Ultimate Post Kit Addons For Elementor – (Post Grid, Post Carousel, Post Slider, Category List, Post Tabs, Timeline, Post Ticker, Tag Cloud)


Ultimate Post Kit addons for Elementor is the first-ever addon that lets you design blogging websites with a completely new and refreshing outlook. This is the best tool for bloggers, marketers, and post-type web owners.
Ultimate Post Kit addons for Elementor provides fine-tuned post interface having the all-famous drag-n-drop editing feature of Elementor. The number of unique widgets by Ultimate Post Kit helps you present your blogs or posts with SEO-optimized layouts, cool sliders, eye-catchy designs, and more.

Ultimate Post Kit doesn’t require you any coding knowledge. The plugin is simple enough to be used by beginners, yet so amazing that professional developers will love the fully customizable widgets for a pro web design experience. Use Ultimate Post Kit to design your blogging site in minutes with a next-gen blogging architect to help you capture more traffic.

Ultimate Post Kit is developed using the best code practices for WordPress, having the highest compatibility with the latest PHP, CSS, JS, HTML5, and WordPress core vital. Instead of slowing down, Ultimate Post Kit boosts your website with an intelligent SEO-optimized site-booster framework. Just one plugin gets you many facilities!

Ultimate Post Kit supports and translates into multiple languages with the RTL feature. (open for more translations)


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Introducing Ultimate Post Kit Elementor Addon

Free Widgets for Lifetime 🔥

Grid 🧊

  1. Alex Grid – The Alex Grid widget is a tailor-made elementor addon for publishing blog and post related websites. It has a modern layout style by introducing content block with galssmorphism effect above post images. See the demo.
  2. Alice Grid – The Alice Grid makes the most compact blog post that uses the minimum page but delivers maximum info. This elementor addon is best for mobile devices where minimalism required most attention. See the demo
  3. Alter Grid – The Alter Grid widget let you make the best use of classical blog style that shows every details arranged neatly on the layout. You can easily create stunning blog homepage utilizing the layout style of this elementor addon. Best for news portals, gaming sites, lifestyle blogs. See the demo
  4. Amox Grid – The Amox Grid is a powerful yet minimalistic post grid tool developed by the Ultimate Post Kit plugin. It has a default hover style that shifts the background into a custom designs once hovered. See the demo
  5. Elite Grid – The Elite Grid widget lets you design beautiful blog posts with high end graphics and unique title style with excerpt. While displaying posts with detailed information, this elementor addon keeps its focus on the author, gives you enough space to highlight the author. See the demo
  6. Gratis Grid – Introduce your audience to a modern website with the Gratis Grid’s eye-catchy post layouts. The grid can display your post category, title, meta, and show more button inside a evenly proportional grid interface, making your posts more attractive and informative.
  7. Hazel Grid – The Hazel Grid widget is one of the most prominent post tool by the Ultimate Post Kit plugin. It presents a simple style, omitting excessive detailing and rather boost its appearance through high quality graphics. It’s fun to use this elementor addon for post related blog sites. See the demo
  8. Maple Grid – The Maple Grid widget has a unique post layout that maximizes the delivery of blog information. It shows every detail of a post including tags, categories, and post type. Design news covers, lifestyle blogs, showdowns, inaugurations, and more. See the demo
  9. Ramble Grid – The Ramble Grid is a different type of widget. It offers a layout resembling a blank canvas with a minimum amount of detail until you hover and discover everything it contains. While users can enjoy enough white area, all info related to the post will reveal upon hover. See the demo

List 🔢

  1. Buzz List – Buzz List is for listing your blogs in the features section using hidden cover image behind the white background. The iconic point of this widget is the big counter number alongside the post titles, making it a more dynamic blog presenter. See the demo
  2. Exotic List – It’s boring to show your featured blog list using only text links. With the Exotic List widget, you can create stunning post lists with bolded post titles and a hover sensitive post image trigger function. With the combined animation effect, the widget looks daunting and can interact with your users for more user engagements.
  3. Fanel List – The Fanel List is a list-type blogging widget developed by the Ultimate Post Kit plugin. This tool helps you lay a post list towards your readers along with a bunch of different information regarding those posts. Helps making your post list catch the readers eyes quickly. See the demo
  4. Featured List – The Feature list widget is a specialty for bloggers that uses featured post list in his website homepage so much easily. It is developed by the Ultimate Post Kit plugin to boost the user experience of your blogging site.
  5. Harold List – The Harold List widget is made for presenting blog posts in a list manner, maximizing navigational efficiency while keeping the readers informed about the next content. This is a secondary use type elementor addon which adds a new experience to the viewers. See the demo
  6. Scott List – Scott List is a blog navigator type widget, developed by Ultimate Post Kit plugin to enhance your blogging experience. The blog posts are displayed in a list formation with basic information & counter numbers on top of the post images. See the demo
  7. Tiny List – The Tiny List widget is a miniature list type post tool developed by the Ultimate Post Kit plugin. It’s designed in such a way that works as a blog assistant and navigator to lead the reader to all over your blog page. See the demo

