This plugin hasn’t been tested with the latest 3 major releases of WordPress. It may no longer be maintained or supported and may have compatibility issues when used with more recent versions of WordPress.

Psychological tests & quizzes


Create typical or advanced psychological tests (quizzes, assessments) with questions and answers. A respondent answers and receives results.

What’s inside? Scales associated with the particular answer by scores. Simple formulas like extraversion > 50% upon calculation give you results.

Respondent can

  • View published test at homepage or at its own URL
  • Pass the test by answering all questions’ answers
  • Run the test in single page or by one question per step
  • See the passing progress in browser’s title
  • Get own individual results after running the test on standalone page, share them

Logged-in respondent can

  • View passing history in personal area

Test author can

  • Create and edit test in test editor like post editor
  • Manage related and needed for test scales/results/global answers
  • Edit results/scales descriptions (visual mode possible with the help of visual-term-description-editor plugin)
  • View and filter tests passings
  • Reorder scales/results/global answers
  • Edit formulas with formulas editor
  • Use total scores by scale as formula variable: extraversion > 50%
  • Use concrete question’s answer as formula variable: question_5_1 OR question_9_7.
  • Quick fill questions from text and scores from combination of scales/answers
  • Customize test page options

Long story

Edit scales, results and categories through wordpress standard editors, like categories editor. Associate them in sidebar. Change test questions, answers and formulas in standard wordpress metaboxes, below content. Reorder them if you like drag-n-drop.

At the top of content editor there are buttons for quick access to those metaboxes: Add New Questions, Edit Questions and Scores, Edit Formulas. If you want more control, you may add to them HTML tags like: headers, lists, images, hr and “read more” tag taken from post editor.

Answers can be global to test — when all questions have the same answers. For example: “Yes”, “No”, “I’m not sure”. Or you can use individual answers to add individual answer to each question. And the third way is to use global answers, but individualize their titles: not just “Yes”, but “Yes, I do so and so”, when you use it for the particular question. Some tests have this pattern.

Simple formulas editor has buttons for each scale (with sum of it’s scores), question/answer button and allowed comparisions/operators: <, >, <=, =>, <>, AND, OR, ( .. ), NOT ( .. ), +, -, *, /.

Tests are like posts — they appear on home page and inside their categories pages if selected. But if you don’t want your test to appear on home page, you can uncheck “Publish on the home page” in “Publish” metabox and this test will not appear on homepage.

Quick fill for questions and scores minimizes author’s time. You can quick fill questions from text and they will fill appropriate fields. Same way you can Quick fill scores in many questions some answer+scale combination.

Respondent will get results on it’s own individual passing page, which will allow share it. Logged-in respondent can see own results in admin area above the “Profile” page. There will be table with columns like: passing number, link, test, scales, results and date. It’s possible to search/sort by test and date columns.

Passings are saved in DB with respondent’s ip and device unique identifier. They are shown at “Respondents’ results” table under “Tests” menu. It allow to see if someone will have many passings from same computer/smartphone/another device, which scales/results respondent have for concrete passing and ability to open it from there. If respondent was a logged in user — then you will see it in “Username” column with a link to profile. “Respondents’ results” can be searched/sorted by most of it’s columns. You can setup which columns you want to see there and how many passings per page you want to see.

Test page can be customized: reset answers on “Back” button, use your own caption for “Get Test Result” button, allow multiple answers per question, show percentage of answered questions and show one question per page.
Results page also can be customized: when you need to show/hide scales or test description on it; when you want to show scales chart or sort scales by scores sum.

Plugin localized into many languages: English, German, French, Dutch, Swedish, Bulgarian, Italian, Turkish, Chinese, Brazilian, Spanish, Persian, Czech, Slovak, Thai, Arabic, Romanian, Greek, Icelandic, Hebrew and Russian. English, French, Dutch, Bulgarian, Italian, Turkish, Chinese, Brazilian, Spanish, Persian, Czech, Slovak, Thai, Arabic, Romanian, Greek, Polish, Icelandic, Hebrew and Russian have good quality (native speakers) — others need review. You can easily add your language through excellent Transifiex service. Translators and reviewers are kindly welcome! See for instructions.

