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Free Coupons! Discounts! Free Vouchers!

Online shoppers do love to see these terms while swarming over e-commerce websites. Well, it’s no secret that WooCommerce provides an in-built coupon feature. But it may not seem enough if you are trying to draw your customers in significant numbers. Instead, a solely dedicated coupon plugin would serve the purpose more efficiently.

Therefore, Ultimate Coupons For WooCommerce is a WordPress coupon plugin you can place your bet on. It combines more powerful features and applications to the default WooCommerce Coupon. Likewise, buy x get x deals, create cart rules, restrictions, share coupon system, scheduling, and many other powerful customizations.


Fortunately, this WordPress coupon plugin is available in a free version. It comes with a handsome number of features that would dazzle you for sure. Let’s have a quick glimpse at them.

⋄ Buy X Get X Deals

There is barely any alternative to the BOGO (Buy-One-Get-One) coupons when it comes to offering lucrative deals for customers. Besides, when it comes to gaining a handsome profit margin, BOGO deals are much more convenient compared to other services.

For example, if you’d offer a 30% off deal on a product that might take $100 to purchase, then by subtracting the cost price of 30$ you’d gain a profit of 40$ only ($70 discount price minus a cost cut of 30$). On the contrary, on a Woocommerce BOGO deal (Buy 2 get 1 free) if you sell 3 products costing $100 each, you can make a profit of $110 right away.


Suppose, you are selling jeans on your e-commerce site. Offering a “Buy 2 get 1 free” deal would actually cost $300 for 3 pairs of those jeans. Now cut the cost price ($30) on each of them and $100 on the free jeans as well.

So, what do you get?
A whooping profit of $110 right there!

This smart coupons plugin would allow you to manually set a Buy X Get X offer regardless of product categories. You can also make the deal available for repetitive use of the coupon.

In addition to that, by using this plugin you would receive 3 types of BOGO discounts that include overriding product price (can even make it free), percentage & fixed discount (can deduct a fixed amount from the product price). Besides, you can trigger the deal when all/any (Match All/ Match Any) target products’ quantity would match with the specified amount.

⋄ Cart Conditions

The idea of cart conditions emerges when you need to apply certain restrictions to prevent the misuse of the WooCommerce coupons on your site. This advanced coupon plugin would offer you a very user-friendly feature so that you can comfortably set the coupon rules.

Additionally, you can impose them based on product category, first purchase, subtotal amount, cart quantity, and many more. Choosing between AND/OR logic, you’d also be able to include multiple groups of conditions. That said, there are a dozen more options available that are waiting for you to play with.

⋄ Restrictions

Only when a set of conditions is matched, you can easily create restrictions via this plugin. In this feature, you can allow/disallow or specify user roles. The service covers a wide range, from a customer to an administrator regarding the application of coupons. Also, limiting or offering multiple payment and shipping methods are available as well.

⋄ Scheduling

This particular feature deals with scheduling a coupon’s span of validity. That means you can set both the starting and expiring dates (mentioning time) for a coupon to be available for the customers.

⋄ Share Coupon Via URL

Suppose you want any of your potential customers directly to land on your site & without having any hassle of using coupon codes, they’d be able to purchase products. To help you with executing the idea, this will be the perfect feature.

You can share the URL (having coupon code) with your potential customers. Not only that, you can even customize the URL structure & coupon code too.

⋄ Maximum Discount

Offering discounts have always been a popular business strategy to lure customers into purchasing several products at once. Using this plugin, you can fix the maximum discount rate up to any amount. Eventually, such offerings would seem beneficial to you, more like shooting at two birds with one arrow.

A maximum discount offer will draw your customer’s attention accordingly and provoke them to purchase from your site. At the same time, you can also restrict them from scooping back a chunk of the spent amount.

⋄ Global Settings: Banners and Popup Templates

The first feature that you will come across in the global setting is customizing banners and templates. This plugin will allow you to create and display banners/templates to the visiting customers of your site.