Carousel 🌅

  1. Alex Carousel – The Alex Carousel widget is a twin of Alex Grid, made for publishing blogs with a carousel style. This elementor addon gives you enough customization options to make a wide variety of layout. See the demo.
  2. Alice Carousel – The Alice Carousel widget is paired with the Alice Grid widget, boost a minimal post layout in a fancy carousel style. Use it to make a stack of blogs and post related topics inside your webpage. See the demo
  3. Alter Carousel – The Alter Carousel widget has the same basic functions of the Alter Grid widget but instead, a carousel style. It is build for publishing post related sites without the need of extra works. Just use Alter Carousel and build you blog page. See the demo
  4. Amox Carousel – Amox carousel is a minimalistic post carousel widget developed by ultimate post kit plugin. The widget has a power interface, having a sturdy design, and a smooth carousel animation, making it the best blogging tool. See the demo
  5. Buzz List Carousel – Buzz List Carousel is the later version of the original one (Buzz List) but with a carousel type layout. Now, you can display hundreds of blog posts using the dynamic counter number and carousel animation style. See the demo
  6. Category Carousel – Category carousel widget makes it possible to show the status of existing category using a floating box on top of the selected category image. See the demo
  7. Elite Carousel – The Elite Carousel widget is an identical carousel version of the Elite Grid widget. Has almost the same performance, best as a slider. This elementor addon supports any kinds of blog posts. See the demo
  8. Harold List Carousel – Harold list carousel for your next elementor page builder to show it more dynamically with title, date excerpt, thumbnail style modifier.
  9. Hazel Carousel – The Hazel Carousel widget is an identical twin of the Hazel Grid in terms of general appearance and settings, instead, having a carousel type layout. This tool helps you keep the readers focused on the post image as much as possible, reducing total content delivery into a modernized glassmorphism effect. See the demo
  10. Maple Carousel – The Maple Carousel widget is no different in content deliver style from the Maple Grid widget except for a carousel style. This dynamic elementor addon can boost your blogging experience, publishing all kinds of post related info. See the demo
  11. Ramble Carousel – The Ramble Carousel widget is the carousel version of the Ramble Grid widget. It offers such a post layout that boosts user experience by arranging posts in a calm manner and delivers them when necessary. See the demo

Slider 🎴

  1. Camux Slider – Camux slider is totally unique and stylish slider widget for building modern blog pages on WordPress. As a part of the Ultimate Post Kit plugin, Camux can boost your blogs outreach with it’s high-quality interface and SEO integration. See the demo
  2. Carbon Slider – The carbon slider widget is one of our favorite sliders that is crafted combining modern navigation styles a vintage looking layout to add more taste to the user experience. See the demo
  3. Crystal Slider – Crystal is a blogging slider widget for the Ultimate Post Kit plugin. This is a very unique slider that helps your visitors keeping their focus on the blog content while amazed by the serene view on the background. This widget has set everything on fire. See the demo
  4. Noxe Slider – Noxe is the most minimalistic slider widget with a quick-eye-grabber appearance. Displays high resolution images with distraction less content delivery.
  5. Paradox Slider – The Paradox Slider is the only slider widget developed by the Ultimate Post Kit that is dedicated to bloggers. This awesome slider widget has a responsive structure that is suitable for viewing blog info on any kind of devices. See the demo
  6. Pholox Slider – Pholox slider widget makes the perfect interface to laydown your beautiful blogging site with a detailed first-person view. The slider has a full banner with thumb style text content and a thumb post gallery at the bottom
  7. Skide Slider – The Skide slider is a unique slider widget having a full-width background and compact info delivery. The slider is best for featuring blog post on the sites’ hero page. See the demo
  8. Snog Slider – Having a unique post interface, Snog, is the perfect slider to bring a major impact on your WordPress blogging site with a powerful double projection layout by boosting the visible charm of a page off the margin. Snog is packed with charming animation effects and a robust slider mechanism with pixel perfect graphics.

Timeline 🎏

  1. Oras Timeline – The timeline widget is a specialty for bloggers that uses a dynamic flow chart to display posts, pages, or events in a timely manner. It is developed by the Ultimate Post Kit plugin to boost the user experience of your blogging site.