Quality and compatibility are taken really seriously. Plugin tested on more than 30 combinations of WordPress (from 3.2 to latest) and PHP (from 5.2 to 7.3) plus three custom combinations: for old MySQL storage engine (MyISAM), with few popular plugins and in multisite mode. So you can be sure, that it will just work, even if you don’t have the latest WordPress or your hosting doesn’t have the latest versions of PHP/MySQL. Build status image is available.

PS: If something broken or doesn’t work, pls create new topic in “Support” tab! Good support topic describes problem and have WP version and other plugins that you have in it.

Thank you board

Paid add-ons & support

There is no single “Pro”/”Premium” version with features, but each paid add-on has it’s own feature.

Implemented and ready to run:

  • Custom Fields. Add custom form fields like name, email, sex and etc. Use their values in formulas and see in respondents’ results. Denote required/optional fields, place fields before or after questions.
  • Questions Sections. Group questions into sections and display each section on a different pages.
  • Styling. Apply your style to questions, answers, scales and results. Choose your color/font/alignment and placement.
  • Export Results. Export respondent’s results into CSV tables. Choose which test, dates and columns do you want. Export just results or all data, including concrete answer on concrete question in concrete result.
  • Save Results in PDF. Respondent will be able to get results in PDF form.
  • Redirect to Custom Results Page. Respondent will be redirected to custom built URL(s) where you can pass as params scales, results and result key. URL could be single for whole test or individual for each result.
  • Computed Variables. Create computed variables from existing variables and shortcode any variable at results page.
  • Email results to Author and Respondent. Auto-notify author by email about respondent’s result and also send it to respondent’s email.

For complex test logic or plugin environment specific issues paid support is available.


  • WordPress version 3.2 or higher.
  • PHP version 5.2.4 or higher (including 7.3 !).
  • MySQL version 5.0 or higher.


  • Test editing section with menu in admin
  • There are fast access buttons like "Edit Questions and Answers" at the top of the page. Test page and results page can be customized from sidebar
  • Under "Edit Scores" every scale has a sum of scores. At "Edit Questions and Answers" box we can add to each question individual answers. The choise of answers and scales is available in the sidebar. They can be reordered by drag-n-drop
  • The "Quick Fill Scores" box allows us quickly enter scores from the questions separated by commas
  • Fast adding questions from text. Some boxes could be maximized, which helps in case of huge lists or tables
  • Editing formulas
  • The example of the test with scores. Some answers are individual and some are individualized
  • Respondents’ test results in admin area. Test link will open test in edit mode and view link allow to see test result
  • User see own tests results in admin area
  • Ready test on the home page
  • The page with the description of the test, questions and answers
  • Unanswered questions are highlighted to respondent
  • Get test results after all questions are answered
  • The result page on it`s own URL contains both the result of the test and the scales that create a result
  • Scale description with "more..." text closed
  • Scale description with "more..." text opened (after clicking on "more" link)
  • A test without scores is shown like a "Test is under construction"
  • Answers titles are those that was entered
  • Test results with scales chart. Hovered scale shows it`s value and title in dynamic tag
  • In case when scales has different length (possible max total) they are shown as percents
  • Multiple answers per question are also possible
  • One question per page also allowed. On first page we see test description, "Next" button and pages counter
  • On second page description not shown
  • On last page counter not shown and button changes back to "Get Test Results"


  1. Download plugin archive.
  2. Unzip it.
  3. Upload it to your plugins directory. It will create a ‘wp-content/plugins/wp-testing/’ directory.
  4. Activate the plugin through the ‘Plugins’ menu in WordPress.
  5. Start with reviewing example Eysenck’s Personality Inventory (EPI) test.
  6. Or directly create your own test through Tests menu in admin area.

ਅਕਸਰ ਪੁੱਛੇ ਜਾਂਦੇ ਸਵਾਲ

Plugin is not works or works improperly

Most possibly it’s a conflict with your current theme or some of other plugin.
To check it — try to switch theme to default WP theme and see if it helps.
In case of plugins conflict try to disable other plugins one by one and check. Or disable all of them and check — it will help to understand if problem is on other plugins side.

