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30+ Essential Addons for Contact Form 7 – Conditional Fields, Multi Step Forms, Redirection, Form Templates, Columns, WooCommerce, Mailchimp, and more


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Equipped with over 30 essential features, Ultimate Addons For Contact Form 7 is the must-have plugin to complement Contact Form 7. It significantly enhances the functionality of your website’s forms created using Contact Form 7. This All-in-One WordPress Contact Form plugin includes a wide range of options, from basic to advanced, catering to all the needs of your website Contact Forms.


  • AI Form Generator
  • Columns / Grid Layout
  • Conditional Field
  • Country List with Flag & Phone
  • Database
  • Digital Signature
  • Dynamic Text Extension
  • Form Styler
  • Mailchimp Integration
  • Multi-Step Form
  • Pabbly/Zapier (Webhook)
  • Pre-populate fields
  • PDF Generate
  • Placeholder Styling
  • Redirection (External / Thank You Page)
  • Range Slider
  • Star Rating Field
  • Submission ID
  • Spam Protection
  • Telegram Integration
  • WooCommerce Product Dropdown


  • Booking/Appointment Form
  • Column (Custom Width)
  • Conditional Field Pro
  • Conditional Redirect
  • Conversational form
  • Form Styler (Global)
  • Frontend Post Submission (CF7 to Post Type / Blog)
  • IP Geo Fields (Autocomplete Country, City, State, Zip Fields)
  • Multi Step Form Pro
  • Range Slider Pro
  • Repeater Field
  • Star Rating Field (Pro)
  • WhatsApp integration and Form Tag Support
  • WooCommerce Checkout
  • WooCommerce Product Dropdown Pro
  • Spam Protection (Pro)

How It works:

How to set up Conditional Fields for Contact Form 7

How to Style Contact Form 7 Forms without CSS/Coding

How to Use Contact Form 7 Fields With Columns / Grid

How to Create a Booking Form with Contact Form 7

How to Connect Contact Form 7 with WooCommerce

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Free Version:

AI Form Generator | Contact Form 7 Form Templates

This feature empowers you to create a variety of Contact Form 7 templates with the power of AI. These form templates serve as a foundation, facilitating a quick start for your website’s forms.

Contact Form 7 Column / Grid Layout

Easily create forms with multiple columns – Contact Form 7 two column, three Columns; even Four columns. Each form is fully responsive.

Contact Form 7 Conditional Fields

Our Conditional Fields for Contact Form 7 addon will help you implement conditional logic to show or hide fields based on user selections and backend logic, making your forms more interactive and user-friendly.

Contact Form 7 Country Dropdown with Flag and Phone

Add a Contact Form 7 phone number with country code and flags for all countries. The tag field will automatically fill in country names in the standard dropdown of Contact Form 7.

Contact Form 7 Database

Our Contact Form 7 save to database addon allows you to view all form submissions from the WordPress Dashboard. This Contact form 7 DB addon also enables you to export submission data to a CSV file.

Contact Form 7 Signature Addon

This feature introduces a Contact Form 7 digital signature capability, allowing users to easily add a signature field to WordPress forms.

Contact Form 7 Dynamic Text Extension

Our Dynamic text Contact Form 7 Addon helps you to Get dynamic value from current URL, blog info, current post info, current user info, and custom fields and add it automatically on Contact Form 7 Text Field. This can also be used in hidden field values. Some examples might include: Dynamically populate Contact form 7 input fields with current user info when logged in WordPress website, Auto-filling a URL, Auto-filling a Post ID, title, or slug, Pre-populating a Product Number, post info, user info, custom fields and Any value you can write a shortcode for.

Contact Form 7 Hidden Field

The above Dynamic Text Addon can also be used to generate hidden field values.

Form Styler | Contact form 7 Style

Our Contact Form 7 style plugin offers extensive customization options for Contact form 7 label color, label Background, font style, font size, font weight, font family, padding, margin; Contact Form 7 Input Color, Input Background Color, Font Style, Font Weight, Font Size, Font Family, Height, Padding, Margin; Contact form 7 button style, Contact form 7 button color, button background color, font size, font weight, width, border styles, padding, margin, Contact form 7 font size etc.

Contact form 7 CSS

This feature allows you to add custom CSS for Contact Form 7, giving you effortless control over Contact Form 7 css style.

Contact Form 7 Mailchimp Integration

Link your Contact Form 7 and Mailchimpaccounts using this addon. It ensures that submissions from Contact Form 7 are automatically added to a specific list in Mailchimp through Mailchimp’s API.