Others 💠

  1. Author – The Author widget is a unique development from the Ultimate Post Kit plugin. Unlike most of the blog sites, you can create an attractive author section and perfectly illustrate your blog authors in an amazing way. See the demo.
  2. Banner – Banner lets you display a quick news feed to keep your audience updated about the deals, offers, or pieces of information that could be vital for your blog. Customizable and full of features for your needs.
  3. News Ticker – The News Ticker widget is designed by the Ultimate Post Kit plugin as a miniature post presentation on your blogging site. The layout is identical to that seen often on a news channel. See the demo.
  4. Newsletter – The Newsletter widget helps you collect emails from your visitors and let you create mail lists easily. It’s one of the most important feature for a blog site that you can get for free along with a customization interface at Ultimate Post Kit plugin. See the demo
  5. Post Accordion – Using Accordion widget, you can create a stunning layout to display your blog posts with the all-known accordion effect. Unlike the old ones where only text or image has the effect, it creates the effect for the whole post block. See the demo.
  6. Post Category – The Category widget is a blog based widget that shows total posts on a website by categories. On it, numerical values such as the number of posts belonging to a certain category are displayed. See the demo.
  7. Reading Progress Bar – The Reading Progress Bar widget creates a progress tracker on your blog page to help the visitors track the total reading progress of the current page. Just place it inside your blog page and the counter go up to 100% according to the position you are at on the page. See the demo
  8. Recent Comments – The Recent Comments widget shows your visitors’ recent comments on your blog posts. It’s a simplified widget for creating a positive impact on your website based on peoples’ words. See the demo
  9. Social share – Social share widget gives sharing feature for your website. Also, it helps the visitor to share their feelings about the site.
  10. Social Count – Static – The social count widget let’s you display the stats of your social media profile through the number of likes, views, followers, etc. It can greatly boost your conversion rate by leading the traffic into a positive attitude. See the demo
  11. Tag Cloud – A commercial blogging website often has a huge volume of tags behind the posts. The Tag Cloud widget helps you display the large number of post tags in a uniquely stylish format. Can bring out the charm of your blog page. See the demo.

Free Extensions for Lifetime 🔥

  1. Animations – You can add entrance animation effects to your post widgets for a more zesty experience in viewing and interacting with the grids from the users’ perspective.

Free Features for Lifetime 🔥

  1. Live Copy or Paste – Live copy is a copy feature that allow you to copy and paste content from one domain to another. For example you can copy demo content directly from our demo website.
  2. Duplicator – Turn on this switcher to enable the Duplicator. It’s available for posts, pages and elementor templates

More widgets & extensions are coming soon…

Pro version Widgets 🔥

Grid 🧊

  1. Kalon Grid – Kalon Grid adds thumb-size post grid with dynamic tags and a seamless title on the post images. Ultimate Post Kit made it to show the post date & author name below the title of the post images. See the demo.
  2. Pixina Grid – Use Pixina Grid to transform your blog page into ultra modern grid with artistic board-view and prime colored bezel. This impossible layout would catch people’s attention like honey-driven bear. See the demos
  3. Wixer Grid – Wixer Grid has a clean & calm interface while displaying posts in a fancy manner. Use this widget to bring out feature posts along with image-less post navigation right below. See the demo

List 🔢

  1. Classic List – Any blog page looks awesome with the new Classic List widget by Ultimate Post Kit. The wide image section with separated detail portion makes it look classy and stylish.
  2. Candy List – Using the Candy List widget to show your post list, you can surprise your visitors with a sudden content reveal. Because by default, the widget only shows the post title, category, and meta. Only when hovered, visitors will see the post images popping up with stylish animations.
  3. Welsh List – The Welsh List widget is a blogging tool that displays your blog posts with a broad detailing, including the post publishing date in a timestamp. The list looks a lot like a calendar and best for featuring upcoming posts on your website. See the demo

Gallery 💠

  1. Featured Gallery – Create the most outstanding post gallery within your website and entertain your visitors with maximum engagement using the Featured Gallery widget.

Carousel 🌅

  1. Eldora Carousel – The Eldora Carousel presents a slider-type interface to onboard your posts into the webpage with a compact card view of the post image and details (title, description, meta, button) along with the next and previous post images on both sides.
  2. Gratis Carousel – Revolutionize your website with the Gratis Carousel widget and unveil a stunning post layout that will make your content stand out like never before. Prepare to captivate your audience with a visually striking and engaging website experience.
  3. Kalon Carousel – Kalon Carousel is the animated carousel version of the Kalon Grid widget. It displays posts with minimal information that is suitable for featuring up coming posts on your website. See the demo.
  4. Pixina Carousel – Pixina Carousel can transform your blog page into ultra modern grid with artistic board-view. This carousel layout has a description bezel that has the ability to catch people’s attention like honey-driven bear. See the demos
  5. Wixer Carousel – The Wixer Carousel is the brother of Wixer Grid widget. It has a clean & calm interface for displaying your blog posts. The widget can bring out the beauty of the feature posts along with image-less post navigation right below. See the demo

Slider 🎴

  1. Atlas Slider – The Atlas Slider widget is a unique whole section slider having a primary post display along with a thumb post gallery. Best for blogging site, the slider can create a one-item hero page easily. See the demo
  2. Berlin Slider – The Berlin slider adds a classy vibe to your blogging website by it’s vintage post layout with a built-in video player button. The slider is perfect for displaying product video, recipe video, etc. in a fancy way. See the demo
  3. Foxico Slider – Foxico Slider is a revolutionary slider widget by that presents a high-resolution slider interface with dynamic paginations and navigation along with a thumb post layout. See the demo
  4. Hansel Slider – Hansel slider makes the most outstanding slider layout for your blog homepage with exquisite graphics and extraordinary content delivery. Use it to learn it. See the demo
  5. Iconic Slider – Ultimate Post Kit presents the Iconic slider widget which is a full-width post slider having a highlighted date badge, a new stylish read more button, and smart navigations to make things easier for your visitors. Packed with cool animation effects, Iconic is really the iconic widget for your blogging site.
  6. Optick Slider – Optick Slider creates a unique slider layout with a blurred image animation and colorful category, buttons, and counters. Make your blog page more stunning with an outstanding slider widget.
  7. Sline Slider – Looking for a fancy slider that looks and works as smooth as butter when all your visitors have to do is scroll? Yes, this is the Sline slider widget by UPK that makes the cool slider interface that you dreamt of! See the demo