Another possible source of troubles is mis-configured mod_security. Ask your hoster about it. If it could be disabled or reconfigured to avoid false-positives, then your hoster is good. Otherwise it’s better to switch to more competent hoster.

I see some “Fatal error: bla-bla-bla”

Try to find there phrases like “Class … not found” or “Call to undefined function …”. If it’s the case — then your current hoster has disabled some PHP extension. Contact with your hosting company to enable them. Most popular missing extension is “mysqli”.

How to start? Where is documentation?

See the video, screenshots and example test. We will not plan to create any documentation. For complex test logic paid support is available.


wpt_tests — the list of tests. Attributes (allowed values): sort/reverse (id, title, created, modified, status, name, comments), max (number), id (numbers separated by commas), list (values for CSS list-style-type), class (any CSS class name).

wpt_test_read_more — the title of test, text before “more” and “Start Test” button. Attributes (allowed values): id/name (id or name or your test), start_title (any text), class (any CSS class name).

wpt_test_first_page — the first page of the test with title. Attributes (allowed values): id/name (id or name or your test), class (any CSS class name).

Wonderful, but I want to have this, that and those feature in plugin

Create new support topic if same feature topic not yet created and describe there what do you want. You can check already created topics from tags list.
Some features already implemented or planned to as a paid addons — see sticked topic at forum.

I want some feature here and now, I can pay you

WordPress as platform good as it’s opensource and popular — you can find someone who knows it and it’s technologies for your tasks.
But if you think it should be me — then contact me.


29 ਦਸੰਬਰ 2021
There is no better plugin than this for this domain.
10 ਦਸੰਬਰ 2021
The plug-in is very good, but there are some incompatibilities. such as Incompatible with the theme's label cloud, resulting in no color display. This is a very powerful WP plug-in I've seen. If the page of submitting results can be displayed, for example; Gender, age, test time and date, that's more perfect
16 ਜੁਲਾਈ 2021
It works excellent, I would add the possibility of doing mathematical calculations not as conditionals but to obtain numerical results, to do tests that require simple calculations such as: Quality_of_life = (anxiety + depression + work) / 2 Then: If: quality_of_life> = 5 then: Quality of life: Good
6 ਅਗਸਤ 2020
Does a fantastic job of a complex situation. Is a bit tricky to setup, but allows a number of ways to configure tests/assessments and matched our need very well.
Read all 103 reviews

ਯੋਗਦਾਨੀ ਤੇ ਵਿਕਾਸਕਾਰ

“Psychological tests & quizzes” has been translated into 15 locales. Thank you to the translators for their contributions.

“Psychological tests & quizzes” ਦਾ ਆਪਣੀ ਭਾਸ਼ਾ ਵਿੱਚ ਅਨੁਵਾਦ ਕਰੋ।

ਵਿਕਾਸ ਕਾਰਜ ਵਿੱਚ ਰੁਚੀ ਰੱਖਦੇ ਹੋ?

Browse the code, check out the SVN repository, or subscribe to the development log by RSS.



For Ukranian translation thanks to Hanich Andriy


Bump plugin version to have pervious fix published.


Fix negative scale width issue


Welcome WordPress 5.2, PHP 7.3 and Chinese locale update


  • Update compatibility testing to make sure latest WP 5.2 is compatible. Nothing changed in functionality.
  • Fix PHP 7.3 compatibility warning in dependencies.


Welcome WordPress 5.0 and two new locales



  • Update compatibility testing to make sure latest WP 5.0 is compatible. Nothing changed in functionality.
  • Avoid circle-ci and move multisite testing to travis.


Fix headers tags at results’ page template.

Bug is ~4 years old and was introduced in version 0.3. Thanks for reporting goes to Erik Thor.


Add answer’s attribute for CSS styling.


Fix bug with scale sorting.

Negative values was sorted after zero value, but with reverse order: 10, 9, 8, 7, 1, 0, -10, -9, -8, -1. Now it fixed and order is correct: 10, 9, 8, 7, 1, 0, -1, -8, -9, -10.

Bug was hiding from us for almost 3 and half years and was reported by @justtoask2.


