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YooBar – Creating top bar and footer bar for website notification, advertisement, announcement, promotion

YooBar – Creating top bar and footer bar for website notification, advertisement, announcement, promotion


Yoobar is a WordPress notification bar plugin. With this plugin you can display attractive and functional notification bar in the Top and Footer position of your WordPress website. Effectively notify your website visitors about your new publications, offers, messages, news, location, social links,advertisement, announcement, promotion etc through a notification bar on your website.

Simple and feature-rich notification plugin for creating the top bar and footer bar.

This plugin allows users to create single or multiple Columns with different elements. You Can add different elements such as static text, address bar, search box, social icons, custom images, etc. Smooth sticky transition effect for visibility.

A special feature of this plugin is that it generates dynamic shortcodes for each bar. So you can use the bar not only for footer and header but also for the body part of the web page.

How to Use

First go to the Yoobar plugin menu and then click on Add a Bar. Now select the elements you want to display, such as plain text, social icons, addresses or search boxes Select that item in the specified column. Then choose page, post or special post type as display location. Now click on publish bar. Look at the front end. You will see the notification bar in the top bar or footer bar for that page on your website.


Top bar Notification: The plugin is unique to show single or multiple notifications or ads in the top bar. In this case, there is an opportunity to choose any place or location. That is, you can display different top bar notifications on the Favorites page. Multiple top bars can be created on different pages, different posts, different products or different custom posts. There is scope to use columns to add different elements. Top bar & Footer Bar

Footer bar Notification: You can show single or multiple notifications or ads in footer through Yoobar plugin. Users can choose any place or location where want to display. One or more different footer bars can be created for different pages, different posts, different products or different custom posts. Using columns you can add different elements

Shortcode Supported: When a bar is created a shortcode for that bar is automatically generated. So you can use the bar content as you like. That means you can use it as an element of a site rather than just treating it as a header or footer bar. You can use this shortcode anywhere on the site as needed. Dynamic Shortcode for each bar:

Exclusive & Unique Elements

  • Static Content Bar: You can create notifications using plain text with an image or logo. You can also add a button and take the customer to that link. Can be used in the top bar or footer bar of your site.

  • Image/Banner/ ad : You can create banners using the plugin’s upload image functionality. Also add a button to take the customer to that link. It’s really nice functionality.

  • Social Icons : If there is a social icon on the website, it increases the quality of the site. Looking to use social icons for your web site. With this plugin you can use social icons in footer of site. Or you can use it in the header. If you want, you can skip the header or footer and use the custom location through the shortcode.

  • Address Bar: By having a professional business address, you will have the advantage of making your business more official and trustworthy. Visitors can become aware of your business and the services you provide. This means that your company website address is very important. So you need to place it in the right place to attract more customers.

You can see the address in the top bar or in the footer through our plugin. Address bar with icons can make you stand out, able to show your real value. You can also use shortcodes in specific places on the contact page.

  • Search bar: A search bar on your website will allow your visitors to quickly find what they are looking for. It makes your website visitors happy. They needed something, they found it, and they’re more likely to come back to your website the next time they need something in your area of expertise. Also, a positive user experience is always the goal. with this plugin you can add search bar on your website. Plus, you can use shortcodes to display the search bar at your preferred location.

Additional Features

Extra Features for Premium

Count Down Timer : A countdown timer is a digital clock that counts down from a specified time to zero. It is often used on websites and landing pages to create a sense of urgency and encourage visitors to take action before the timer runs out.

For example, increasing sales through a countdown timer. One of the most significant benefits of using a countdown timer on your webpage is the ability to increase sales. By creating a sense of urgency, you’re motivating visitors to take action and make a purchase before the timer runs out. This can lead to a significant increase in the sales of your business.

Circular timer Demo | Square timer Demo | Flipping timer Demo.

News Ticker : Use News Ticker to promote their own content, products or services on the Website. thereby increasing brand visibility and awareness among the audience.

News Ticker Demo | admin demo

Carousel: A carousel for a website is like a digital slideshow that displays multiple images or pieces of content in a rotating format. A dynamic and interactive way to feature different content such as photos, articles, products or promotions. Carousels provide an attractive way to highlight important information, to capture the attention of visitors.

Carousel Demo | Admin Demo

Typing text animation: It is a great way for website to make words appear as they are being typed, letter by letter, just like on a computer. Instead of showing all the words at once, they pop up one after the other, adding some excitement and style to your website. It’s grab a visitor’s attention and make your message stand out You can use typed text animations for titles, announcements or anything else. Typed text animations can help make your website more attractive and engaging.

Typed Text Demo | Admin Demo

Logo Slideshow bar: A logo slideshow for a website is like a moving image display of different brands. It’s a neat way to showcase different brands, partners or products on a website. They are a great way to highlight important brands and make a website more interactive and engaging for visitors.

Frotend Demo | Admin demo

Text Slide Show: Instead of showing just one sentence at a time, a slideshow cycles through multiple text slides one after the other. This is a great way to share information, announcements or quotes on a website It can make the website come alive. A fun way to attract attention and keep visitors engaged while browsing the site.

View Demo | Admin Demo

Popup Section: A popup video or content for a website is like a surprise window that suddenly appears on the screen while you browse. From the main page, a popup shows elements such as playing a video or providing important information. Popups are a way for website owners to get your attention and share something with you when you visit their site.

Popup Video | Popup Shortcode | Popup Raw Html

Nav bar with Ajax Cart Button : A nav bar with an Ajax cart button for a website is like a helpful menu at the top of an ecommerce web page that allows visitors to easily keep track of the items they want to buy. It’s a convenient way to shop because you can quickly see what you’ve added to your cart and continue browsing without interruption.

View Demo | Admin Settings


This plugin does not connect to any third-party applications. It does not collect or store any user information.


Your suggestion or feedback about the plugin will motivate us. Tell us about your experience, feedback and if you like our support and plugin, please rate this plugin


  • Top bar or footer bar demo.
  • yoobar Frontend top bar .
  • BAckend Settings Page.
  • Display Settings.
  • Column Settings.


Go to the Plugins Menu in WordPress and select Plugins > Add new
Search for “ Yoo Bar”
Click “Install” and “Activate”.

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Will this plugin work on all themes?

Yes, it will work on all kinds of themes. Use it to bring colorful moments to your site.

Is there any support available?

Yes of course. Feel free to contact us with any issues or suggestions on the support page or contact us on our site. We are available to assist you every day of the week.


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