Tabs 🧀

  1. Forbes Tabs – Forbes tabs is best for blogs that has a newspaper like interface as this widget also has it. Display posts with a in colorful tabs in a clean white layout. See the demo
  2. Holux Tabs – Holux tabs is your best blogging tool for displaying upcoming posts in your main blog page. Creates a refreshing interface with eye catchy colors. See the demo

Timeline 🎏

  1. Grove Timeline – Grove Timeline is a special widget for bloggers that displays posts in a timeline with randomized style. you can infact see how unique it is and what things it can do. See the demo
  2. Snap Timeline – Snap Timeline is another unique time-based blog widget that can create a modern & calm blog layout on your website. The idea is to capture people’s heart with simple yet emotional post layout with time stamps. See the demo
  3. Soft Timeline – Soft Timeline is a sleek time-based blog post widget with a tree-formation layout style. This minimalist widget presents a professional attribute towards the viewers, making the unable to avoid their gaze from it. See the demo
  4. Checkerboard – You might call the Checkboard widget a post list or a grid-type, but this is one of the iconic post widgets that forms a chain of posts in a visually attractive interface layout. Display your main posts or shrink them to show featured posts, do whatever you like.

Others 💠

  1. Post Calendar – Post calendar can perform as the cookie chief on your blog site, serving blogs date wise to the visitors. This unique widget is capable of piquing public’s attention quickly. See the demo
  2. Reading Progress Circle – The Reading Progress widget creates a progress tracker on your blog page to help the visitors track the total reading progress of the current page. Just place it inside your blog page and the counter go up to 100% according to the position you are at on the page. See the demo
  3. Social Link – Display social media link button with colorful icons, boxes, full-custom colours and shapes. Supports more than 30 social media platforms.
  4. Stone Hover – Create scalable post sliders with an inline full-width picture frame that interacts and unfolds the image on user action. Let you design the perfect canvas with changeable panels upon hover.
  5. Instagram Gallery – With the next level gallery interface by Instagram Gallery widget, it’s now possible to change the design sense of such amazing gallery in WordPress.

Pro Extensions 🔥

  1. MultiColor Item – The ability to create a variety of colorful posts inside your blogging site will make you stay one step ahead of your competitor in terms of presentation. Now you can do that with the Multicolor Extension and get more attention from your visitors.

Template Builder 🧊

  1. Post Title – A Single page widget that lets you arrange the element to your preferred style and help you change the single post layout. To be used with other single page elements.
  2. Post Content – A Single page widget that lets you arrange the element to your preferred style and help you change the single post layout. To be used with other single page elements.
  3. Post Info – A Single page widget that lets you arrange the element to your preferred style and help you change the single post layout. To be used with other single page elements.
  4. Post Featured Image – A Single page widget that lets you arrange the element to your preferred style and help you change the single post layout. To be used with other single page elements.

Template Shortcode 🌅

Now you can create shortcodes for templates created with the Ultimate Post Kit widgets with the Template Builder menu, and display the template as it is inside any page builder. Works on Gutenberg, Divi, Oxygen, Beaver Builder, etc.


Common Issues and Solutions: 🐣

  1. Elementor editor fails to load
    Ans. It is due to your server PHP setting. You can increase PHP memory limit from wp-config.php file or php.ini file
    View Documentation

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  • Ultimate Post Kit Intro
  • Most wanted features
  • Widget on or off options
  • Popular widget list
  • Alter Grid Example
  • Alice Grid Example
  • Kalon Grid Example
  • Hazel Grid Example
  • Harold Grid Example
  • Alice Grid Example
  • Post Category Grid Example
  • Social Button Example
  • Hansel Slider Example
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  • Our Others plugins


This section describes how to install the plugin and get it working.


  1. Upload ultimate-post-kit folder to the /wp-content/plugins/ directory
  2. Activate the plugin through the ‘Plugins’ menu in WordPress
  3. Start use it by go to elementor editor.

You can also watch this video for more details:

ਅਕਸਰ ਪੁੱਛੇ ਜਾਂਦੇ ਸਵਾਲ

Does your plugin support all WordPress themes?

  • Yes, the Ultimate Post kit is compatible and supports all WordPress themes including popular free and premium Elementor themes.

What do I need to use the plugin?

  • Just install Ultimate Post Kit along with Elementor page builder; that’s all. Our plugin will provide you with all essential widgets to help you create your blogging site in minutes.