Allow to use socket and IPv6 in database connection

Make DB-connection compatible with wordpress: allow to use sockets and IPv6.
It’s mostly for new users, who uses non-standard database connection settings.
If you are existing user, you dont’ need this update.

  • Improve database-related testing aspects
  • Stabilize auto-tests
  • Upgrade testing environment
  • Parse wordpress’s DB_HOST constant in same way as it was introduced in WP 4.9
    with respect to socket and IPv6.


Improve database charset operations

  • If your DB_CHARSET was set to utf8mb4, then you could have issues in plugin activation
  • If your DB_CHARSET was set to latin1, then you could have issues with scales showing

To completely clear DB from wp-testing in case of activation issues you can use the script:

This hotfix is mostly for those, who was having troubles with plugin activation.


Update readme to latest plugin directory format.

  • Maitenance update.


Fix compatibility with Flat Bootstrap themes family

  • Comment about mod_security issues


Improve compatibility with adblock-like browser extensions

  • Such extensions can block some scripts that used on passing fill form step
  • Even when we have such scripts blocked, respondent must be able to proceed with form filling


Avoid running test editor code at respondents results page

  • Correctly determine test editor


Fixup other plugins conflicts

  • Clean up test data on save in more reliable way
  • Save test after other plugins, in latest filter

If you use Yoast SEO — you must upgrade to save it’s metadata.


Welcome WordPress 4.9

  • Fix missing test issue at “Respondents’ test results” page.
    It concerns you only if your database uses old not recomended database engine
    MyISAM, that is not clean other tables after removing something in main table.

You can check your tables’ engine at “Report the problem” under “System information”.


Fix links to other posts at results page

Thanks to @bomyras for nice bug report! This update is strongly recommended.


  • Fix migration in multisite mode


  • Switch to phpenv 5.4 in travis
  • Show only first megabyte of error logs


Minor internal fix.

  • No new functionality was added!


Add extension points for Email addon.

  • No new functionality was added!


Social sharing of test results and feedback metabox

Now “Social Network Sharing” paid addon becomes cancelled and obsolette.
Use any of “Social sharing” plugins and they will work with test results pages.

To improve issue reporting and help you get support we added feedback metabox to editor.
Same actions available from bottom part of test’s admin pages.

Both or these actions are some kind of wizards, that helps to structurize issue/support request
before posting to support forum. Technical details about your installation done as a possible
step inside them.


  • Make answers normal (non-bold) again (under current default theme)
  • Remove underline in maximize button
  • Fix example test global answers labels
  • Correctly process shortcodes with bad parameters
  • Fix for scales out-of under PDF version


  • For Greek translation thanks to Elektra M.
  • For Polish translation thanks to Maciej Dzierżek —


Welcome WordPress 4.8

  • Update plugin description
  • Safely replace placeholders in questions on form filling
  • No new functionality was added!


Optimize formulas processing for huge tests

  • Speed up saving time and passing processing time
  • Show saving progress in editor by changing cursor to “progress”


Fix fatal error when activating plugin

  • Applied to plesk hostings or other hostings where default database encoding is utf8mb4


Improve formulas editing experience

  • Dynamically show formula’s toolbair above active formula. Very usable when you have many results.
  • Add result’s edit link and tooltip with content.
  • Validate formula errors without page reload. Before when you already entered questions/answers/scores/formulas
    and have some error in formula, all data was lost. Now it’s saved by validating before form sending.


  • Fix misspells in example test
  • Improve CSS for non-standard themes, that omit custom post type


  • Update TR locale by @ufukluker
  • Fix “next-step” and “passing by reference” warnings on latest PHP versions
  • Improve autotests on legacy PHP versions
  • Allow text values variables and update plugin for “Computed variables” addon
  • Upgrade screenshots


Add Romanian language.

  • Translated by @mimaes


Welcome WordPress 4.7

  • Check compatibility
  • No new functionality was added!


Add Arabic language.

  • Translated by @memjavad


Add extension point for long-waited “Redirect addon”

  • Minor fix in editor


Welcome WordPress 4.6

  • Upgrade autotests
  • No new functionality was added!


