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Easy Call With Twilio


Click-to-call enables your company to convert web traffic into direct communication over the phone, with just the click of a button. A simple form on your webpage allows visitors to enter their phone number, and with the click of the “call” button their information is routed to agents who can then contact them to provide help, support, and other services.

Click to call made easy

Add click to call to your website in three simple steps.

  • You sign up for Twilio.

  • A visitor clicks a link to reach an agent and enters their phone number

  • Twilio automatically connects the visitor and the agent


Let’s go over the steps necessary to implement click-to-call in your website:

  • A website visitor wants to connect to your organization. He submits a web form with his phone number to receive a call connecting her to your sales or support team.

  • Your web application receives the form submission. An HTTP request is initiated from your application to Twilio to initiate an outbound call.

  • Twilio receives the request and initiates a call to the user’s phone number.

  • User receives the call.


  • Clean install & uninstall.
  • Direct contact with buyer via voice call.
  • Backend interface to manage Twilio settings.

This features are available only Premium version
Check our Twilio Easy Call PRO version.

  • “Twilio Easy Call Pro” enables your website’s registered users to request an instant free callback.
  • “Twilio Easy Call Pro” provides you the control to limit the callback requests by allowing/preventing your website guests from making them.
  • “Twilio Easy Call Pro” provides you the option of allowing/preventing your agent from accepting/rejecting the call.
  • “Twilio Easy Call Pro” enables you to play a “welcome message” once the call starts.
  • “Twilio Easy Call Pro” enables you to customize your “welcome message”.
  • “Twilio Easy Call Pro” enables you to play a sound track once the call starts.
  • “Twilio Easy Call Pro” enables you to manage your “black list” by adding/removing specific numbers.
  • “Twilio Easy Call Pro” provides you a log to track all the outgoing calls.
  • “Twilio Easy Call Pro” provides you the option of enabling/hiding Easy Call button from your website.
  • “Twilio Easy Call Pro” provides you three options to configure agent phone number:
    Use WooCommerce field (If you have integration with WooCommerce)
    Create new field (if you need to add new field for website visitors)
    Use existing field (if you have custom phone field, specify its name)


  • Settings Page.
  • Frontend Page.


  1. Download “Easy Call With Twilio” plugin and upload it to the /wp-content/plugins/ directory.
  2. Activate “Easy Call With Twilio” plugin through the Plugins menu.
  3. Go to “Easy Call With Twilio” on the admin menu.
  4. Go to ‘’ and get your API Credentials: AccountSID, AuthToken and Twilio number.
  5. Add “Easy Call With Twilio” shortcode on any page on your website where you want a click to call form and button to be displayed.


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it’s awesome to use the shortcode any where in the website. i hope if there is a way i can use user phone number directly instead of inseting the number each time make a call
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  • Add support to wordpress 5.9.2
  • Support PHP 8


  • Add support to wordpress 4.9.4


  • Fix issue related to spaces and dash in phone number in frontend


  • Added links to Pro version.


  • Integrate with jQuery plugin for entering and validating international telephone numbers.


  • Initial version.