Do you provide tutorials on the plugin?

  • Of course we provide detailed documentation and video to support our users with thorough guidelines of our plugin and widgets.

Does your plugin offer responsive blog post layouts?

  • Every widget by the Ultimate Post Kit plugin offers greater flexibility and responsiveness to adapt to any size of the screen regardless of PC, tablet, or smartphone.

How to show featured posts on my website?

  • Drag and drop post widgets among the 65 selective widgets from Ultimate Post Kit to instantly fetch your WordPress post data and display them with our post layouts.

Does your plugin clash with other 3rd party plugins?

  • Absolutely not. The Ultimate Post Kit plugin is developed using industry-standard green codes, so it doesn’t clash with other 3rd party plugins or themes.

Can I show related posts using Ultimate Post Kit?

  • You can display related posts, featured posts, or custom-related posts using our plugin. It’s possible to achieve with all post-type grids, carousels, lists, and layouts.

Can I manually display my post?

  • For manual post-selection, our plugin provides a selective query system to display or remove specific post categories, individual posts, or posts by authors.

Can I stack multiple widgets on a single page?

  • There is no problem with stacking multiple widgets on a single page. In fact, it is possible to design the whole blogging site by utilizing 65+ widgets from our plugin.

How do I get a solution for any issue?

  • Just contact us and we will follow up within 24-hour with our expert technical team.

How should I get updates and support

  • When we release a update version, then automatically you will get a notification on WordPress plugin manager, so you can update from there. Thereafter you want to update manually just knock us, we will send you update version via mail. You will get our ultimate post kit related all knowledge base from our bdthemes website.


30 ਜਨਵਰੀ 2024 1 reply
In a world of mediocre WordPress plugins, Ultimate Post Kit shines like a beacon of hope. It's perfect for those seeking powerful functionality without the usual headache. And with its support team, it empowers even the most novice user to achieve their website dreams. So ditch the frustration and embrace the harmony – Ultimate Post Kit is all you need. Thanks Support Team.
7 ਜਨਵਰੀ 2024 3 replies
Well, it's fine, but the preview or selection of the widgets is realy time consuming. The Live Copy from the previews has never worked on any site until today.There is still some major room for improvments.
6 ਦਸੰਬਰ 2023 1 reply
I've just implemented and tried out the ultimate post kit on my WordPress site, and on the whole, it proves to be a robust enhancement for website functionality.
6 ਦਸੰਬਰ 2023 1 reply
I appreciate the opportunity to provide feedback on your products. The user-friendly interface and robust features have significantly enhanced my experience. However, I suggest exploring options for quicker customer support response times to further improve overall satisfaction.
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ਯੋਗਦਾਨੀ ਤੇ ਵਿਕਾਸਕਾਰ

“Ultimate Post Kit Addons For Elementor – (Post Grid, Post Carousel, Post Slider, Category List, Post Tabs, Timeline, Post Ticker, Tag Cloud)” is open source software. The following people have contributed to this plugin.



3.11.0 [19th February 2024]

  • Added: Content on image feature added in alter grid widget

3.10.1 [30th January 2024]

  • Fixed: Play icon issue fixed in pholox slider widget

3.10.0 [29th January 2024]

  • Added: Featured Gallery widget added (pro)
  • Added: Custom audio meta fields added
  • Added: Arrows icon select option added in crystal slider widget
  • Fixed: Notice js file not found issue fixed
  • Fixed: Category multicolor issue fixed in featured list widget
  • Fixed: Post title typography global fonts issue fixed (Thanks to Greg)

3.9.12 [10th January 2024]

  • Updated: System improved

3.9.11 [4th January 2024]

  • Removed: Unnecessary assets file removed

3.9.10 [4th January 2024]

  • Fixed: Duplicator issue Fixed

3.9.9 [31th December 2023]

  • Updated: System improved

3.9.8 [11th December 2023]

  • Fixed: Live copy paste issue fixed
  • Fixed: Deprecated issue fixed

3.9.7 [6th December 2023]

  • Added: Alignment & counter number controls added in buzz list carousel widget

3.9.6 [29th November 2023]

  • Fixed: Comments date issue fixed in recent comments widget
  • Updated: Sline slider widget optimized

3.9.5 [19th November 2023]

  • Added: Post format style controls & title text stroke added in soft timeline widget
  • Added: Item border, radius, shadow & image style controls & title text stroke control & counter line width, color controls added in wixer grid & carousel widgets
  • Fixed: Indicator color issue fixed in soft timeline widget
  • Updated: Wixer grid & carousel widgets optimized & improved
  • Updated: Welsh list widget optimized & improved
  • Updated: Stone hover widget optimized & improved
  • Updated: Soft timeline widget optimized & improved
  • Updated: Carbon slider optimized & improved
  • Updated: Skide slider optimized & improved

3.9.4 [31st October 2023]

  • Updated: System improved

3.9.3 [25th October 2023]

  • Added: Title text stroke control added in camux, carbon, crystal, noxe, paradox, skide, snog slider widgets