Partial fix of Glossary-like plugins incompatibility

  • Reported by @Enis regarding Glossary plugin


Greatly raise editor interactivity and destroy “low memory” problem

  • Interactively edit questions/answers with quick fill
  • Destroy “low server settings” issue
  • Solve huge-scores problem by rendering inputs on mouse enter
  • Add maximize feature to some editor metaboxes


  • Update intro-video (make it smaller)
  • Auto-update locale (10 new strings). If you will see some strange new phrases in your language, then dont’ hesistate to send us correct translations.
  • Fix 3 strings in Dutch locale (thanks to Patrick van de Kerkhof)


Make test form compatible with code minifiers

  • Thanks to @khani26 for reporting


Fix WordPress search behaviour

  • Pages was missing in search results
  • Thanks to @berylune for reporting


Welcome WordPress 4.5

  • Upgrade autotests


Add result’s page extension point and PHP7 support

  • Add wp_testing_passer_before_render extension point
  • Add PHP 7.0 support and leave only edge cases in tests


Fix donate link and update WP tests to 4.4.2

  • Thanks to new PayPal.Me service

There is nothing new in this hotfix.


Improve results saving under high concurrent load

  • Avoid MySQL errors like Deadlock found when trying to get lock; try restarting transaction
  • Issue solved by catching such errors and restarting save as recommended at MySQL :: How to Cope with Deadlocks

You should upgrade only if your site is popular and you’ve heard of some strange “white screens of death” when respondents are posting their results on last step before redirecting to result pages.

Just opening result page many times will not result in any errors.
Especially if you have some cache plugin, that already transformed result page into static page and DB is not touched at all.

For reporting and sponsoring this issue thanks to Johan


Improve modern themes compat, upgrade WP compat and addons extension points

  • Switch to more independent unique identifiers generating lib to avoid theme compatibility issues
  • Check WordPress 4.4.1 compatibility
  • Add more extension points for addons in settings and results managing (related to pdf addon)


Welcome WordPress 4.4

  • Upgrade autotests
  • Update screenshots


Add “equals to” button into formula comparisions

  • Improve external addons intergation


Really-multisite, menu for non-admins and migration fault tolerance

Plugin now really multisite-compatible

  • When “Network Activate” is used — database updated for all sites
  • When new site created, it’s database also updated

Correctly add menu page under non-admin

  • Respect user role when adding menu
  • Rename page title to “My Test Results”

Improve migration fault tolerance when WordPress tables has different table types

  • Normally you should have only single table type (name if format, engine): MyISAM or InnoDB
  • But there are cases when you have “damaged” or “optimized” database and table types differs
  • Now database migration takes this into account. It’s critical only for new users when they can’t activate plugin
  • Thanks to paid support — this issue was catched during it


Internal improvements and intro-video

Add intro-video with plugin description, howto concepts and explanations:

Internal improvements:

  • Improve code quality and avoid duplicates
  • Improve test rendering


Fix incorrect content processing


  • The questions on the first page of the test dissapear
  • Shortcodes don’t work on result page

Upgrade notice:

  • If you use version 0.17 upgrade to this version!
  • Please check first pages of all tests, that use shortcodes in them
  • Also please check result pages, which could have shortcodes inside.
    It’s ok just to open at least one existing page. Shortcodes could be in results or scales descriptions.

I apologize for the inconvenience.


Shortcodes for tests embedding

  • Add wpt_test_read_more and wpt_test_first_page shortcodes that allows to embed test in short or full modes.
  • Enrich parameters of wpt_tests shortcode (ex-wptlist).
  • Hide “Publish on homepage” checkbox when it’s impossible to publish on homepage (custom page on home instead of latests posts).

For details about shortcodes params please see our good old FAQ.