Contact Form 7 Multi Step Forms

Our Multi step Form Contact Form 7 addon simplifies the process of creating multi-step forms with Contact Form 7. This option is perfect for managing longer forms efficiently.

Contact Form 7 Webhook (Pabbly / Zapier)

The Contact Form 7 Zapier / Pabbly addon facilitates the transfer of form data to third-party services such as Zapier and Pabbly, or any similar platform, using Webhook.

Pre-populate Field | Contact Form 7 Auto Populate Fields

Get Value From URL & Autofill Fields Dynamically on Contact Form 7 with our Pre-populate Field Addon. This addon will help you to Auto Populate Contact Form 7 Input Fields with URL Parameter.

Contact Form 7 PDF

The Send pdf for contact form 7 addon automatically generates a PDF upon a Contact Form submission, which is then sent to both the admin’s and the submitter’s email addresses.

Contact Form 7 Placeholder Styler

This feature enables you to customize the CF7 Placeholder
by adjusting text color, background color, font size, font family, style, and weight. Essentially, you can modify your form’s placeholder styling without the need for CSS coding.

Contact Form 7 Range Slider

Enhance your Contact Form 7 by incorporating Range slider fields, enabling users to select values within a specific range through a smooth, interactive slider interface. Ideal for capturing preferences or quantities in a form.

Contact Form 7 Redirect after Submit

Our Redirection for Contact Form 7 addon will help you redirect your contact form 7 form to another URL after submissions. After form submission, your form user will be redirected to a Thank you page or external page. You can also set the option to open the page on the same tab or a new tab.

Contact Form 7 Star Rating Field

Star ratings provide a straightforward and effective method for gathering customer feedback on the quality of your products or services. By utilizing our Star Rating fields to Contact Form 7 addon, you can effortlessly incorporate a star rating system into your Contact Form 7.

Contact Form 7 Submission ID

Our UniqueID for Contact Form 7 addon helps to add a unique ID to each form submission, offering an ideal solution for maintaining a tracking ID for every submission, ensuring efficient management and reference of your form entries.

Contact Form 7 Spam Protection

Our Spam Protection for Contact Form 7 addon will help you to prevent Spam using Arithmetic and Image Recognition.

Contact Form 7 to Telegram

With Our Contact Form 7 Telegram addon, you can seamlessly transfer your form submission data directly to your Telegram channel.

Contact form 7 WooCommerce Integration

Our Contact Form 7 WooCommerce Product Dropdown Field addon enables you to display all your products within a dropdown menu on your form. Upon submission, the selected product data is sent directly to your email, simplifying the process for customers to inquire about WooCommerce products through Contact Form 7.

More free addons are on the way. Stay tuned!

Pro Version

All Free Features

The Pro version includes all the features available in the free version.

Contact Form 7 Booking Form / Appointment Form

This feature enables the creation of a Booking form / Appointment Form with Contact Form 7. It allows for the inclusion of calendar and time slots directly in the form, facilitating efficient booking management.

Custom Column Width for Contact Form 7

This feature assists in customizing the column widths of your form
to your preferred dimensions. You have the flexibility to set any column size; for instance, you can design a two-column layout with one column at 12% width and the other at 88%, among other configurations.

Contact form 7 Conditional Field Pro

Our Conditional Field Pro addon enables you to apply advanced conditional logic to various fields, including Range Slider, Star Rating Field, Country Dropdown, IP Geolocation, and more, enhancing the functionality and user experience of your forms.

Contact Form 7 Conditional Redirect

This offers the option to redirect users to different pages based on their responses. For instance, if a user chooses “Yes” from a dropdown menu, they will be redirected to a specific page; if they select “No,” they will be directed to an alternative page, allowing for a customized user experience based on their selections.

WordPress Conversational Form

Create engaging and interactive conversational forms with our WordPress Conversational forms addons, transforming the standard form into a dynamic, chat-like experience, making form submission more intuitive and less monotonous.

Contact form 7 Global Form Styler

With Global Form Styler, style all your forms from a single location, eliminating the need to individually style each form.

Contact Form 7 to Blog Submission

Create a Frontend post submission form with Contact Form 7. Each form submitted from your website will be published as a new post which you can manage in your dashboard and display on the front end. You can add title, description, category, featured image by default. With the power of “Custom Field”, you can connect with any custom field with this form.

Contact Form 7 to Custom Post Type

Effortlessly convert submissions from Contact Form 7 into a custom post type.