It’d enable you to restrict user roles and set the display type as Popup/Header/Footer. After setting the title, description, and selecting a photo, you can resize them and customize the background and border colors as per your need.

Premium Features: Ultimate Coupons For WooCommerce Premium

The Ultimate Coupon for WooCommerce Premium version will let you experience all the extensive usage of the features. Get them now!

⋄ Buy X Get X Deals

Via this feature, you can regulate the coupon application for several purchasing conditions. For the cheapest and random products in the purchasing list that are matching with a specified quantity, you can approve the coupon application as well.

⋄ Cart Conditions

The premium feature of cart conditions includes multiple groups of conditions, AND/OR logic between groups, and a variety of services as follows-

  • Product quantities in the cart.
  • User’s order number.
  • User’s total spent amount.
  • Hours after user registration.
  • Hour after last order.
  • User’s previous order history
  • Shipping Zones
  • Payment Methods
  • Quantity types in cart
    • More than
    • less than
    • Exactly
    • Anything But
  • Custom taxonomy in the cart.
  • Custom user meta
  • Custom product meta
  • Quantity type (Exactly / More than/ Less than / Anything But)

⋄ Restrictions

Restricting options for multiple shipping and payment methods are available in this premium feature. You can restrict users depending on their roles too that would enable a certain group to apply the coupons.

⋄ Share Coupon Via URL

Apart from sharing the coupon URL with potential customers, you can customize coupon codes and use them specifically on the admin panel in the premium version.

⋄ Scheduling

Purchasing the plugin’s premium version would allow you to schedule the daily applicable timeline for the coupon. In addition to that, this scheduling feature will also enable you to restrict coupon usage for any specific day of the week.

⋄ Wheel Game

Winning coupons by playing lucky games ain’t a new thing in e-commerce sites. This coupon plugin comes with a premium feature that offers customers to claim coupons just by spinning a lucky wheel. By using shortcodes, you can set it to be displayed anywhere on the website. Moreover, you can limit the maximum tries for the visitors and add unlimited discount slots

⋄ Global Setting

Along with all the regular banner/template displaying features, it also offers powerful customization. The premium version includes generating coupons in bulk, relegating the necessity of any other plugins for duplicating. However, you can also set coupon length, suffix, prefix, etc.

⋄ Generate Bulk Coupons

  • Number of coupons
  • Discount Types
  • Coupon Amount
  • Prefix
  • Suffix

Why Use the Ultimate Coupons For WooCommerce ?

WooCommerce comes with a default feature allowing you to generate discount coupons. It also offers WooCommerce Free Shipping Coupons. If you want to elevate your game a notch up, then this won’t seem much handy. Hence, there are loads of free and premium WooCommerce coupon plugins available with numerous features.

Using WooCommerce coupon plugins is a norm that you can barely ignore. The benefits that come along with the use of such plugins in your WordPress website knows no bound. It’s pretty straightforward yet a powerful tool to boost involvement, stiffen loyalty among revisiting customers, and tempt new visitors to make purchases.

But do all of them provide satisfactory service?
No, They Don’t!!!

And, here comes the Ultimate Coupons for Woocommerce at your service!!!

So, that breeds the urge of letting you know why this smart coupons plugin would be a perfect choice. Using this plugin will lead you to experience some amazing features & functionalities. You would be more flexible and come across less amount of trouble in providing the most satisfying coupon service to your customers. Besides, such user-friendly plugin performance would help you with reducing cart abandonment, incorporate discounts in popup, generate coupons in bulk, and many more.

That said, the Ultimate Coupons for WooCommerce is basically a solely client oriented plugin. To boost up your sales on many widely observed campaigns you can trust this plugin. By using it you can perform several functionalities on famous campaigns like Cyber Monday, Black Friday, 9.9 campaign, 11.11 campaign, and many more.

Above all, this WooCommerce coupon plugin can be a vital game-changer tool for your WordPress eCommerce website.