Add Thai lang and fix tests’ results under respondent account


Fix issue with individual answers was not added if results was attached


Fix negative substracting in formulas and improve passing results table

  • Fix formulas with negative scale values substracting
  • Improve passing results table internals and addons integration


Upgrade WP to 4.3 and edit test author

  • Upgrade WordPress compatibility to 4.3
  • Allow to switch test’s author (same as for posts)


Enable working in multisite mode

  • Use unique DB names to allow many installs in same DB
  • Test multisite install as two activations and programming auto-tests on 1st install


Decimalize scores

Before score value could be from -128 to 127, which is not too usable for tests which have decimal scores. Now it’s changed and possible values are from -999.999 to 999.999. So now you can use scores like 0.005 or else. These changes are applied to scales’s labels too.
Decimal-style values are shown only when it’s needed. So if you have scale which values are 15 out of 15, it will be shown as “15 out of 15”. But when values will be decimal — it will be shown as decimal: “12.034 out of 24.3”.

  • WordPress compatibility updated to 4.2.4 and prepared to 4.3.
  • Use semantic headers in respondents results as of WP 4.3.


  • Respect results orders. Helpful when you have many results and their output order is important at results page.
  • Fix support tags generation.

Internal improvements:

  • Step strategy know if answered questions are possible now.
  • Step strategy can show step’s description as a short description before questions.


Maintenance: Document “Plugin update checker” library role

Wp-testing plugin uses external library named “Plugin Update Checker” for the purposes of updating paid addons only. These addons are hosted at Updates happens only in admin area and only when addon registered. So it’s not touched you if you dont’ have any paid addon installed. This external library is not send anything to update server other than the current version of paid addon, that needs to be updated when it’s time will comes.

Upgrade notice:

  • You don’t need to update on this version as it’s here only for legal purposes.


Maintenance: FAQ, screenshots, latest WP compatibility

  • Add FAQ with links to support forum tags
  • Improve screenshots style
  • Test latest WP version compatibility (4.2.3)
  • Minor locale update
  • Speed up testing auto-builds for 30 minutes


Add question-answer variables in formulas

  • Link results without scales and scores — only questions and answers needed
  • Add NOT comparisions in formulas
  • Warn about required answers in more understandable way

In formulas now there is button titled “Question [..] answer [..]” that on click adds variable like question_1_answer_2. This variable will be true only when respondent will choose in 1st question 2nd answer.

Before when you have two opposite results and you was enforced to negate their formulas manually. For example: scale-1 > scale-2 AND scale-1 < scale-3 for 1st result and opposite scale-1 <= scale-2 OR scale-1 >= scale-3.
Now you can do it without moving your mind on 2nd: NOT(scale-1 > scale-2 AND scale-1 < scale-3).

Internal improvements:

  • Cleanup external modules: remove bad and excessive files (184KB)
  • Replace “quizes” to “quizzes” in plugin descriptions ))


Improve compatibility with other custom categories (for example WooCommerce)

  • Check for taxonomy object type on archieve pages


Prepare plugin to styling addon

  • Allow dependencies in plugin’s style
  • Fix links to tests in respondents results


Make compatible with polylang plugin

  • Add post_type in result’s rewrite to integrate with polylang


Update addons centrally via standard plugins updates

  • Add addon updater and setup it
  • Add Czech and Slovak translations

Internal improvements:

  • Improve activation and update reliability (fix migrations)
  • Avoid section’s questions false-duplicates (for sections addon)


Update database after plugin update

  • Now you don’t have to deactivate and activate plugin after every update!
  • Tested on standalone mock-plugin


Fix result permalinks with front prefixes

  • Make permalinks like /archives/%post_id% work for both tests and results


Respondent passings for user and admin with improved usability

  • Respondent can view own passings in wordpress admin area
  • Significantly improved respondents passings: search/sort/toggle by columns and setup items per page
  • Add Persian (Iran) locale
  • Fix test page in Internet Explorers before 9.0

Internal improvements:

  • Speed-up build, which will allow to test new features faster
  • Rename passing columns in WP style, which is just perfectionism, but who knows


Improve questions fill usability by highlighting non-answered

  • Remove disabled button state and highlight to respondent non-answered questions
  • Make required attributes compatible with screen-readers
  • Make sure new validation is compatible with old browsers

Internal improvements:

  • Upgrade jQuery for old WordPress at form fill
  • Fix tests under old WP by using only extraversion scale (1st always)
  • Add more extension points for fields addon