Contact Form 7 Autocomplete Country, City, State, Zip Fields

This feature enables the integration of IP Geolocation into Contact Form 7, allowing fields such as Country, City, State, and Zip to be automatically filled based on the user’s geolocation.

Contact Form 7 Multi-step Form Pro

The Pro version of Multi-Step Forms comes with a list of premium and pre-built templates featuring attractive designs. Users can choose any design skin, which will then automatically generate a pre-designed form. The Pro version also allows for button text editing and adding background image in the form.

Contact form 7 Range Slider Pro

The Pro version of Range Slider features a variety of premium, pre-built layouts.

Contact form 7 Repeatable Fields

Our Contact Form 7 Repeater field addon enables the inclusion of repeatable fields within Contact Form 7, allowing for the duplication of various types of fields including text, files, checkboxes, radio buttons, and textareas.

Contact Form 7 Star Rating Field Pro

While the free version offers one Star Field icon, the Pro version enhances your options with 5 Built-In Rating Styles. If these styles don’t meet your needs, the Pro version further allows the addition of any icon from Font Awesome.

Contact form 7 Whatsapp Integration + CF7 Tag Support

Tag support for CF7 fields allows data to be passed through the redirect URL. Additionally, you can activate WhatsApp Contact Form 7 integration. For instance, by using tag support in the format https://yourdomain.com/?name=[your-name], the name field can be forwarded to WhatsApp or any desired destination.

Contact form 7 WooCommerce Checkout / Auto Add to Cart

Integrate WooCommerce Checkout with your Contact Form 7 forms. When a customer selects a product and submits the form, they will be automatically redirected to the cart page, with the chosen product already added to their cart. From there, they can proceed to the checkout process and finalize their purchase using WooCommerce’s payment system.

Choose Specific / Multiple / Categorize WooCommerce Product

The Pro version enhances your capability by allowing the addition of Specific WooCommerce Product to your Contact Form 7 forms, selectable based on Product ID. It also enables customers to choose Multiple WooCommerce Products within your forms. Furthermore, the Pro version supports displaying products based on WooCommerce Category.

Contact form 7 Product Grid View with Thumbnails

Display your products in an impressive WooCommerce Grid View, allowing for addition based on ID, Category, or Tags. This feature enhances the visual appeal and organization of your product listings.

Contact Form 7 Spam Protection Pro

Our Spam Protection Pro for Contact Form 7 addon will help you to protect your website from spam by frequent form submission by adding a time limit, and more features coming soon.

More Pro addons are in development and will be available soon.

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We provide full support on the WordPress.org forums & Our Website. Check our Support Policy.

Privacy Policy

Ultimate Addons for Contact Form 7 uses Appsero SDK to collect some telemetry data. Appsero SDK does not gather any data by default. The SDK only starts gathering basic telemetry data when a user allows it via the admin notice. Appsero SDK DOES NOT IMMEDIATELY start gathering data, without confirmation from users in any case. We use this data to troubleshoot problems faster, make product improvements & ensure a great user experience for all our users.

How can I report security bugs?
You can report security bugs through the Patchstack Vulnerability Disclosure Program. The Patchstack team help validate, triage and handle any security vulnerabilities. Report a security vulnerability.

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The icons used in this plugin are sourced from Iconfinder.


  • Settings Panel
  • Redirection (Settings)
  • Redirect To Thank You Page
  • Conditional Field (Settings)
  • Conditional Field (Form Example)
  • Columns / Grid Layout (Settings)
  • Columns / Grid Layout (Form Example)
  • Range Slider (Settings)
  • Range Slider (Form Example)
  • Multi-Step Form (Settings)
  • Multi-Step Form (Form Example)
  • Placeholder Styling (Settings)
  • Placeholder Styling (Form Example)
  • WooCommerce Product Dropdown (Settings)
  • WooCommerce Product Dropdown (Form Example)
  • Form Styler (Settings)
  • Form Styler (Form Example)
  • Star Rating Field (Settings)
  • Star Rating Field (Form Example)
  • All Country List with Flag (Settings)
  • All Country List with Flag (Form Example)
  • Connect with Mailchimp (Settings)
  • Connect with Mailchimp (Form Example)
  • Dynamic Text (Settings)
  • Dynamic Text (Form Example)
  • Pre-populate Field (Settings)
  • Pre-populate Field (Form Example)
  • Save to Database Data List With View and Export
  • Save to Database for Multiple Forms
  • Send PDF Using Contact form 7 (Settings)
  • Generated PDF View Using Contact form 7
  • WooCommerce Checkout (Form Example)
  • WooCommerce Checkout Page
  • Repeater Field (Settings)
  • Repeater Field (Form Example)
  • Post Type / Blog Submission (Input Fields)
  • Post Type / Blog Submission (Form Example)
  • Booking/Appointment Form (Settings)
  • Booking/Appointment Form (Form Example)
  • Conditional Redirect (Settings)
  • Conditional Redirect (Form Example)
  • Custom Column Width (Settings)
  • Custom Column Width (Form Example)
  • Whatsapp Integration + CF7 Tag Support (Settings)
  • Whatsapp Integration + CF7 Tag Support (Preview Example)
  • Global Form Styler (Settings)
  • Global Form Styler (Form Example)
  • Autocomplete Country, City, State, and Zip Fields (IP Geolocation) (Settings)
  • Autocomplete Country, City, State, and Zip Fields (IP Geolocation) (Form Example)
  • Product Grid View with Thumbnails (Settings)
  • Product Grid View with Thumbnails (Form Example)
  • Range Slider Pro (Settings)
  • Range Slider Pro (Form Example)