  • Deals
  • Conditions
  • Schedule
  • URL
  • Restrictions
  • Templates


  1. Upload the plugin files to the /wp-content/plugins/ultimate-coupon-for-woocommerce directory, or install the plugin through the WordPress plugins screen directly.
  2. Activate the plugin through the ‘Plugins’ screen in WordPress
  3. Use the “UCFW Settings” menu to configure the plugin.

ਅਕਸਰ ਪੁੱਛੇ ਜਾਂਦੇ ਸਵਾਲ

Can I Offer BOGO (Buy One Get One) deals?

Surely you can!
You can easily set “Buy X Get X” deals & offer them on simple and variable products applying multiple conditions. Likewise;

  • Allow Repeated Use
  • Match All / Any
  • Apply All / Cheapest / Random

What Type of Conditions can I apply?

You will be able to check for specific products in the cart, subtotal amount, previously ordered products, user’s order number(serial), user’s total spent amount, elapsed time of user registration, timeline of last order, shipping zones, payment methods, and many other advanced conditions.

Can I Apply Usage Restrictions For Different Methods?

Using this plugin would allow you to apply usage restrictions for several methods. There are tons of restriction features that are available for you. Such as;

  1. Selected user roles that are available in WordPress.

  2. Allow or Disallow User.

  3. Multiple payment methods.

  4. Multiple shipping methods.

  5. Disable the settings if you don’t want to use it.

Can I Apply Scheduling for Coupons ?

Yes, you can set a particular date and time to run your preset campaign with following features:

  1. Setting the starting date and time from when the coupon can no longer be used.

  2. Setting the starting time from when the coupon can be applied on each day.

  3. Setting the ending time after when the coupon cannot be applied for the day.

  4. Set specific days in a week when the coupon application would be restricted, and more.

  5. Days in a week when the coupon cannot be applied. and more..

Can I share Coupons Via URL ?

Sharing URL Coupons will allow you to provide a specific URL to your potential customers. By visiting the given link (URL) they can apply the coupon with ease. This feature will offer;

  1. Custom URL structure.

  2. Custom coupon code.

  3. Disable feature option.


20 ਅਪ੍ਰੈਲ 2023 1 reply
I have try a lot of plugins. This one have everything that you need and even more. The support is fast and good, I can only recommand !
14 ਜਨਵਰੀ 2022
Overall, your plugin is great and I used it very frequently for my newborn online store. Please check on the forum, I asked you about a feature and hope this is possible. Thank you and Best wishes to you guys!
12 ਜਨਵਰੀ 2022
This plugin is a lifesaver for my online store. I would highly recommend everyone to use this plugin.
3 ਸਤੰਬਰ 2021
WooCommerce plugin our every people needed, so advance more feature add to this your plugin.
15 ਅਗਸਤ 2021
This plugin is very much effective for coupon management. This can make a developer’s life easier. Thanks to all the authors for creating such a plugin like this.
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Tested Ok with WC 7.0.1
Tested Ok with WP 7.0.1


Tested Ok with WC 7.0.1
Tested Ok with WP 6.0.1


  • Tested OK with WC 5.6.0
  • [Bug fix] textdomain corrected for proper translation


  • Added brand new popup templates and snackbar templates.
  • Tested OK with WC 6.0.0


  • Fixed minor bug in Maximum discount feature.
  • Tested compatibility with WordPress 6.


  • Fixed discount bug in deals
  • Compatibility with WooCommerce discount settings


  • Tested with the WordPress latest version and WooCommerce


  • New feature: Shipping Fee Override with ability to enable/disable
  • Maximum Discount reorganized
  • Tested with the WordPress 6.1.1 latest version and WooCommerce 7.1.0


  • Minor bug fixes
  • Feature enhancement: Deals can apply without target items
  • Tested with the WordPress 6.1.1 latest version and WooCommerce 7.3.0