Speed-up tests saving, improve respondents results’ and add new locale

  • Radically speed-up saving of tests with many scores (many questions, answers and scales)
  • Improve respondents results’ table look by making it non-fixed
  • Add Spanish locale
  • Update tests to the latest WP version
  • Add extension points for fields addon


Fix content comparing in duplicate protection

You should upgrade to this version only if:

  • There are no questions on test page
  • Test’s content text is small (less than 255 chars)
  • You have plugin that also adds something to content


Fix strict settings catchable error in steps

Upgrade notice:

  • You should upgrade to this version only if nothing works on test page and your PHP error settings are strict


Fix many answers on many steps

  • Was stuck on 2nd step


Improve steps generating (for sections addon)

Upgrade notice:

  • You should upgrade to this version only if you have sections addon


Add one-per-page questions and fix annoing database collation issue

  • Add option when respondent could read only one question at a time on page, to avoid to see through pattern
  • Fix annoing database latin1 collation problem for non-latin languages when question marks shown instead of text


Fix incompatibility with themes/plugins that changes post form attributes

  • Use more robust way to pack metadata in edit form fields
  • All these dances are to minify fields numbers

Upgrade notice:

  • You shouldn’t upgrade to this version if all is working
  • Only if it was working, then you install something (another plugin/theme) and all was broken


Save respondent in results and add addons base

  • Save respondent from logged in user
  • Add external addons base
  • Test minimum score error


Update locales, minor fixes and cleanup download file

  • Add Chinese and Brazilian locales
  • Fix activation under windows
  • Fix taxonomy sortable containers look
  • Fix plugin uninstallation
  • Remove excessive and old files from download zip


Add more math operators, native FR lang and improve scales’ chart #2

  • Avoid rotating text labels when we have too many scales
  • Show mini-annotations like abbrevirations always near data values
  • Make annotations as popups instead of tags
  • Improve one-scale case
  • Translate update reviewed locale for FR lang
  • Add more math operators: “+*/”
  • Enable advanced options for default test


Improve scales’ chart

  • Use ratio (percents) when scales lengths differs
  • Rotate text labels to 45 degrees when we have too many scales


Fix scale`s max calc when in question we have few answers with scores


Allow respondent to select multiple answers per question on test page


Scales chart, progress percentage, sorting and respondents’ results

  • Visualize scales values with chart (at the same time scales can be hidden)
  • Show percentage of answered questions in browser title
  • Allow to sort test’s answers/scales/results manually and scales by scores sum (implies from more to less)
  • Add simple “Respondents’ tests results” table in admin area
  • Improve scales/results descriptions: allow more HTML tags (headers, lists, images and hr) and add support for “read more”
  • Translate new strings and update reviewed locales for IT, NL and BG langs


  • Fix results getting in non-published yet test (for example in preview mode)
  • Fix questions/scores editor width when test has too many scales

Internal improvements:

  • Research and fix stable continious integration fails
  • Move answers input inside labels (will improve rendering on some theme)
  • Add semantic CSS classes to scales/results, for example: “result result-id-11 result-slug-result-phlegmatic result-index-0 title”
  • Add placeholders to questions form
  • Pass data to javascript in more stable way


Fix external library and update translations

  • Fix external library to allow uppercased table names
  • Update translations (Dutch now native)


Add test page settings

  • Allow to reset answers and customize button caption
  • Save user agent in passing
  • Update translations

Internal improvements:

  • Fix attachment URLs
  • Add CSS class to body on passing pages
  • Exit after passing redirect


Fix bad external library version


Give each passing own URL to allow sharing and add two result page options

  • Save passings in DB and redirect to them by URLs (with client’s ip and device uuid)
  • Add result page options for scales and test description
  • Add Turkish translation
  • Speed-up plugin by not updating rewrite rules everytime
  • Fix conflict with scroll-triggered-box plugin
  • Update translations


Italian translation added


Fix featured image incompatibilities with Jetpack shortcode module


Inherit post’s CSS classes onto test


Fix apostrophe problem (slashes) and update tests to be compatible to WP 4.1


Individual answers

  • Add individual answers feature
  • Update locales for main languages
  • Migrate existing tests on new questions-answers model
  • Allow to individualize answers: custom global answer title for question
  • Use “Test Categories” in admin menu to differ with post categories


