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SEO_WBM is an easy to use on page SEO plugin for WordPress, it is 100% white hat and will automatically adjust its advice as Google (or any other search engine) changes its algorithm.
Currently it’s the only free WordPress plugin which actively analysis’s high ranking webpages as a basis of its advice and was inspired by my experiences using Internet Business Promoter and SEO Profiler.
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Due to the way the plugin works it requires your server to allow CURL

Conflicts with other plugins and themes

As far as we are aware SEO_WBM does not conflict with any existing plugin or theme.

Using the plugin

The plugin works on the page/post level and stores your preferences against each page allowing you to save time when coming back to re ‘SEO’ a page.
If SEO preference data has already been entered on a page/post when the page is edited, a fresh analysis is automatically undertaken.
If you find it slows down your editing to an unacceptable extent, it is suggested you disable the plugin until you want to SEO again. The plugin will remember the settings you entered previously.
To run an SEO analysis on your web page, simple enter your search phrase and three full urls (including the http://) into the fields provided (SEO by Websites by Mark area at the bottom of the screen) and click the update button (or publish button if the page is not live) in the Publish area of the page. This action cause the data to be added to the page and the SEO analysis to be run for the first time.
When the screen updates you will see the four areas of interest (Title tag, Path, H tag and body copy).
Under each section you have four columns, your current page data on the left and the three competing webpages to the right.
The idea behind the plugin is to have the search phrase and the parts of the search phrase to be within the range of the same in the competing websites.
Simply adjust your content until the values are not in red or orange. (Red is over optimised and orange is under)

Idea behind this method

This idea is simple and works well. We don’t know why Google (or another search engine) ranks the pages the way it does (Google uses over 200 ranking signals and keeps most of them secret), but we can see the result.
Therefore if technically we can be like the best performing sites, Google should like us in the same way.

Limitations of the plugin

The main limitation of the plugin is the ability to only look on-page, with Google, it weights in-bound links greatly and this means even if you’re on-page SEO is good, you may still not rank well.

Limited amount of Analysis

We currently only conduct analysis on four ranking signals and against three competing sites, while this should be enough to help the ranking of most sites, in some situation the limited nature of this information may not have the desired effect.

What’s the solution if this plugin does not help?

Generally if you are not seeing any results, it will be down to how long your domain has been active and the amount and quality of the inbound links you have going to it. If you are not able to resolve these elements yourself, you should consider taking professional advice.

Future of the plugin

We are planning to increase the facilities available in the free plugin and we will be releasing a premium version in due course. Updates may include a built in SERP check, inbound links data and keyword planner.

Showing your appreciation

If you found this plugin useful please consider linking to Websites by Mark, writing a review, supplying testimonials or even passing out the word. It all helps.
If you wish to link to Websites by Mark while we appreciate it we would request you only link if you are a family friendly website or service. (We do not want links from websites which cover adult, illegal or gambling subjects.)


Extract the download and upload the folder via FTP or use WordPress install plugins function to install the plugin.

For information on ahow to use please see below.


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