3.9.2 [10th October 2023]

  • Fixed: Dynamic select draft posts issue fixed in skide slider widget
  • Fixed: Maple, amox, hazel grid & carousel category issue fixed

3.9.1 [9th October 2023]

  • Fixed: Instagram issue fixed
  • Fixed: Navigation anchor tag seo issue fixed
  • Updated: Uikit version updated
  • Updated: System memory issue improved

3.9.0 [27th September 2023]

  • Added: Saved Templates as a Shortcode feature added (Thanks to michalcikj)
  • Added: Meta alignment option added in checkerboard widget
  • Added: Title featured typography, text stroke & text shadow controls added in featured list widget
  • Added: Category spacing option added in maple grid & carousel widgets
  • Fixed: Author hover color issue fixed in checkerboard widget
  • Fixed: Border radius issue fixed in amox carousel widget

3.8.0 [23rd September 2023]

  • Added: Template Builder Feature added (pro)
  • Added: Post Title widget added (pro)
  • Added: Post Content widget added (pro)
  • Added: Post Featured Image widget added (pro)
  • Added: Post Info widget added (pro)
  • Added: Checkerboard widget added (pro)
  • Added: Load More & Infinite Scroll feature added in Kalon Grid
  • Fixed: Recent Comments widget date translateable issue fixed
  • Updated: System improved

3.7.3 [16th August 2023]

  • Added: Navigation arrows option added in camux widget
  • Added: Navigation Arrows Icon option added in carbon slider widget
  • Fixed: Navigation conflict issue fixed in carbon slider widget

3.7.2 [9th August 2023]

  • Updated: Assets optimized

3.7.1 [2nd August 2023]

  • Fixed: Image border & radius issue fixed in exotic list widget
  • Added: Bottom content line width option added in iconic slider widget (pro)
  • Added: Pagination active color, line color & line width option added in iconic widget (pro)

3.7.0 [25th July 2023]

  • Added: Post Accordion widget vertical, horizontal style & some controls added
  • Fixed: Readmore arrow issue (Safari) fixed in alex grid & carousel widgets

3.6.4 [22th July 2023]

  • Fixed: XSS security vulnerability in the Freemius SDK

3.6.3 [11th July 2023]

  • Fixed: Fatal error fixed in camux slider widget

3.6.2 [10th July 2023]

  • Added: Thumb width & vertical spacing option added in Camux widget

3.6.1 [22th June 2023]

  • Fixed: Elementor pro version 3.14.0 (swiper carousel) compatibility issue fixed
  • Fixed: Badge control issue fixed in banner widget

3.6.0 [14th June 2023]

  • Added: Skide slider widget top stories custom query posts select option added
  • Added: Berlin slider widget height, thumbnail some options added
  • Added: Featured List widget category & counter number featured style controls added
  • Added: Forbes Tabs widget item primay, secondary content & primary image overlay options added
  • Added: Layout style 3 option added in static social count widget
  • Added: paradox slider items border & border radius control added
  • Added: Holux Tabs widget wrapper padding & items controls option added
  • Added: Fanel List widget date border, padding, margin control added
  • Added: Skide slider widget glassmorphism added
  • Fixed: Forbes Tabs widget all control retouch and fixed
  • Fixed: Skide Slider widget thumbs title margin issue fixed

3.5.2 [1st June 2023]

  • Fixed: Conflict issue fixed

3.5.1 [1st June 2023]

  • Fixed: Conflict issue fixed

3.5.0 [30th May 2023]

  • Added: Gratis grid widget added
  • Added: Gratis carousel widget added (Pro)
  • Added: Eldora carousel widget added (Pro)

3.4.4 [19th April 2023]

  • Added: Post accordion widget layout style option added
  • Fixed: Candy list widget category issue fixed
  • Fixed: Camux, Foxico & Snog widgets image height theme compatibility issue fixed

3.4.3 [6th April 2023]

  • Added: Layout style 4 option added in alice grid widget

3.4.2 [30th March 2023]

  • Added: WordPress v6.2.0 compatibility added

3.4.1 [25th March 2023]

  • Fixed: Arrows rtl issue fixed in news ticker widget

3.4.0 [16th March 2023]

  • Added: Candy List widget added (Pro)
  • Updated: Alex grid & carousel meta controls improved
  • Updated: Amox Grid & Carousel widget Improved (Thanks to viswanathvipul)

3.3.3 [7th March 2023]

  • Added: WordPress Default date display as Heading of Post List option Added in Post Calendar Widget (pro)

3.3.2 [28th February 2023]

  • Fixed: Fatal error issue fixed

3.3.1 [25th February 2023]

  • Added: Padding option added in carbon slider widget
  • Added: Readmore size option added in fanel list widget
  • Added: Border Color Feature added in multicolor item extension (pro)
  • Fixed: Hazel carousel not showing issue fixed
  • Fixed: Active item issue fixed in amox grid & amox carousel widgets
  • Fixed: Related Query issue fixed.
  • Fixed: Post Calendar isn’t translateable issue fixed.