Update German translation


Add standard category to tests

  • Update README about Bulgarian translation


Fix fatal error incompatibility with wordpress-seo plugin

  • Adding Bulgarian translation


Add tags, improve formulas editor and docs

  • Prefix screenhots by zeros
  • Remove session stuff to avoid openbasedir bug
  • Update compatible up to WP 4.0
  • Swap formulas and results columns in editor
  • Add tags to test


Localization and quick fill

  • Localize to six languages with help of Transifiex
  • Add understandable labels for no-questions/no-answers and other no-something cases in test editor
  • Quick fill questions from text
  • Quick fill scores from questions separated by commas
  • Update docs and add screenshots


Fix pages disapperance and form formatting

  • Fix pages disapperance
  • Fix fill form (public) formatting conflict with wpautop (for example under Monaco theme)


Fix tests preview mode

  • Not changing main WP query when in preview


Display tests in blog everywhere same as posts

  • Display tests on homepage, in categories and other places just like posts
  • Allow to hide individual tests from homepage by “Publish on the home page” setting at publish box
  • Fix quickedit for posts
  • Fix quickedit for tests by saving test part only in full edit mode
  • Minimize possibility of “Max post vars” warning by minizing the number of hidden inputs


Test plugin functionality in 37 combinations of WP and PHP and fix found problems

  • Test under WordPress from 3.2 to latest 4.0 and PHP from 5.2 to 5.5
  • Fix plugin under non-latest WP versions
  • Add test’s buttons only in plugin’s test editor, not in post’s editor
  • Use more styled headers at results page
  • Use dashicons in admin only on WP that knows about it (>=3.8)
  • Allow empty source in formula (with migration)
  • Fix questions adding when scales, results and answers checked

Non-latest WP versions fixes (programmer’s language):

  • Avoid deprecated function in formula
  • Add build status image into readme
  • Remove another not-existing column from wp_posts under WP 3.6
  • Check if we are at test screen for WP 3.2
  • Move styles and scripts in editor and passer into head to fix under WP 3.2
  • Fix test delete under WP 3.2 by clearing records cache
  • Remove 3rd unused param from save_post subscription
  • Avoid WP_Post in Test Editor
  • Avoid direct usage of WP_Post class
  • Avoid direct usage of WP_Screen class
  • Fix minor notice under old WP version
  • Add type=text to all inputs to fix ugly inputs under old WPs


Fix test creation (empty scale sum broken)


Correctly uninstall plugin


Fix activation on PHP below 5.4


Update description to correct English version


Fix PHP 5.2 parse error (not affects latest PHP versions)


Connecting scales scores with results through formulas.

  • Formulas parser undertands variables and comparision operators like “less”, “more”, “same”, “not same”, “and”, “or”
  • Formulas editor added with buttons of scales and comparision operators
  • Show scale scores totals at the top of questions editor and on the formulas editor buttons
  • Add shortcut buttons to the top of content editor: Add New Questions, Edit Questions, Edit Formulas
  • Show test results calculated through formulas above above scales bars on the results page


Test passing error fixed

  • Manual relashionships naming
  • Misspell in one of tables names


Another plugin activation problems fixed

  • Permissions on migrations directory
  • Working under MySQL engine named MyISAM and in mixed InnoDB/MyISAM cases


Bump stable tag to apply previous hotfix on wordpress plugins


Plugin activation hotfix

  • In initial release migrations dir taken from wordpress dir rather than be hardcoded.
    Locally all was ok as always, but not on your wordpresses 🙁
  • Upgrade notice added


ਸ਼ੁਰੂਆਤੀ ਰਿਲੀਜ਼

  • Add shortcode for tests lists: wptlist
  • Edit tests, answers (global), scales, results and categories through admin
  • Edit tests questions and scores (question -> answer -> scale -> score value)
  • Show test page, allowing to redefine it’s template if needed
  • Allow to send test form only when all questions selected
  • Show test results by scales totals
  • Add eysenck personality inventory example


  • Init repo and files