  1. Download and unzip the plugin. Upload the unzipped folder to the wp-contents/plugins folder of your WordPress installation.
  2. Active the plugin from the WordPress Plugins administration page OR, Go to the WordPress admin panel, click ‘Plugins’ -> ‘Add new’. In the search input box, type ‘Ultimate Addons for Contact form 7’.
  3. Install and activate the plugin.
  4. Go through the Quick setup wizard for the basic setup.
  5. Check our Documentation & YouTube videos for further instruction.
  6. Go to Plugin Settings (Dashboard -> Ultimate Addons) and enable the addon you need.

ਅਕਸਰ ਪੁੱਛੇ ਜਾਂਦੇ ਸਵਾਲ

How can I report security bugs?

You can report security bugs through the Patchstack Vulnerability Disclosure Program. The Patchstack team help validate, triage and handle any security vulnerabilities. Report a security vulnerability.

What is Contact Form 7

Contact Form 7 is a popular, and one of the oldest, WordPress plugin that enables users to create and manage multiple contact forms on their website.

Why do we need an addon plugin for Contact Form 7

Addon plugins for Contact Form 7, like Ultimate Addons for Contact Form 7, enhance the core functionalities of Contact Form 7 by introducing additional features such as multi-step forms, address autocomplete, country dropdowns, range sliders, and more. These addons improve user experience, extend the form’s capabilities, and integrate seamlessly with other services, making your forms more powerful and versatile.

How to create multi-step forms using Contact Form 7

Discover how to break down your Contact Form 7 into manageable, sequential steps, improving user engagement. Watch our tutorial here and see a live demo here.

How to add address autocomplete (Country, City, State, Zip Fields) to Contact Form 7

Simplify user input and enhance accuracy with address autocomplete features. Learn more through our video here and experience it live here.

How to add Country Dropdown Field in Contact form 7

Easily incorporate a country dropdown into your forms for a streamlined user experience. Instructional video available here and a live preview here.

How to create Range Slider Fields in Contact Form 7

Introduce dynamic range sliders for user-friendly input options. Check out our guide here and see the feature in action here.

How to add Contact Form 7 Star Rating with font Awesome for WordPress

Implement star ratings to gather feedback efficiently. Tutorial video here and a live demo here.

How to add Repeatable Field on Contact Form 7

Enable users to duplicate fields as needed for comprehensive submissions. Learn how here and view the live example here.

How to setup Redirecting to another URL after submissions – Contact Form 7

Redirect users to a specific page after form submission for a seamless experience. Detailed instructions here and a live example here.

How to configure Conditional Redirection for Contact Form 7

Customize user journeys based on their form inputs for targeted follow-ups. Tutorial here and live demo here.

How to connect Contact Form 7 with Mailchimp

Automate the addition of form submissions to your Mailchimp lists for efficient email marketing. Step-by-step video here and see it live here.

How to integrate Contact Form 7 to Telegram

Instantly forward form submissions to your Telegram channel for quick access. How-to video here and the live preview here.


