Review Slider for Tripadvisor


Review Slider for Tripadvisor using to get all tripadvisor review without api key. so user need to need integration in wordpress tripadvisor.

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In wp tripadvisor review slider you need to show that for use using shortcode:


Tripadvisor Grid, Tripadvisor Slider and Trapadviser Mansory using to make attractive and responsive layout in your webiste


✅ Get all Review
✅ One Click installation
✅ Auto Sync Review
✅ No need API
✅ Delete Review Which is not like
✅ Easy To use
✅ Grid, Slider, Mansory Layout for Tripadvisor
✅ Column Setting
✅ Add Custom Review
✅ Hide Review (ex. if you need to hide particular review that can be possible)


✅ Color Customization
✅ Customization Character Limit For Read More

Tripadvisor Review is getting without api wordpress. if you want to delete any bad review that also you can be

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Go to admin in WP TripAdvisor > Reviews List add there tripadvisor url and click on save. so automatically review will be import in Tripadvisor Slider WordPress



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