/Hide): It gives you the option to hide or display different parts of the tweet.

  • Style: Lets you inherit from the theme style sheet or specify your own styles for different sections of the tweet.

  • Slider/Carousel: Lets you control the settings for your sliders.

  • Support Page: See the shortcodes and different attributes you can use to creates highly customized feeds.

  • Widget Settings Page: The settings you can specify for each widget to customize the feed display.


This section describes how to install the plugin and get it working.

  1. Upload the plugin files to the /wp-content/plugins/my-custom-twitter-feed directory, or install the plugin through the WordPress plugins screen directly.

  2. Activate the plugin through the ‘Plugins’ screen in WordPress.

  3. Use the Settings -> Ray Twitter Feeds -> Ray Social Feeds For Twitter Settings screen -> And click on the big blue button that says, “Generate Access Token & Secret”. In the next screen, authorize our app to use your account. Once authorized, the access token & access token secret fields should automatically get filled for you. Now you are ready to display tweets on your site.

  4. Navigate to Customize tab and choose Feed Type as either “User Timeline” or “Mentions”.

  5. Enter a “Twitter screen name” in the Screen Name field. This will only be used if User Timeline is selected as the Feed type.

  6. If Feed Type “Mentions” is select, then Mentions timeline is set as the default feed type.

  7. For the Include Media in Search field, provide your preference for Photos or Videos, or both, by clicking on either Include Photos or Include Videos. You can also select both.

  8. Check the Exclude Replies checkbox to exclude Replies from fetched Tweets.

  9. Check the Include Retweets checkbox to include Retweets in your feed.

  10. In the Number of Tweets field, enter the number of tweets to fetch from Twitter.

  11. For Check Tweets Every field, you need to need either hour or day.

  12. For the Tweet Checking Interval field, enter a numeric value.

  13. Points 11 & 12 in combination decide the cache duration for fetched tweets.

Generating Access Token & Secret

  • In our plugin settings page, simply click on the prominent “Generate Access Token & Secret” button.

  • You will be redirected to Twitter and presented with a Authorization screen.

  • Click on the “Authorize” button. Make sure you are logged in to the Twitter account you want to use with our plugin during authorization.

  • You will then be redirected back to your plugin page. The “access token” and “access token secret” field should be filled in automatically by this time.

  • The plugin is ready to fetch tweets now.

Note: Our plugin does NOT require you to create a Twitter developer account and create a Twitter app.

However, if you happen to have your own API keys, you are free to use them with our plugin.


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“Ray Social Feeds For Twitter” is open source software. The following people have contributed to this plugin.


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Browse the code, check out the SVN repository, or subscribe to the development log by RSS.



  • Display styles now available: List, Masonry, and Slider 1 Column.
  • Hashtags timeline now available. Twitter feed based on hashtags.
  • Search timeline now available. Twitter feed based on multiple keyword searches.
  • Remove Links from Hashtags feature now available.
  • Remove Links from Mentions feature now available.
  • Remove External Links feature now available.
  • Line breaks are maintained in the Tweet now.
  • Shortcodes automatically refresh when you make changes to them or the page on which they exist.
  • Retweets are now formatted/display the same as on Twitter.


  • Changed plugin prefix from “rc_myctf_” to “rsfft_”.
  • Changed all file name prefixes from “rc-myctf” to “rsfft”, including stylesheets & js file names.
  • Shortcode/s tweets cache is automatically deleted and rebuilt when the page it is on is saved/updated.
  • So any changes made to the shortcode attributes are immediately reflected in the Twitter feed.
  • Optimized code for tweets cache management.


  • Fixed minor issues with admin widget screen.


  • A major update that introduces many features.
  • Introduced Mentions timeline.
  • Now uses “Owl Carousel 2” for sliders.
  • “Slider 1 Column” feed format is now available along with the List format.
  • Option to “nofollow” external links.
  • Introduced Tweets (Show/Hide) settings page.
  • Introduced “Style” settings page.
  • Introduced Slider/Carousel settings page.
  • Added elaborate list of shortcodes you can use.
  • Slight design changes to the feed.
  • Choose the border type around tweets or hide it completely.
  • More structured code.


  • Deprecated use of bearer token for communicating with Twitter (OAuth 2.0)
  • Introduced user context authentication ( OAuth 1.0 )
  • Users must authorize our app to use their Twitter account.
  • Introduced 3-legged OAuth
  • And automatic fetching of access token & secret
  • Minor bug fixes.


  • Fix: issue with fetching token


  • New: no longer necessary to create your own twitter developer account to obtain keys
  • New: added button to delete cached tweets
  • Fix: loading twitter profile image over https instead of http


  • First published version