3.3.0 [16th February 2023]

  • Added: MultiColor Item Extension added (Pro)
  • Added: Swiper Library v8.4.5 compatibility added

3.2.1 [7th February 2023]

  • Fixed: Minor PHP warning issue fixed (Thanks to Moebius)

3.2.0 [29th January 2023]

  • Added: Instagram Gallery widget added
  • Fixed: Minor issue fixed in Maple Grid Widget (Thanks to Eduardo)
  • Fixed: Radius issue fixed in Forbes Tabs widget (Thanks to Mariano Cucinotta)

3.1.1 [5th January 2023]

  • Added: Reading time option added in Foxico Slider, Grove Timeline, Hansel Slider, Holux Tabs, Iconic Slider, Kalon Grid, Kalon Carousel, Optick Slider, Pixina Grid, Soft Timeline, Sline Slider, Stone Hover, Snap Timeline, Wixer Grid, Wixer Carousel, Welsh List widgets
  • Updated: Banner widget design and control updated

3.1.0 [28th December 2022]

  • Added: Banner widget added
  • Added: Stone Hover widget added
  • Added: Reading time option added in Alter Carousel widget
  • Added: Separator, Space Between & Reading time option added in Alex Grid, Alex Carousel, Alice Grid, Alice Carousel, Amox Grid, Amox Carousel, Buzz List, Buzz List Carousel, Exotic List, Fanel List, Featured List, Harold List, Harold List Carousel, Hazel Grid, Hazel Carousel, Maple Grid, Maple Carousel, Noxe Slider, Paradox Slider, Pholox Slider, Post Accordion, Ramble Grid, Ramble Carousel, Scott List, Skide Slider, Snog slider widgets

3.0.1 [22nd November 2022]

  • Fixed: Script loading issue fixed

3.0.0 [5th November 2022]

  • Added: Duplicate Post / Page / Elementor Template Feature Added
  • Added: Live copy option added you can directly copy and paste blocks from our demo pages
  • Added: Pro features will be visible as the locked features on the editor panel with the core/free version of Ultimate Post Kit.
  • Updated: Admin Dashboard Panel updated

2.11.0 [14th August 2022]

  • Added: Snog widget added
  • Added: Iconic widget added
  • Added: Reading Time option added in Alter Grid
  • Added: Title before & after apply filter featured added in all widgets
  • Added: Author Middle text change option added in Recent Comments widget
  • Added: Image support compatibility added in Atlas Slider, Berlin Slider, Sline Slider, Pholox Slider Widgets
  • Fixed: Image size issue fixed in Forbes Tabs Widget (Thanks to Theme Builders)
  • Fixed: Query offset issue fixed(Thanks to Lexxy)

2.10.0 [25th May 2022]

  • Added: Exotic List Widget Added

2.9.5 [9th May 2022]

  • Fixed: Readmore style not working issue fixed in Ramble Grid & Carousel Widget (Thanks to Yamina Aziria)
  • Fixed: Query conflict issue fixed (Thanks to Marco Barbera)
  • Fixed: fixed some minor issues.
  • Fixed: Dashboard issue fixed
  • Removed: removed some un-used functions from all widgets

2.9.4 [27th April 2022]

  • Added: Post Format option added in Alter Grid and Alter Carousel Widgets
  • Fixed: Some minor issue fixed
  • Fixed: some of dashboard issues fixed and uikit framework updated to latest version.
  • Update: API system updated on Newsletter Widget
  • Removed: Some unnecessary notice removed from dashboard area

2.9.3 [18th April 2022]

  • Added: Post Format option added in Alex Grid and Alex Carousel Widgets
  • Added: Row gap option added in Alex, Alice, Alter, Elite, Hazel, Maple, Pixina, Ramble, Wixer Grid, Fanel List, Harold List, Tag Cloud, Tiny List Widgets

2.9.2 [31th March 2022]

  • Fixed: Register Controls Deprecated and compatibility issue fixed in Elementor version 3.6.x

2.9.1 [18th March 2022]

  • Update: Freemius SDK updated to latest version

2.9.0 [15th March 2022]

  • Added: Foxico Slider Widget Added
  • Added: Query offset option added in all widgets

2.8.0 [20th February 2022]

  • Added: Sline Slider Widget Added
  • Added: Carbon Slider Widget Added
  • Added: Pholox Slider Widget Added

2.7.0 [02nd February 2022]

  • Added: Berlin Slider Widget Added

2.6.0 [23th December 2021]

  • Added: Reading Progress Circle Widget Added
  • Fixed: Active item style issue fixed in Amox Carousel Widget

2.5.2 [19th December 2021]

  • Fixed: Improved Asset Loading issue fixed in all Carousel and Slider Widgets
  • Fixed: Active style issue fixed in Amox Carousel Widget

2.5.1 [18th December 2021]

  • Fixed: Alter, Alex, Hazel, Maple Widget some minor issue fixed (Thanks to Ahmetsali)

2.5.0 [12th December 2021]