3 ਜੂਨ 2024 1 reply
A plugin that does its job properly. I am satisfied.The only missing Leads data I can see can only be accessed by admin users.This authorisation cannot be given to the editor level.
19 ਮਈ 2024 1 reply
I just purchased the Ultimate Addons for Contact Form 7 and had some adjustments needed with styling codes. In a day they responded and solved the issue. This is what I would expect from a professional company. Really value their support service!
13 ਮਈ 2024 1 reply
Thanks for this great plugin, its intuitive, easy to use and lightweight!!
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3.3.15 07/07/2024

  • Improvement: System stability
  • Minor Bug fixes and improvements
  • Fixed: Escaping and text-domain issue
  • Fixed: Notice close issue

3.3.14 – 24/06/2024

  • Improvement: System stability
  • Minor bug fixes and improvements

3.3.13 – 13/06/2024

  • Improvement: Country dropdown and repeater
  • Improvement: Star rating review submission
  • Improvement: Quick setup design issue
  • Improvement: MailChimp addon upgraded
  • Improvement: Optimized CSS/JS code
  • Improvement: System stability
  • Minor bug fixes and improvements
  • Fixed: Booking date issue
  • Compatibility: Compatible with WordPress 6.5.4

3.3.12 – 27/05/2024

  • Fixed: Conditional Logic issue
  • Fixed: Dynamic field issue
  • Improved: Digital signature
  • Improved: Import/Export process
  • Improved: Repeater addon
  • Improved: Quick Setup wizard
  • Improved: Submission ID addon
  • Improved: Spam Protection
  • Improved: Column/Grid addon
  • Improved: PDF addon file system

3.3.11 – 07/05/2024

  • Fixed: PDF file path issue

3.3.10 – 04/05/2024

  • Updated readme.txt

3.3.9 – 04/05/2024

  • Added: Spam protection feature introduced
  • Fixed: Minor Bugs
  • System stability improved

3.3.8 – 28/04/2024

  • Compatible with Impreza Theme
  • Fixed: Minor Bugs
  • Added: Plugin dependency notice

3.3.7 – 03/04/2024

  • Compatibility: Compatible with WordPress 6.5
  • Fixed: Minor Bugs

3.3.6 – 25/03/2024

  • Fixed: Mailchimp warning issue
  • Fixed: Repeater limit issue( Pro )
  • Fixed: ACF conflict issue
  • Fixed: Booking issue( Pro )

3.3.5 – 15/03/2024

  • Added: Disclaimer for Patchstack VDP
  • Updated: readme.txt

3.3.4 – 14/03/2024

  • Fixed: Assets loading 404 issue
  • Fixed: Sweetalert2 patch resolved
  • Updated: Imported Data Converted into JSON

3.3.3 – 06/03/2024

  • Fixed: Digital Signature Conflict with DB
  • Added: CDN and Local script Settings

3.3.2 – 05/03/2024

  • Fixed: Auto Scrolling to the top for Multi-step form
  • Fixed: PDF both emails send issue
  • Fixed: PDF body content image tag visual issue
  • Fixed: Warning issue headers already sent
  • Fixed: Conditional Checkbox issue
  • Fixed: Switcher empty saved issue fixed
  • Fixed: Digital signature conflict with DB and PDF generator
  • Fixed: Placeholder Issue
  • Fixed: Styler addon border issue Issue

3.3.1 – 29/02/2024

  • Improvement: Sidebar Menu Position
  • Improvement: Added Preview URL for WebHook

3.3.0 – 28/02/2024

  • Added: New Feature Pabbly/Zapier (Webhook) introduced
  • Added: Import Export Feature
  • Improvement: A new option panel introduced
  • Improvement: Quick setup introduced
  • Improvement: System stability Improved
  • Improvement: All the individual pro addons merged with UACF7 Pro

3.2.19 – 24/01/2024

  • Updated: readme.txt
  • Updated: backup notice for v3.3.0

3.2.18 – 22/01/2024

  • Update Notice: Discover the latest features and improvements that are going to be released in version 3.3.0

3.2.17 – 13/01/2024

  • Update Notice: We are preparing to release version 3.3.0 soon, featuring a new options panel and several enhancements. As a precautionary measure, we recommend taking a backup before proceeding with the update.

3.2.16 – 02/01/2024

  • Fixed: Multiple Signature on the same page
  • Improvement: Take out the signature confirm button

3.2.15 – 15/12/2023

  • Fixed: PHP Error Fixing
  • Fixed: Minor Bugs

3.2.14 – 10/12/2023

  • Updated: readme.txt
  • Fixed: Minor Bugs

3.2.13 – 09/12/2023

  • Fixed: PHP 8.0 Compatibility issue
  • Fixed: Multistep progress bar validation issue
  • Updated: Extended Notice( Black Friday )

Old Changelog can be found here.

1.0.0 – 04/02/2021

  • Initial stable release