  • Added: Atlas Slider Widget Added
  • Added: Reading Progress Bar Widget added
  • Added: Category Carousel Widget Added
  • Added: Carousel Active Item option added in Amox Carousel Widget

2.4.0 [22th November 2021]

  • Added: Crystal Slider Widget Added
  • Fixed: Item Radius issue fixed in Amox Grid Widget (Thanks to Ahmetsali)
  • Fixed: Forbes Tabs (show/hide) issue fixed

2.3.2 [4th November 2021]

  • Fixed: Content Padding Not Working issue fixed in Alter Grid Widget (Thanks to Ahmetsali)
  • Fixed: Title Typography Not Working issue fixed in Alice Grid Widget (Thanks to Ahmetsali)

2.3.1 [1st November 2021]

  • Fixed: Static Social Count Widget not showing issue fixed

2.3.0 [1st November 2021]

  • Added: Camux Slider Widget Added

2.2.0 [26th October 2021]

  • Added: Animations Extension Added
  • Added: Amox Grid Widget Added
  • Added: Amox Carousel Widget Added
  • Added: Welsh List Widget Added
  • Added: Social Count(Static) Widget Added
  • Added: Readmore option and Meta End Position added in Alter Carousel Widget
  • Added: Title Style option added in Alice Grid, Alice Carousel, Alex Grid, Alex Carousel Widget
  • Added: Style option added in Post Category Widget
  • Fixed: Pagination not working issue fixed in Fanel List Widget (Thanks to Aespada)
  • Fixed: Counter issue fixed in Buzz List Carousel Widget

2.1.0 [17th October 2021]

  • Added: Skide Slider Widget Added
  • Added: Readmore option added in Alter Grid Widget

2.0.1 [12th October 2021]

  • Fixed: Minor issue Fixed

2.0.0 [11th October 2021]

  • Added: Post Calendar Widget added
  • Added: Social Link Widget added
  • Added: Classic List Widget added
  • Added: Kalon Grid Widget added
  • Added: Kalon Carousel Widget added
  • Added: Pixina Grid Widget added
  • Added: Pixina Carousel Widget Added
  • Added: Wixer Grid Widget added
  • Added: Wixer Carousel Widget Added
  • Added: Noxe Slider Widget added
  • Added: Hansel Slider Widget added
  • Added: Optick Slider Widget added
  • Added: Holux Tabs Widget added
  • Added: Forbes Tabs Widget added
  • Added: Snap Timeline Widget added
  • Added: Grove Timeline Widget added
  • Added: Soft Timeline Widget added
  • Added: Recent Comments Widget added
  • Added: Icon position top option added in Social Share Widget
  • Added: Column option added in alex, alter, elite, hazel, maple grid widget
  • Added: Featured Item Counter color added in Featured List Widget
  • Added: Navigation Dots some new controls added
  • Fixed: Author show/hide issue fixed in Alter grid and carousel widget
  • Fixed: Text, Category, post format, Author show/hide issue solved in Maple Grid Widget
  • Fixed: Item style overflow issue fixed in Alice Grid Widget
  • Noted: Previous Query deleted

1.9.1 [10th July 2021]

  • Fixed: Element pack lite plugins conflict issue fixed

1.9.0 [7th July 2021]

  • Added: New Query Controls option added in all post type widget

  • Noted: Previous Query will be delete when next major version will be release

1.8.1 [5th June 2021]

  • Fixed: Human diff time issue fixed in harold carousel

1.8.0 [5th June 2021]

  • Added: Newsletter Widget added
  • Added: Fanel List Widget added
  • Added: Scott List Widget added
  • Added: Buzz List Widget added
  • Added: Buzz List Carousel Widget added
  • Added: Post time option added in all Widgets
  • Added: Category Image option added in Post Category Widget
  • Updated: Content position center, bottom center option added in Hazel Grid and Carousel Widgets

1.7.0 [24th May 2021]

  • Added: Social Share Widget Added
  • Added: Image Height option added in Maple Carousel Widget
  • Added: Hover Opacity option added in Post Category Widget

1.6.0 [19th May 2021]

  • Added: Tiny List Widget Added

1.5.0 [5th May 2021]

  • Added: Author Widget Added

1.4.0 [27th April 2021]

  • Added: Timeline Widget Added
  • Added: Featured List Widget Added

1.3.0 [25th April 2021]

  • Added: Category Widget Added
  • Added: Tag Cloud Widget Added
  • Added: Accordion Widget Added
  • Added: Harold List Carousel Widget Added
  • Added: Human Different Time option Added in all Widgets

1.2.0 [17th April 2021]

  • Added: News Ticker Widget Added

1.1.0 [16th April 2021]

  • Added: Paradox Slider Widget Added
  • Fixed: Some control issue fixed
  • Fixed: Fixed ramble grid hover animation

1.0.1 [12th April 2021]

  • Added: Date and Category Added in Elite Grid, Elite Carousel Widget
  • Fixed: Some minor issue fixed and updated on some special cases

1.0.0 [Initial Release]